Democratic Progressive Party’s three major cities and cities of the Democratic Progressive Party collapse Su Zhenchang Chen Shizhong was accused of being the source

According to reports on May 30. According to the report of Taiwan Zhongshi News Network on May 29, the latest polls in Taiwan’s "Beautiful Island Electronics News" shows that the DPP is positive for evaluation%and negative evaluation%; A degree%, dissatisfaction%; Chen Shizhong, the head of the Taiwan Health and Welfare Department, fell from April to May%, from April to May, from April%to May%.

The media person Wu Zijia said that the DPP’s polls in Taipei, Xinbei and Taoyuan collapsed. Su Zhenchang and Chen Shizhong were the culprits.

It is reported that Wu Zijia said in the online program of "Chairman" on the 29th that the DPP’s polls in Taipei, New Taipei City and Taoyuan City have collapsed. The city councilor election will be very difficult to choose. The culprit is Chen Shizhong and Su Zhenchang.

Wu Zijia satirized: Why is Su Zhenchang crazy these days? Of course he was injured, otherwise how could he do something suddenly.

Wu Zijia approved Su Zhenchang’s first reaction to encounter the incident was that the world evaporated, and even suddenly asked the police to help him catch people.

Wu Zijia even boldly predicts that the leader of the Taiwan authorities Cai Yingwen may replace Su Zhenchang in June and replace it with Chen Jianren, former deputy leader of the Taiwan authorities.

Wu Zijia believes that Su Zhenchang may have guessed that this is not impossible. Since the official position is almost guaranteed, the ugly state is revealed.