Seven aspects to make sure to achieve the goal of economic growth this year

  ● Focus on policies such as high -degree rents, tax reductions, and social security stabilization returns with high attention and effects of enterprises, and further support the high -quality development of market entities ● In -depth implementation of the digital economy "1+3" action, cultivate a number of digital key platforms And benchmarking enterprises, create a number of digital gathering areas, demonstration parks, and theme buildings ● Improve people’s livelihood, expand the effective supply of childbirth services, complete the reconstruction and expansion project of the original gynecology and gynecology hospital in the city center, and the improvement of the diagnosis and treatment capacity of the diagnosis and treatment of thoracic hospitals. In 2022, the city’s development and reform work conference was held in the Tianjin auditorium.

The meeting summarized the key work of the city’s development and reform in 2021, and arranged the deployment of key target tasks this year.

It is learned from the meeting that in order to ensure that high -quality economic growth goals of more than 5%this year, the city’s development and reform system will work in seven aspects such as ensuring economic operation in a reasonable range, exerting key role in effective investment, and enhancing the well -being of people’s livelihood.

  Since last year, the city’s economy is steady, stable and solid. The city’s GDP has reached trillion yuan, a year -on -year increase of%, an increase of more than 160 billion yuan, the largest increase in recent years; The per capita disposable income of residents has increased by%, which has maintained rapid growth. "This year, our city will put steadily growth in a more prominent position, make good use of the central cross -cyclical adjustment policy, and carefully grasp the ‘work window’ to ensure that the economy is running in a reasonable range." In -depth implementation of the strategy of building a manufacturing industry, do a good job of prosperity of the service industry, build a key industrial chain upgrade, and enhance the overall energy level of the manufacturing industry.

At the same time, in accordance with the needs of the manufacturing industry and the construction of the dual centers, the product of the product is focused on the development of the product, making up for shortcomings, strong weaknesses, and the balanced development of the manufacturing and service industries.

  Major projects are an effective driving force for investment growth. This year, our city will focus on planning infrastructure projects around advance. In particular, the industry drives leading projects, planning a batch, starting a batch, and reserving a batch to form a rolling promotion situation.

Focus on the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" support project, continue to do mature preliminary work, and improve the number and quality of reserve projects.

Focus on the key areas of the "5+1" key areas of trillion yuan, carry out infrastructure investment in moderation, implement the project planning "unveiling the list", and plan a batch of projects.

Fully improve the industrial energy level and core competitiveness, implement the "1+3" operation of the digital economy, cultivate a number of digital key platforms and benchmarking enterprises, and build a number of digital agglomeration areas, demonstration parks and theme buildings. Deepen reform injecting new vitality into economic and social development. This year, a key task of reform in our city is to deepen the reform of the enterprises run by party and government agencies and institutions, realize centralized supervision of operating assets, and uniformly enter the state -owned platform.

As of now, more than 900 companies in the city have identified the reform model and will continue to deepen.

In addition, our city will vigorously promote the comprehensive reform of the factor market allocation, further stimulate market vitality, and allow the private economy to play more important roles. Earlier this year, the local epidemic has brought new challenges to the city’s economic operation. "In the early stage, we have organized some policies and measures with good implementation effects and high gold content, printing and issuing policy packages to help enterprises understand and enjoy policies in a timely manner. Focusing on the expectations of the existing policies, we will further publicize and interpret existing policies and promote enterprises. Xiao, should enjoy it. At the same time, it is still in order to formulate a new policy of policy. Recently, the state -intensively introduced assistance policies such as industry and service industry. On the basis of implementing national policies, we combine Tianjin’s actual situation to study and formulate new policies for new policies. Focusing on concentrated demands such as house rents, tax reduction, and social security stabilization returns with high attention and direct results, and increase assistance to market entities.

"He Jia, director of the National Economic Comprehensive Division of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said.

From the perspective of the city, the economic operation order is accelerating. In February, the city’s manufacturing procurement manager index rose to a percentage point from the previous month, returning to the expansion range; the renminbi deposit and loan of financial institutions increased by%year -on -year, and the new employment was added to reach the same period of the previous year. Social development expectations gradually improved. Fully promoting the well -being of people’s livelihood, there are new actions this year.

It was proposed at the meeting that the city will actively promote the special operation of inclusive care and expand the effective supply of childcare services; accelerate the construction of Tianjin base at the core base of the Chinese medical science and technology innovation system. The new site expansion of the hospital, the original site of the Huanhu Hospital, the combination of the Chinese and Western medicine clinical centers of Nankai Hospital, and other projects to complete the reconstruction and expansion project of the original obstetrics and gynecology hospital of the city center, the ability to diagnose and treat the diagnosis and treatment of incurable diseases in the thoracic hospital; The city construction is an opportunity to reasonably plan the integration of production and education construction projects, and promote more cooperation between enterprises and colleges that meet the leading industrial types of our city.

Strengthen the accuracy of people’s livelihood guarantee, continue to do a good job of "stable employment", accelerate the construction of new energy vehicle charging infrastructure, play a good role in price subsidy linkage, maintain the total price level in a reasonable operating range; continue to promote industrial cooperation with areas in pairs.

Strengthen the safety of people’s livelihood protection, build a high -quality Binhai National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, Wuqing District National Agricultural Science and Technology Modernization County, Baoye District National Modern Agricultural Park, and National Agricultural Science and Technology Park; , Prevent and resolve safety risks. (Chen Yan) [Editor in charge: Jin Xin].