The Provincial Government convened the party group (enlarged) meeting to convey the study of the spiritual research deployment of the Provincial Party Congress and the implementation work.

On May 31, Zhao Yide, the party group of the provincial government, presided over the meeting of the provincial government’s party group (expanded) meeting to convey the spirit of the 14th Party Congress of the Provincial Provincial Congress, and study and deployment and implementation.

The meeting pointed out that the 14th party congress of the province is the first party congress held in our province to achieve the second century -old goal. The new journey, creating new performance, and building a new era are of great significance and far -reaching impact. The report of the 13th Provincial Party Committee passed by the conference runs through the political consciousness that resolutely achieves "two maintenance", which shows the distinctive orientation of accelerating the promotion of high -quality development, implementing the spirit of the central government, reflecting the characteristics of the times, and the actual situation of provincial conditions. In line with the expectations of the people, it is a programmatic document to guide the work of the whole province in the next five years.

The provincial government’s party group and the provincial government system should take the study, propaganda and implementation of the spirit of the 14th Provincial Party Congress as a major political task, and combine it with the actual work of the headquarters of the region to promote "deepening" with true learning and "digestion digestion with true understanding. "," Transformation "with the actual results, promoting the spirit of the party conference with actual results. The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to anchor the "six higher" target requirements and the overall requirements of the eight aspects determined by the Provincial Party Congress, and solidly promote the key tasks of nine aspects. It is necessary to focus on achieving higher quality and efficiency of economic development, adhere to the power of building chain and chain chains, innovation and opening up coordination, and coordinated aggregation for northern Shaanxi and Shaanxi, and provide strong support for promoting high -quality development. It is necessary to focus on achieving higher quality of people’s lives, accelerate the shortcomings of employment income, resolutely strengthen the bottom line of the people’s livelihood, continue to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation, solidly advance common prosperity, and make development results more fair and benefit the people of the three Qin people. It is necessary to focus on the higher level of ecological protection, and resolutely implement the concept of green mountains and green mountains. It is a good Qinling Ecological Guard, guarding the Mother River of the Yellow River, fighting for pollution prevention, and actively and steadily promoting carbon peak carbon neutralization, accelerating Build a beautiful Shaanxi.

It is necessary to focus on achieving higher levels of social civilization, vigorously develop advanced socialist culture, implement the development project of excellent traditional culture in China, strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics, promote the vigorous development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, and effectively contribute to enhanced historical consciousness and firm cultural self -confidence contributions to Shaanxi. strength. It is necessary to focus on achieving higher efficiency of governance systems, comprehensively implement the overall national security concept, and ensure that the purpose of maintaining economic security, maintaining people’s security as the purpose, and social security as the guarantee, fully prevent and resolve hidden dangers of various types of risks. The bottom line.

It is necessary to focus on the higher quality of party building, under the leadership of the provincial party committee, always put party building first, continue to strengthen theoretical armed forces, harden the party’s work style and clean government, and strive to build a political ecology with a righteousness. The meeting emphasized that based on the current and steady words, we must do our best to implement the policy to implement steady growth, grasp the project to promote investment, grasp the platform to promote consumption, grasp the space of foreign trade, and resolutely stabilize the economic market. Departments and departments at all levels should further strengthen the awareness of the overall situation and responsibility, continuously improve the ability of professionalism, creativity, and mechanisms, and continue to strengthen supervision and inspection and follow -up questions to ensure that the decision -making deployment of the party congress is settled and everything is effective. Welcome the 20th CPC victory of the party with excellent results.

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