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Silly girl, take your time. You lack communication and you lack courage. What is there to be afraid of? That’s your relatives, not your enemies. It will be better to go forward.

Go ahead, but how can she go forward? How can she go forward before that?
Husband me
Today, we talked a lot, including I told you all your thoughts and difficulties for so many years. She is very distressed, but she still has to pretend to be careless about her wife. Your personality is really like that of your motherinlaw. You are strong and independent, but there are times when you get stuck. But you have to think about what’s wrong with your mother and daughter. You can be so persistent with me. What can’t you do with your mother? She is a mother. She will still look at your jokes. I believe there will be good results. My wife will come on. Let’s work together.
If the other half is willing to treat your family as family, it will be a wonderful thing to look at Dong Chengni’s eyes and can’t help but burst into tears. Since she was pregnant, she has been particularly emotional and always crying. Should she make up for all the tears she didn’t cry before?
Husband, thank you, I will work hard.
The couple smiled at each other, and some things to stick to always have a good result, but not necessarily.
I heard you were engaged.
Yujin smiles and smiles with happiness.
Well, I’m going to immigrate to Beijing after a while, and I want to go out and have a look after living in Beijing for so many years.
Chen Jin looked at her and felt upset. Are some things doomed to be incomplete, and are some people doomed to miss this life? Is it the best interpretation of this relationship to be forgotten in the rivers and lakes?
Do you love him so much? Very much, or should I say how much?
S: Recently, it’s either raining or thundering at home. Sometimes I can’t open my brain for fear of being broken. What’s more, it’s a natural rainy day. I’m so upset that I don’t have to write a chapter to sit in front of my brain for three hours. I’m still tired. My back hurts and I’m full of tears.
V26 is forgotten in the rivers and lakes
Yujin was stuck and felt that this conversation was a bit lacking in nutrition. In fact, she wanted to say whether she loved him or not, but she felt that it was too fickle to say so. They had no blood when they were young, and they didn’t have to do this to show their maturity.
Chen Jin I
Can I buy you a cup of coffee for the last time?
Chen Jin interrupted her words as if she didn’t talk to two people like this, but she would never go on. Generally, Yujin thought for a moment and nodded his head.
Okay, wait for me.
He took out his mobile phone from his handbag and called Su Yu.
Hey, I met Chen Jin outside and I’m going to have a cup of coffee. I’ll come to your place later.
Su Yu was sorting out the documents, but she quickly said yes.
I know my company is waiting for you.
good be
Yujin’s filing for registration made Chen Jin have an indescribable feeling in his heart. This has always been her good habit. It made him very sad when he got used to other men’s bodies.
caramel macchiato
Caramel jade Jin leng one.
When are you?
Give you some
She was impressed that Chen Jin never gave her anything, and she did it every time.
Oh, thank you.
I can’t tell you how I feel in my heart. It’s a little uncomfortable because I have to get along with him in the past, and some things just come back to me. Don’t take it too seriously. Some people just miss it.
And a soda.
Okay, guys, wait a minute.
The waiter nodded with a smile and left Yujin, but I didn’t expect that he would bring himself to this place. They often came to this place before their first date. Suddenly, this coffee shop has been called an old friend for more than 20 years. a href” arge”bnk dressed as cannon fodder can’t afford to be injured, but it’s quite appropriate. In the past 20 years, great changes have taken place in Beijing, which makes them worse.
Yujin, if I sell the company and work as a less unstable job, can you give me another chance?
Yujin looked at Chen Jin in surprise. It was hard to believe that these words came from his mouth. Chen Jin, a crazy worker, wanted to give up his career, which made her hard to imagine. To be honest, she was really shocked.
I’m sorry, Chen Jin. I’m not the kind of person who makes a decision casually. I’m engaged to Su Yu. Although we haven’t been legally bound by husband and wife, he is already my husband in my heart.
Chen Jin looked at Yujin, and it was cold in his heart, so he was still a little late. Husband, hehe, so that’s it.
夜生活Do we have no chance at all?
His voice was hoarse, like a piece of sandpaper touching her heart, and the dull pain spread from the bottom of my heart. Yujin remained silent and didn’t know what to say.
You have caramel and soda.
Well, it’s not so embarrassing for someone to come at this time
thank you
Almost immediately, I picked up the coffee cup tray spoon and began to stir the coffee in the cup one by one. It seems that I have something to do and my mood can be much better. It seems that Chen Jin looked at her with some skinny hands and some trembling hands to know that she was very nervous. It seems that her words made her very difficult or have already scared her. Hehe, even she was a little scared. What’s worse, she is.
Before, he always thought that men were busy with their careers and women’s homes, so it was good to live like this, because their parents came here like this. Even after their parents were killed, he always thought that this way of getting along would be the best role for men and women.
Chen Jin, I think some things are still true when I give them to you. I still haven’t finished removing you from my life. We have 20 years of memories. It is impossible to clear them like a brain pressing a delete button, but I believe that when I miss the scenery, I can’t find them back.
Did they really miss the scenery? But how can he be content with it?
I’m willing to change myself. Isn’t that still impossible?
If someone changes, it’s not the original self. I lost my self because I love you. I’ve been an unfilial girl for so many years. Now I look back and see that I hurt my parents’ hearts. Do you know that day when I came home, my mother hugged me and cried that I would be so sad if I had known I was divorced from you? How much she didn’t like you at the beginning? At that moment, I found out that the world could love you conditionally. People have parents, and when we find a partner, we always ask each other to do this or that, but parents don’t care what you do. Everyone will love you. I am very grateful to them for putting up with my sex, but I don’t regret it. After all, you have brought me a lot of beauty. Maybe what you did in others’ eyes is not perfect, but at least at that time, you made me love sincerely and love fiercely. At that time, I was just happy to love you. Thank you, Chen Jin, for teaching me a lot.
But I’ve learned one thing for twenty years: people who love each other may not all be together, and they may not all be suitable for life. It’s true that it’s easy to get along with each other, and a person’s personality has long been doomed to be unchangeable. No matter what happens, it will be particularly awkward if you can change it. I wish you find the true love that belongs to you. I think mr.zhou is quite suitable for you.
Mr.zhou was fine again, and she Chen Jin felt that it was in vain to explain too much.
Su Yu is a good man and also suits me very well. Chen Jin’s marriage doesn’t have to be vigorous and plain as water, but marriage is different from love.
Looking straight at him, Yujin said lightly that she was no longer a teenage girl. She was desperate to play a trick, and she was too old to fly. She wanted to find a safe nest to park herself and rely on the a href” arge”bnk monster girl manual.
Is marriage still marriage without love?
There is no love marriage. Yujin smiled. Obviously, Chen Jin seems to have misunderstood something. Waiting for Yujin to reply, Chen Jin is a little nervous. Of course, he is not only nervous, but also has words on the other side.
Just now, Yujin’s mobile phone screen was accidentally pushed back and forth in the bag, and the key chain was unlocked. By the way, Su Yu dialed back the recent phone records, only to find that something seemed wrong with the words, but Chen Jin said the first sentence and chose to give up.
He was very pleased to go around Yujin’s words, but when he heard that, he was still in his throat. It felt as if he had been sentenced. It was a brandnew ear experience for him, and he had always been elegant and calm. If his two exwives saw it, they would fall to the ground.
My love for Su Yu may not be as intense as my love for you, but who said that it is not love if it is like flowing water? Even if a love makes me black and blue, it doesn’t mean that I don’t know what love looks like anymore.
These words made Su Yu’s lips slightly raise, and he was so happy that she would say such a thing, which is probably the best for him. She must have hung up. Su Yu was relieved. He just thought about what he would do if she hesitated, because there seems to be no way to be as generous as before. He said that love is not white before letting go, and it is not time to measure the true meaning of this sentence. Now it turns out that love really collides with sparks in an instant, igniting the flame in his heart. Although she is shaped like water, she will slowly fill the future with fire without him.
So you love him very much?
Chen Jin almost wondered if he was masochistic again. It has been said so clearly. Isn’t it enough that Yujin nodded heavily?
Yes, he made me want to remarry. At least I know I still have hope for love.
I’m sorry that you didn’t cherish you, and I regret it. Of course, I know it’s too late to say this now, but I sincerely apologize to you.
I’m sorry I neglected you at work. If I can have another choice, I will do my best to give you a sense of security and let you know that I love you. I’m sorry because I made you lose our child. If I’m sorry, I’d rather die. If I’m sorry, I won’t go this way again. If I’m sorry, I’ll let go of my damn selfesteem. If it’s a pity that I can’t be with you like a normal husband, I can’t tell you generously where I am going. I can’t discuss my happiness and sorrow with you.
But Yujin, I love you, I really love you. I can’t do business, but I study hard. I don’t please others, but I want to try to integrate into your family. I’m not gentle, I don’t know romance, I don’t know how to make you happy. I give you a real hug every time I come back safely. This is the way to express my love for you.
But I was wrong. I have a special status, but I can’t ask you to understand and trust me.
I’m sorry
For me, there must be more.

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Thank you.

When the ambulance came, the descendants were lifted to the protective frame, and the attention of Lu Qing was Qin Miao Miao, who had been holding her hand tightly and followed the ambulance.
While Lin Han helped Liu Lu to take another ambulance.
Lu Lu badminton lay Lin Han crying on his shoulder.
Sister Han, since that woman came to my house, my brother has completely changed. That woman deliberately set me off. Now I’m not only stopped, but also grounded. I’m not allowed to go out all summer. Just now, as you can see, the two of us fell down the stairs and my brother took care of her instead of me. Sister Han, I hate that woman.
Lin Han fundus across a dark face is more gentle stroking her would produce comfort.
Come on, Lulu, don’t cry. Look at that woman who is so alive and kicking, but she can’t even move. Who do you think your brother will care?
Lu Lu badminton looked at her like a rude awakening.
Han elder sister what do you mean?
Lin Han smiled at her and continued
You are just too honest and frank to be trapped by others. It is obviously her fault, but she is seriously injured. Who do you think your brother will protect? If she puts the blame on you again, your brother will even hate you more, but it will be more than just stopping the letter card. Lulu, you are too young to know the ulterior motives.
Lu Lu badminton naturally dare not say that she pushed her, otherwise her brother would definitely hate her. She couldn’t wait to drive that woman out at the thought that she would finish possessing Lu Qing.
She quickly squeezed her hand and looked nervous.
Sister Han, what do you say?
Lin Han’s face looks very dignified and virtuous, and she has a good family temperament, which is also easy to make people believe her gentle way
按摩  title=It’s very simple. Don’t confront that woman in front of your brother, but try to be nice to her.
Words haven’t say that finish Lu Lu badminton called rang rang.
You might as well kill me if I don’t let me be nice to that woman.
Then you wait for her to take your brother away completely. Your brother is obedient to her and secretly transfers all the original shares to her name. You two are at odds now. How many benefits do you think you can get after that?:
Chapter 4 Why don’t you be my sister-in-law
Lin Han’s slightly threatening words woke Lu Lu badminton up. This is not a simple dislike of the problem. She is not stupid about the interests. She is more rational than the general situation.
My brother wouldn’t do this to me.
Lin Han hook hook lip Angle light way
Not before, not now. Just wait and see. This time, she must make a fuss. You are waiting to be hated by your brother.
Lin Han more say Liu Lu more think what she said makes sense. If I said that I originally thought Qin Miaomiao was very annoying, now I think she is simply her number one enemy.
She hurriedly grabbed Lin Han hand.
That Han elder sister, what do you think I should do? Please teach me quickly.
Lin Han saw that she had hooked the corners of her mouth but pretended to be difficult to frown;
There is a way, but
But what
Lin Han hurriedly with the wave is really a little loss if your brother likes others
Lu Lu badminton directly interrupted her Han sister, you are not you know my brother for so many years. I don’t see any woman around him that really tempted him. Even before Qin Miao Miao, I haven’t seen my brother’s face several times. Who knows that suddenly this woman will come home? It’s really a ghost.
Even before those scandals, Lu Lu badminton deliberately told Qin Miaomiao to stimulate her, and that idiot was stimulated by her to commit suicide. It really pissed her off that she woke up unexpectedly.
Lin Han looks very worried with a sigh.
Your brother is too cold for ordinary women to contact, let alone if he can get close to him and arrange someone around him, maybe the situation will be different.
Lu Lu badminton listened to her so wake up and think carefully.
Lin Han is gentle to sit there waiting for her to return to absolute being. After half ring, I suddenly heard her excited and said
Sister Han, how about you go and be my brother’s secret?
What, are you kidding?
The more Liu Lu thinks about it, the more she thinks it’s reliable, tearing her arm and throwing jiao.
Sister Han, I think you are the most suitable. My mother and I both like you and my brother are friends. If you hadn’t studied abroad for three years, others would have the opportunity to take the opportunity. Otherwise, you would be my sister-in-law. Don’t you have the heart to watch that vicious woman confuse my brother? My brother and I will wronged you to be his secret.
Lin Han still refuse red face said
I’m friends with your brother. I’m your advice. Don’t count me in. You just fell down the stairs and are weak. Take a good rest. Don’t think about it.
Lu Lu badminton saw that she didn’t refuse too much, so she thought there was a girl. She must be reserved. She will discuss it with her mother then.
With sister Han’s tenderness, thoughtfulness, beauty and close contact, she won’t believe that she can’t take her brother.
Qin Miao Miao was pushed into the emergency room for the first time. Looking at the red light outside the door, the pounding heart could not be pressed. This flustered feeling made him very uncomfortable.
The best doctors in the hospital were invited, even the dean was alarmed, but Kans stopped him. The nurse outside looked at the handsome man with a flush.
Watching him pull out a cigarette from his pocket, he looked at the no smoking sign in his mouth and put it back.
Would you like some water, sir?
She asked him cautiously, looked up at her and said no
She opened her mouth to say something, but she was forced to swallow it back by his cold eyes.
An hour later, the doctor came out and said respectfully to the landing engine.
The patient has a concussion and sprained waist and ankle and needs to be hospitalized for several days;
Chapter 5 was fed a mouthful of dog food

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You know what? Think of it.

Ye Zitong is really curious about what the lonely night white said to herself, but she also knows that she can’t ask the real reason and she didn’t continue to inquire. * * I appreciate you, but how can I get along with people? I have a sense of proportion in my heart. Don’t worry about me.
She has been reborn and knows what she will be in the future. She is confident that she will never be hurt again.
In the future, no one loves her and loves her. She loves herself and loves herself.
Never worry about being hurt.
Looking at the woman in front of her eyes as if she were shrouded in the light of selfconfidence, all of a sudden, nothing can hit her. Does it feel that when a person trusts himself, he will never be hurt again? !
Or he’s really worried about nothing.
After all, he said that when he saw something in the future, he didn’t really verify it himself, so those things would really happen in the future? !
Sometime it’s a figment of my imagination.
It’s ridiculous to feel so lonely at night.
He got up. I shouldn’t have come this trip today. I’m sorry if today’s incident bothered you.
Ye Zitong feels that this man is talking about god, but he doesn’t deny that he should really come to his heart. I don’t know what made you come here to tell me these things, but I do tell you that my future life will never be worse than now, and I won’t let people bully you for no reason.
Besides, I wish you find your other half soon.
See Ye Zi pupil sample lonely night white completely relieved.
The best outcome for both of them is that they have their own lives.
I’ll invite you to my wedding banquet on that day.
But will there be such a day?
Lonely night white oneself also don’t know.
Thank you list
[foggyy] January ticket
Chapter 237 Get training
On the first weekend of Su Qintong’s maternity leave, Ouyang Xianqian and his wife went to Mu Yan’s house together.
Ma Xiufang’s family of three moved to Muyan Villa after Su Qintong fainted due to egg allergy. With Su Qintong’s due date, Minister Yang often went to Muyan’s side. When Minister Yang comes, he usually sends his grandson Su Yirui. If Su Xuyang meets the weekend, the couple will follow.
Section 1159
桑拿会所Today is just the weekend, except for Sue’s chief, the army has something to do. Everyone in Sue’s family gathers at Muyan’s house.
Su Qintong’s belly is overweight than the average person, and she is now being ordered by Ma Xiufang to go on a diet with high sugar, high protein and high fat. She can’t eat too much food, and the calories in every meal are strictly controlled according to her current physical requirements.
Su Qintong feels that there is nothing more painful than pregnant women. Looking at her pregnant mouth, she can keep eating Yu Jun glass. Her mouth is full of saliva. Ma Yi won’t let her eat, and she deliberately eats in front of people. You people are so hateful. You bully me one by one. I hate you.
Su Qintong’s appetite became particularly good in the third trimester, and she wanted to eat everything, which led to the overnutrition of her baby and the fact that she grew too big, just like blowing a balloon.
Although Ma Xiufang’s professional guidance is strictly controlled, the excess nutrition she ate before didn’t stop giving it to her children because she stopped eating, but the growth rate is not so fast.
For this reason, even if Mu Yan refused to give Su Qintong extra food, it helped Ma Xiufang to strictly supervise Su Qintong, and others dared not be careless about it.
Giving her less food for a month or two is good for both adults and children. No one agrees with her, so Su Qintong often has similar complaints.
Listen, it’s time to play the sex girl again. Minister Yang stretched out his hand and poked her head. If it weren’t for hello, who cares about you, girl? You don’t know how high and thick the sky is.
Minister Yang is very glad that Ma Xiufang has the professional knowledge and willingness to take care of this girl who has made a fuss from time to time. If Ma Xiufang’s attitude is too accurate and he often emphasizes to them that giving Su Qintong more food at this time may lead to serious consequences, they may not be able to bear Su Qintong’s efforts to compromise and lead to bad consequences.
Su Qintong never thought that he would be isolated by everyone for a day. Mom, I have never seen such a sad reminder that pregnant women eat too much at every meal. Strictly according to that standard, there is nothing to increase. I want to drink more bowls of soup. There is nothing more cruel than this.
People always have a rebellious attitude. The less others do things for you, the more you want to do them.
Su Qintong has been begging for food, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is really hungry. It is the kind of person who wants to eat others but doesn’t give her food. If she doesn’t satisfy her mood, she will feel particularly unhappy, and the more she wants to eat.
What’s even worse is that you know that I’m greedy and often eat in front of me, especially putting you in love.
Yu Junli feels very sorry for herself. The main reason is that my stomach is too hungry and I need to eat at any time and anywhere. When you think of chatting, you always like to drag me over to chat with you. I want to take care of your little nephew to be an aunt.
Yu Junli has a lot of sympathy for Su Qintong. It is definitely the most tragic thing to eat food every day. She is happier than the little guy in her stomach who doesn’t exceed the standard no matter how much she eats.
You’ve been putting up with it for a month. At most, in another month, the little guy in your stomach will come out and report, and then you will be liberated. Su Qintong was found to be overweight when she was 32 weeks pregnant and was forced to go on a diet. Now she is 36 weeks pregnant and there are still four weeks before the due date.
In addition, Su Qintong also has symptoms of hyperglycemia during pregnancy. So strict control of sugar intake is to avoid the fact that high blood sugar leads to hypoxia in children. This is the reason why the diet should be strict enough to calculate the calorie intake for every meal.
It is also because of this reason that Su Qintong is afraid to eat more food secretly every time. It is not easy to look forward to having a baby. She is more nervous than people and more worried about what will happen to the baby.
She really can’t understand why she has been in good health all the time. Is it because the hospital made a mistake when she was diagnosed with high blood sugar during pregnancy?
Later, I found out that many people suffering from hyperglycemia during pregnancy, especially elderly women, account for as much as 10%. The reason is that the body estrogen and progesterone promote the body to secrete more insulin and maintain normal glucose metabolism, which is one of the common diseases during pregnancy.
Hyperglycemia during pregnancy will recover automatically after delivery, which has little effect on postpartum, that is, the diet during pregnancy should be very well controlled. The only lucky thing is that hyperglycemia during pregnancy is generally found that it will not be long in the third trimester, even if the diet is controlled for two or three months.
When the little guy comes out, I must tell him how much I suffered from his mother when I was pregnant with him, so that he should be more filial to me.
It is said that only after raising children can parents know that they have children can they deeply understand that it is not easy to be a parent. This is not easy to be reflected from the child’s belly. For example, this little guy in his belly is anxious when there is something strange in the prenatal examination.
She feels luckier than others because she is accompanied by Ma Xiufang.
No, don’t, just because Ma Xiufang is an expert in maternity, even if she has some problems in the results of prenatal examination sometimes, doctors dare not say anything to her at random, unlike those expectant mothers who are not pregnant for the first time.
Su Qintong clearly remembers that when she went to do threedimensional color Doppler ultrasound, she met a color Doppler ultrasound, and the result was that the renal pelvis was separated. The expectant mother didn’t know what the doctor who gave her an examination told her, which caused the expectant mother to cry out of breath with the examination result, and she had to wait for a second examination with a big belly.
Later, Ma Xiufang knew the situation and told the expectant mother that most of the time the separation of renal pelvis was caused by the child holding back urine, so there would be no problem if the separation value was not large, and told her that even if she did another examination immediately, it would have no substantial effect.
When the expectant mother heard such words, she grabbed Ma Xiufang like a lifeline and asked a lot.
Ma Xiufang knows that some doctors will deliberately say that they are serious about a certain disease for a certain benefit, and then they will either sell medicines or instruments to get extra money. Ma Xiufang intends to expose these things, but in this case, she will give detailed answers to those deceived patients by her own professional knowledge.
Ma Yiji, that person should be almost due, right?
The woman drifted north with her husband, and her husband didn’t have any elders around her. Ma Xiufang didn’t see her easily, and the man looked good. Ma Xiufang helped her look at the birth check list from time to time and explained some words that the man didn’t understand.
With more contacts, that person will send Ma Xiufang some snacks made by himself from time to time. Before Su Qintong’s diet was controlled, all those snacks went into her belly, which was delicious. Su Qintong was deeply impressed by that person.
You two are one week short of the expected date of delivery, and you may meet again when you give birth.
They are in the same hospital where they accompanied Su Qintong for a prenatal checkup. Ma Xiufang met that person. There is no special situation. The prenatal checkup and childbirth are in the same hospital. As a result, the hospital is more aware of all the maternal conditions and it is better to deal with any problems in the production process at the first time.
Even some hospitals don’t accept pregnant women who don’t have prenatal checkups in their hospitals, especially those with special diseases.
Thinking that the due date is coming soon, Su Qintong, who is facing the heavy child in his stomach, is a little afraid. Can I choose caesarean section directly if the child is too big?
A comprehensive judgment will be made in the caesarean section hospital. If it is possible to have a natural delivery, it must not be decided by ourselves. Now every hospital has a natural delivery index and a ranking list of natural delivery rates. This purpose is to prevent hospitals from giving caesarean sections to women casually and increase hospital income
What if the hospital judges that it is a natural birth result and there is no way to turn it over again?
….. This is indeed the case.
However, pregnant women should not be allowed to choose caesarean section freely just because this may happen.
When Minister Yang saw that his daughter had not yet entered the delivery room, she began to be afraid that you are in good health. It will not be rare to walk around more during this period and then eat naturally according to your horse recipe.

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Take vieri as an example. If the Italian Star Team wins the game and he wins the MVP after the game, he will get a huge bonus of about one million dollars! Although this is the highest reward in theory, even if vieri loses the game in the end, it will be a great temptation for vieri to get such a huge sum of money as 300 thousand dollars less.

Well, Pi Bo, what you said is very reasonable. vieri still attaches great importance to this friend’s opinion. If I can get the best player in the Star Game, then the bonus alone will be enough to pay for my cancellation this holiday. If all goes well, maybe Canalis can agree to propose to me this holiday!
Ha, ha, ha ….. Seeing that vieri had such expectations in his own comfort, Inzaghi quickly swallowed half the words he had not said before, and he didn’t want to blow his friend’s confidence at this time.
You know, there’s another Robert Baggio who’s about to retire on their team in this Star Tournament …
Chapter 1226 Busy December (15)
Maybe some people think that stars like vieri and Inzaghi should earn a lot of annual salary and various commercial sponsorship contracts, so they can earn tens of millions of dollars a year at least. Why should they be tempted by the bonus of Star Games? This is obviously unscientific!
Indeed, due to Zhuangge, Florence is far ahead of most clubs in terms of commercial development and star image promotion. There are a few clubs such as Manchester United and Real Madrid, which can keep up with the trend in this respect. In addition, the salaries of players have always been among the top in Europe, so most Florence players generally earn much more than players of the same level.
Having said that, please don’t forget that all the money earned by vieri is pretax income, and they still need to pay all taxes to the Italian government before they can get their share.
You should know that the personal income tax rate paid by Serie A players is the highest among the four major leagues in Europe, and the total is as high as 5%! Much more than Germany and the Premier League, not to mention putting pressure on Real Madrid to implement the Beckham Act in La Liga.
In other words, for every dollar of aftertax salary paid by the Serie A club to the players, they have to pay a dollar of tax to the Italian government at the same time. The high tax rate makes the Serie A club have to pay more for the players’ salaries than other league clubs, so that they can keep those powerful players and be poached by the high salaries of other league teams.
After all, in this era when the influence of Bosman Act is deepening, not many players want to see their salaries lower than those of players with similar level due to different tax rates, so Italy’s excessive tax rate has greatly increased the financial burden of Serie A clubs.
Although Prodi has been trying hard to reduce the tax rate in this respect in Zhuang Ge’s suggestion and influence, due to the overall depression of Italy’s economic environment in recent years, most lawmakers disagree with this case. In their view, if this most important fiscal revenue is cut, it will inevitably have a negative impact on the government’s future budget.
Vieri, they will be quite impressed by this bonuswho let the government collect taxes too hard and the landlord has no surplus food!
What impressed them most was that the Italian Football Association and a group of football bosses strongly suggested that the Italian government finally listened to their opinions with an open mind and announced that it would not levy personal income tax on the players’ bonuses!
After the news came out, all the players who were about to take part in the Star Games could not help cheering, which probably greatly stimulated their desire for victory. Because the winner could get more bonuses according to the regulations, the players were dissatisfied with the occupation of the Christmas holiday, and their attitude towards the Star Games took a 100degree turn.
That’s why vieri is so tempted by this bonus. You know, a bonus of hundreds of thousands of dollars without paying taxes is enough for them to have a wonderful Christmas holiday!
Obviously, the fans don’t know about these psychological activities of the players, and they don’t know that not long ago, the players were dissatisfied with the fact that Star Games occupied their precious holiday. For them, it is a wonderful Christmas gift to see a feast belonging to the stars before Christmas!
In this way, at 1 o’clock on the afternoon of December 24, the day before Christmas, the first Serie A Star Tournament will be played in Rome Olympic Stadium in an hour!
I have to say that the Italian Football Association still has a little conscience. It didn’t arrange the game on Christmas Day like the NBA, nor did it put it on Christmas Eve, which is the most important thing for westerners. Now, although they attach importance to the image of the league and commercial promotion, they are still very disciplined and have not finished falling into the money.
品茶论坛Although there is still a full hour before the game, the Rome Olympic Stadium can accommodate 10 thousand spectators, and the fans have long been eager to see the catalogue performance.
Seeing the fans waving all kinds of flags and slogans enthusiastically in the stands and cheering in their ears, the players could not help but be dyed by this atmosphere and ran out of the players’ tunnel to wave to the fans in the stands without waiting for the referee to say anything, which triggered even greater cheers in the stands.
Watching these unruly players take on the referee Corina couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t run out to ruin the atmosphere because of this trivial matter, because he knew that this game was different from those formal games where he went to law enforcement, and many rules were not necessary to be strictly observed.
To create a festival for Serie A fans, and to promote the name of Serie A to the world, so that more people can know and like Serie A, which is the significance of Serie A Star Games.
Now let’s introduce the starting lineup of one or two teams. First of all, the goalkeeper position of the Italian star team naturally belongs to the world’s number one god, and toldo, who is equally powerful, is squeezed into the bench. In the defense line, Paolo Maldini and Gianluca Zambrotta respectively pointed out that the combination of left and right defenders is Stesta and Cannavaro; In midfield, Ambrosini and tommasi were in charge of defensive hardness and sweeping in front of the restricted area, while Pirlo took on the responsibility of controlling the rhythm of the game and combing the team’s initiative to hand over the organization and attack of the tandem frontcourt to Roberto Baggio, which attracted the attention of fans. Obviously, Pirlo paid tribute to this elder in this way.
The striker needs to say more. vieri and Inzaghi have locked in these two places early, and Totti can sit on the bench with Tony Cassano in frustration.
In fact, Totti is unlucky enough. If it weren’t for Roberto Baggio, a popular superstar striker, and vieri and Inzaghi, the top players or handsome guys, he would definitely get a star starting qualification. Unlike now, he can wait for the three players in the frontcourt to be physically exhausted, and at the same time, he has to wait for the opportunity to attend the game through Capello.
I must start the Star Game every year, thought Baggio and Totti with envy.
Fortunately, Baggio will retire after this season, and he will never have a chance to participate in the Star Tournament again. Otherwise, Totti will not be able to qualify as a star starter.
Chapter 1227 Serie A star (a)
Let’s put aside Totti who is depressed because he didn’t qualify for the starting lineup, and let’s look at the movements of other Italian players.
Ha ha ha ha ….. Cassano smiled smugly and dodged with the help of his seat and terrain. Stupid fool Grandoni has developed limbs and simple mind Grandoni ~
Cassano! You little bastard, don’t run away if you have the guts! At the same time, Grandoni has an angry look. Just looking at his expression gives people the feeling that he must be trying to tear Cassano apart. You’re killing yourself by sprinkling Chili powder into my drink when I’m not looking!
It turned out that Grandoni, who was sitting on the bench after the players from both sides entered the stadium, picked up Gatorade and took a sip, but he didn’t want Cassano to have tampered with it and spilled a lot of Chili powder in it, so he was wary of Grandoni and became Cassano’s sacrifice in this bad drama.
Yeah, you let me live and I will live? Then how embarrassing I am ~ Cassano moved a few steps to the right and escaped Grandoni’s pounce again. At the same time, he smiled contemptuously. I’m here. Why don’t you come and hit me?
Ah, ah, ah, you son of a bitch are always fighting with you! Grandoni felt that a string in his brain suddenly broke and roared and jumped in Cassano’s direction.
Hey, hey, both of you, stop it now. Don’t forget that there are so many fans watching us at the Star Game. I found that Grandoni and Cassano were on the scene to watch the excitement. vieri and Materazzi were shocked and rushed over to separate them from each other in full view, causing irreparable consequences.
After stopping Grandoni, who was furious, vieri turned his head and said to Cassano, who was winking at him, Cassano, give me a break, even if it’s a bad play, you haven’t gone too far this time.
hmm? Ah, I know ~ I found that it was vieri who spoke and Capello was not far away watching Cassano, so he nodded and agreed to come. Now he is just a boy in his early twenties, and he is full of aura on the court. He is regarded as an Italian hope star, but he has not developed into the later locker room cancer, so he still knows some priorities. Fool, I won’t care about you this time for Christian (vieri). Let’s shake hands and make peace.
If I don’t beat this little bastard flat today, I’ll … When Grandoni heard that Cassano didn’t mean to admit his mistake at all, he immediately flew into a rage and wanted to rush to punch Cassano hard, but vieri clung to him intensely. Obviously, he could not compete with the former in strength, and he could stare at Cassano with a face of indifference.
However, before Grandoni let things develop in a more serious direction again (at this time, the fans also told Grandoni and Cassano that they were just fighting on the sidelines), Maldini appeared beside him and grabbed him. Calm down! What’s going on if you want to go crazy and wait until the game is over to find a gym to do strength training and show off here?
At this time, Maldini was quite angry. He planned to finish the game in a harmonious and warm atmosphere and give his old friend Roberto Baggio a retirement gift. However, Maldini did not expect that there was chaos on the sidelines before Grandoni and Cassano played the game.
Seeing that his plan will be destroyed by these two ignorant bastards, can Maldini not be angry?
… I’m sorry, captain. I promise you that I will never make trouble in this game! Grandoni felt a sudden anger when he saw Maldini’s fierce eyes, and he couldn’t help dissipating a lot. After all, Maldini played in AC Milan for more than ten years, and his prestige and influence in the Rossoneri were far from that of Grandoni. Therefore, when he saw signs of Maldini’s anger, Grandoni decisively discouraged himself and ran to the other end of the bench with his captain watching.
On the other hand, Cassano also persuaded Capello and Baggio to return to their seats and sit with Grandoni at both ends of the bench to reduce the possibility of conflict between them later.
It stands to reason that Cassano’s personality, even if Capello and Totti go out in person, may not be able to get him done so soon, but who makes Baggio a childhood idol of Cassano? The idols have spoken in front of them, and Cassano will naturally not miss this face.
Are you so happy on weekdays? Looking at Cassano is surrounded by Baggio with a face of worship and asking this question, Nasta quietly asks his close friend Totti with a teasing face.
Alas, he has always been like this, showing no signs of maturity. Even I have been tricked. Totti didn’t hide anything about Starr’s question and replied truthfully, It’s as small as growing up, and you don’t know what trivial things will provoke him, resulting in a lot of things.

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At this time, wearing a fresh red buff, Olaf is like starting the mad dog mode. He directly cooperated with his own road combination and stuck to the other side. Even though he handed over the flash, he still failed to escape the wheel. The mother made a very accurate Q skill, and the revolving blade just triggered the flying blade to go back and forth at the limit distance. All the injuries were taken away in an instant. Obama!

And then after the two men took turns to top the tower and died alive, all their skills were hammered in D, and because of their big moves, Lulu just didn’t get the chance to drop the hammer in the face of Obama’s strong outbreak, and finally succeeded in escaping.
However, when Zhang Hengyi didn’t come when the we Road was in succession, the teammates were happy when they saw each other’s clockwork. At this time, they immediately controlled themselves and forced their body shape to the outside of the line, but they were almost pulled to their side by clockwork in an instant.
The original posture first pretended to make the Q skill make up the back row of the virtual blood soldier, and then he never moved his magic ball position. At the moment when Sindra made up the soldiers, he took advantage of the fact that an had no chance to guard against it. It was a big move to decisively pull the an and almost pulled it to his eyes!
And almost at the same time, I have been quietly squatting in my own middle road. The emperor rushed out instantly, but it turned out to be directly dragged by the big move. Sindra was extremely decisive, that is, an eq even instant stamp!
I lost your nut! Both sides are so full of vision, but you still gank’t prevent you from getting old !”
At this time, Zhang Hengyi really realized what it was like to be confined to squatting, which really made him angry and funny. It was a special thing that he didn’t pay attention to the casting distance of clockwork W and ignored the pulling distance of clockwork, so he directly gave the way and was given a wave by this hanging Mao Emperor!
After all, the winding distance is 41 yards! It’s really hard to hide the ball near the enemy’s line, and who would have thought that winding the ball on the other side is just throwing it away like eating and drinking?
But at this time, it is obviously not considering these times. Zhang Hengyi hurriedly choked back his unhappy eyebrows and locked his eyes. He saw that the emperor released eq two gaps instantly. A qe two company was actually interrupted when the emperor had just reached the middle school!
Although the Emperor eq Erlian was interrupted by Syndra in the middle, after all, at this time, the shadow had already flown a certain distance, so it was just enough to cast a spell with its own big move. So the shadow did not hesitate to yell at Demacia in the mouth, and it was already a big move and jumped into Sindra’s face!
See in the emperor shouted demasia instantaneous sindra whole body directly is then raised into a circular rock prison is Syndra to firmly trapped in the Fiona Fang hundreds of yards!
桑拿会所But you know that Zhang Hengyi’s reaction speed is no joke. In his ears, he just heard the emperor yell Demacia, and it was already directly thrown out of the flash, which actually made the emperor’s big move just hurt and failed to block Syndra’s figure.
Seeing is already forcing Syndra to flash. At this time, it is also a skill exchange and clockwork. It can also be that Nai gave up and continued to kill. It is equivalent to saying that this wave of gank is just forcing an to flash.
But at this time, Zhang Hengyi has safely returned to his own tower, but he doesn’t think so. After all, Huang’s big move only has more than one second of D, but he has more than three seconds of D when he flashes, which is equivalent to saying that he can be bigger than himself three times before he flashes!
But when the time comes, I didn’t flash myself. Once I was framed into a big move by the emperor, the ending was definitely doubtful!
The thought of facing the emperor’s exhaustion of gank and Zhang Hengyi is just a big headache. If you really have to, you can ask your own team to fight Olaf to help you fight back. But wouldn’t it be difficult to snowball quickly if your own other roads have just established their advantages?
If you can’t stay online for a long time, you have to swim with ruo. Otherwise, the opposite emperor is too personal to me. Maybe you will have to give up your life if you are not careful.
w w w
At this time, Zhang Hengyi, while updating his equipment after returning home, secretly pondered the coming situation, and had to bring up the rhythm with the wild as soon as possible, otherwise he really might be targeted to death by the other party!
But at this time, suddenly, a single killing came directly from the road, which made Zhang Hengyi quickly look intently, which really startled him.
Seeing that our single dragon girl has only a little bit of blood left at this time, it is natural to be clear at a glance who will kill alone because of the fat body of pdd crocodile lying across the strawberry foot.
At a time when looking at strawberries with only silk blood left, it is still more shocking than clicking on Zhang Hengyi back to the city.
Holy shit? Strawberries are so slippery? It was a person who directly killed pdd? !
Chapter 36 Sentence you to death!
Because the pilot just put the perspective of the game in the middle, everyone saw the scene of an being killed by Emperor gank and failed to notice the fight between Lu Strawberry and pdd.
Therefore, after the single killing broke out, the pilot broadcasted the pdd lens of the former strawberry single killing.
wow! Strawberries are such a beautiful flash!
At this time, the doll looked at the slowmotion playback of the brain screen and saw that the strawberry was fighting fiercely with pdd in the tower, but it was directly flashed and immediately moved behind the pdd crocodile, and at the same time, it started a big move in seconds, but it directly pushed the pdd crocodile into its own defense tower!
Then, although pdd reacted very quickly, the two sections of E directly escaped from the attack range of the enemy defense tower, but it was because of the damage caused by the tower that the pdd crocodile finally failed to spell the strawberry dragon girl.
Although it’s only a little bit worse than the last one, it’s obvious that strawberries are better in this fight, but they just finished this unexpected and gorgeous single kill!
Don’t lose is our raspberry god! Although it has always been dubbed the king of resistance by the fans for the reasons of we tactics, after all, before strawberries, it was also a famous passerby player in China, so it is really nothing to say about personal exercises!
I have to say that a player like Strawberry, who is both handsome and good at playing games, is really welcomed and loved by the majority of female fans. At this time, even the host Xiaomi has failed to be vulgar, and she is full of praise for Strawberry’s gorgeous single kill.
Yes, this ig has almost put all its energy into how to target the an body. Although it has indeed played a certain role in suppressing the development of an, it has directly led to the excellent development of we strawberries and smiles at this time, and now we are ahead of ig for more than 3,000 minutes without taking a little dragon. Do you believe this?
After all, the doll is also a veteran of explaining professional competitions for many years, so we all know how many minutes to lead the economy. At this time, we directly led ig by more than 3,000 yuan in less than ten minutes, which is really a great economic advantage!
After all, where is the head ratio? we have only died twice in the middle of the road because of the special care of the shadow, but ig has a death record, and every line has been suppressed to ig to make up for the knife. we are ahead of a defensive tower, so it is normal to have such a big economic gap in the early days.
After all, a man’s head is 300 yuan, and a defensive tower is 1000 yuan plus the advantage of mending the knife. Therefore, in the early stage of we, the linechanging tactics achieved miraculous results, but we directly led ig with 3,000 yuan. It can be said that the odds of winning this game are really great.
I didn’t flash for 9 minutes and 25 seconds, and I didn’t dare to go online. Zhang Hengyi just caught them with his own Olaf. Although ig Road was already hiding in his own defense tower quickly, Nai was finally forced to take turns to fight against the tower by the four of us.
At this time, after the shadow was crouched in the middle of the road for a long time, it chose gank strawberry, but Nai had a big move. It was too difficult to catch the shadow. This wave of gank also made the two sides exchange a big move, but it did not cause substantial killing. Instead, it made their own road combination be directly killed by the four of us.
And worst of all, after taking away the combination of ig Road, the four of us not only blew up the tower of ig Road by the way, but also directly took the first small dragon, which actually made we directly widen the economic gap to 5 giants in about ten minutes!
Although clockwork is pushing a tower in the middle of we Road while several people are on the way, Kung Fu is desperately pushing a tower in the middle of we Road, but after all, he is just an ap, and Zhang Hengyi’s rapid defense office makes clockwork only wear away more than half of the blood in a tower in we, but it can’t directly push it off to solve its own backward economic situation.
It’s a bit unexpected. Even if we can win this game, it must be the same as the first one. At least in the early stage, the two sides will be evenly matched, but I didn’t expect that we had already achieved such a great economic advantage just now. It’s very likely that we will just crush and take away ig all the way!
The economic gap of five thousand dollars in ten minutes is already a crushing game. It is no exaggeration to say that if we don’t make any big mistakes, like the dragon ruining our life, then this victory will definitely be assured.

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There must be uniform clothes when you get to the queue, but there are also many complaints from parents at present. It is impossible to customize the clothes for the sports meeting. Simply let the boys find white shirts and black pants, and the girls will wear the same color shirts and black skirts. This should be regarded as a musthave at home in this era, but it is too simple. Finally, let the monitor take the class and buy more than a dozen fake flowers and balloons.

After hearing some words from Shinohara these nights, I really don’t know how the team looks. I don’t know if she will arrange for herself …
Quietly facing the night, Shinohara is also thinking about it, but she also knows how much about the family background of Shinohara. For the rich, they naturally have higher requirements for beauty. No, she will arrange to dress herself beautifully, so she will not be wordy. You can make your own decisions about the problem of dressing at night, and the teacher is very confident in your aesthetics. Look at this statement, it is really satisfactory.
Sitting in the seat at night, Lanxiang looked at them and raised her hand interactively. Teacher, it’s so ordinary in our class team. If Nobuyoshi dresses up in fashion, isn’t it too inappropriate? It’s better to make it dead
Jing frowned and didn’t like what the child said. She wanted to be so mean. She didn’t dare to ask her parents to pay for it. I know all about this, but I have to pick it out!
Section 22
I discussed it with his class teacher, and it’s not good for us to make it too conspicuous, which is contrary to unity. Sit down. Say that finish and wave.
It’s bad luck that the night Lan Xiang’s face turned red and he could have shown it, but he caught the horseshoe. But who is this person? I’m going to die. I’m going to suffer. Lord What’s more, she still has money in her pocket …
☆ Chapter 55 A whim
Night Lanxiang looked at Jing and began to talk about exercise books. She got busy Teacher!
Static raised his eyelids a little impatient anything else?
Teacher, I can buy a dress for everyone in the class team so that our class won’t lose face when we wear it. After that, everyone looked at Lanxiang at night, but the quiet face was half black
She was a little angry. She threw her exercise book at the podium and watched it at night. Lan Xiang could have more than ten seconds and finally said slowly, You mean I arranged to embarrass our class? And you did this to save our face?
That’s what you mean when you blink at night, but why is Jing’s face so ugly She’s kind, and she’s the one who spends money out of her pocket
You talk!
II want everyone to watch it better, said Ye Lanxiang crustily skin of head.
品茶论坛Ok, you come with me to the faculty room! You did all these exercises for a while, and I came back to check. Say that finish, there was some anger and walked out of the classroom at night. Lan Xiang looked around. Hu Dandan pinched her hand and it was not too white. What exactly offended Jing? But she could.
Night Shinohara looked at the night Lan Xiang’s departure and shook her head gently. She dared and had the idea to talk about it in private. She also said in front of dozens of people that it made these students go home and learn from their parents. What a stupid thing it was!
However, she is sad and happy with people like her, and it is a standard lesson. If it can really change for the better, it will be very helpful for her in the future.
Sure enough, half an hour later, the two of them came back in tandem. Night Lan Xiang lowered his head and his eyes were red. At first glance, he cried. His face was not very good, but he was much better than before. Hu Dandan and Yu Hui all had a tacit understanding and secretly gave her a note. When night Lan Xiang sneaked a peek at her behavior, she was immediately impolite. His rabbit eyes gouged out her teeth. Night Xiao Yu Xi Shan touched his nose and scolded a sentence in his heart.
Night Shinohara and Xiao just walked out of the school gate when she heard Mu Li shout.
Xixi Xiaoer this way! Wave as he speaks.
Night Lan Xiang was depressed and walked behind to watch night Shinohara and Xiao Zhengda get into Jin Dongsheng’s car. She chopped a few feet severely. She said that night Shinohara was in puppy love, but no one believed hum that man looked like that. Maybe one day Shinohara would have to go home with a big belly and watch the night harvest. Cursing in my heart, I walked towards home step by step.
Jin Dongsheng saw the night in the rearview mirror, and it was so dense that his eyebrows were wrinkled and wrinkled that he hated this girl. That’s right, that person doesn’t look like a chastened one.
What’s the matter? Night shinohara sit copilot position slightly toward he asked 1.
It’s all right Jin Dongsheng said and rubbed his nose. It’s not that he doesn’t know anything about boys, but he was surprised that he didn’t think about that kind of thing once when he went to Kyoto for so long. But every time he came back, he just asked about the smell of Xiao Yu Xi at night, just like a cat who was going to have sex.
Secretly moved his legs and continued to drive without changing color, but he told Xiao behind him that he was quite happy and provoked Xiao Yuxi to be slightly sour all night. Maybe he hasn’t seen him for months and has no freshness for himself?
Mu Li is a bold and careless person who talks about things in the class. Of course, the sports meeting is an important topic for her to talk about. At night, Shinohara can play class cards and make her envy. No, Jin Dongsheng later stopped talking. He listened attentively to those things in Mu Li’s mouth and secretly looked at the beautiful side face of Shinohara at night.
When Jin Dongsheng comes back, he must get together with a group of old friends to meet Xiao and Xiao Yuxi at night. He specially called Ye Fengnian and dared not make any mistakes. When they parked the car, they watched Cheng Shijie meet them from the gate, and Jin Dongsheng hammered his chest.
You’re too young to come back!
How can? I’m reluctant to go here. Say that finish, my eyes also deliberately turned twice at night, which provoked several familiar people around me to be bored.
Mr Bush, you haven’t been here for a long time, but you can be merciful for a while. Cheng Shijie quipped with a smile that a few people came in to the balcony while talking. Cheng Shuangzhao, the youngest son, all of them were nervegrowold, and this array was also suppressed. Several people got together and began to get crazy.
Night Shinohara was dragged to the table of Jin Dongsheng, Cheng Shijie and Mei. The atmosphere was enough for four people. So many people also let go of the fight. Today, Cheng Shijie was in a good state and sat for several times in a row.
hope don’t let this he his ya have money Jin Dongsheng said small.
Damn you, let me win once, ok? TongFu.kabu came over the day before yesterday, and I just had a massive hemorrhage, okay? spat Cheng Shijie.
Yes, which one of you wins? Let him win. Mei smiled and rubbed her fingers, and finally turned over a piece of candy from her pocket and stuffed it into her mouth.
Mei, you are a big smoker. Women are too old to quit smoking! Cheng Shijie looked at Mei and advised 1.
There’s nothing wrong with it. TongFu.kabu also said that I look particularly good when I smoke. Hehehe … Mei smiled a little lonely and provoked Xiao Yuxi to quietly look at her at night.
When I didn’t know it, I didn’t eat my hair in the past. I was born late and came to the door. They didn’t pay so much attention to pushing cards. It ended at dinner. At night, Shinohara sat beside Mei and looked at this woman who was five or six years older than herself. I don’t know why. From the first moment I saw Mei, she liked this person from the heart. Although she was a master of alcohol and tobacco or a lover in TongFu.kabu, these didn’t affect her affection. Maybe everyone was so wonderful.
Mei tilted her head to the night, and she grinned. Little girl, you’ve been watching me for a long time this night. If I weren’t a woman, I guess Dongsheng could have rushed to eat me.
Ha ha ha … Mei Jie, you are so funny.
You are still too young to study hard, you know? If I study hard at your age … Then Mei didn’t say anything, but that may be why she came to this day.
Looking at the fashionable dress, a flash of light suddenly flashed in Mei Ye’s mind. She pulled the chair and entered again. Sister Mei, can you sew?
Sewing? Do you make clothes? Mei was surprised. How did she know she knew this? But she never told anyone.
Curious how do I know? Night Shinohara smiled mysteriously, and her eyes hooked up with human beings in minutes. Although she was young, the slightly green apple was irresistible.
☆, Chapter 56 Transform a good woman
Mei is particularly curious about Yexiao Xixi’s guessing that she can sew. In her eyes, Yexiao Xixi is simply a girl with a golden spoon in her Jiao Jiao family, and there are Xiao among her friends. Mu Li took care of Jin Dongsheng, and even hated this person. I heard that the school is also an excellent student, and the popularity is also very good. This is how many people can’t dream of it. But it happened that these Mei didn’t pay much attention to her curiosity. It was said that she was young and sometimes she was different from ordinary people, but with them, no one regarded her as a little sister. On the contrary, she felt that her words and deeds were worth emulating, and she was very comfortable to get along with. Especially Mei, as everyone knows her identity, she was doomed not to be compared with Ye Xiaoxi and was doomed not to be married by TongFu.kabu.

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We didn’t continue to discuss such things, so we each picked up beer and barbecue to have a good time.

I don’t remember how much I drank until I opened my eyes, and I arrived at my home. I took a towel and went out. It was raining heavily outside.
I looked at hanging the clock. It was always 7 o’clock in the morning. I shook my head and went into washing my hands. After washing up, I went out and saw Sebrina put the breakfast on the table. I walked over and sat down. She put the rice noodles in front of me and said, "I got up early today and bought a bowl for you at Aunt Zhang’s house. Your favorite beef powder is here. Try it."
I took the disposable chopsticks apart, picked up the powder and tasted it. It was really good.
"Why do you keep watching me not eat?" I watched Sebrina, and she put her hand on it, picked up the breakfast and ate it.
品茶  title=After I finished eating, I cleaned the house and accidentally found that Sebrina had not left and had been sitting on the sofa.
I looked at her doubtfully and asked, "Don’t you work today?"
"No, I have a few days off."
I nodded and she got up from the sofa and took out a poster from behind. She said to me with a happy face, "Do you know where this is?"
"Where" I glanced at the poster, but I really don’t know where this is.
"This is Dali. How about taking it as our first honeymoon place?" Sebrina asked me, "How to give some advice?"
"I’m glad you like it"
"Oh" Sebrina suddenly lost up and sat on the sofa staring at the poster.
I pulled my clothes and found that everything was wrong before I said to her, "I’m a little busy these days. Go and do everything you like. Call me if you have anything."
After that, I opened the door and went out from my residence. I found Sebrina looking at me with a look of god out of the window. I shouted at her, "If I have time to go out with you these days, it will be regarded as an indulgence before marriage."
Sebrina looked at me happily and answered "Yes".
It’s already half past ten when I arrived at the company. Xiao Li really left here for the head office as I said yesterday.
When I was about to open the door and enter my office, I heard a voice coming from behind.
"Director Lei and so on"
I put away my keys and turned around to see Ma Hui coming to me with a sweaty face. When he came to my side, he panted, "Does Director Lei sometimes talk about personal matters?"
My eyes looked up in front of me, and Ma Hui nodded. "But" I opened the door.
He said to me, "Can Director Lei go outside?"
On reflection, I finally agreed to Ma Hui’s request.
I followed Ma Hui out of the company. He drove me to the coffee shop in the city and sat down.
After I sat down, I finally asked him, "What can I do for you? There are not many people here."
Ma Hui sighed and pleaded with me, "Director Lei, I want you to help me."
"I’ll help you"
Ma Hui gnashed her teeth and said, "I want to use your strength to help me deal with Zhang Qiu. He is such a jerk."
Chapter sixty-three No reason is needed
"You want me to help you, how can I help you? Tell me a reason why I help you."
Ma Hui looked at me with amazement and seemed to have thought that I would tell him this way. He solemnly said, "I will give this to you if Director Lei is willing to help me with this work."
Ma Hui took out a document from his bag. He pointed to the document and said, "This is a summary I got from Zhang Qiu’s work, including of course his personal affairs with other companies."
I took a look at this document and wrote the words Zhang Qiu, which should be a copy. It seems that Ma Hui is very thoughtful in doing things and can actually get such a document from Zhang Qiu’s office.
I looked at Ma Hui with my hands on the table and said, "If this is the case, I think I have it."

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At this time, lk is in a sensitive period. I am afraid that some industrial chains will be greatly affected once the Premier League results are not out.

And this is something lk definitely doesn’t want to see.
Lk didn’t get happy after winning the game, but he has already put himself into a training session. Even though he won ag this time, the ability of royalty and S is incomparable to ag.
What lk needs now is to constantly strengthen its own strength. Only in this way can it stand firm and take a higher position in lpl League.
Who are our opponents in a game?
Two macros asked Chen Yi while running. Now two macros have been able to catch up with Chen Yi.
Well, it should be S
Hearing this, Zhang Hao couldn’t help but think of Cai Liangyan and Xiao Kai. They were once in the S S team. They were S people, but later they left the team and went to different positions.
But Zhang Hao is also white. If Cai Liangyan and Xiao Kai hadn’t left Wang Dongdong and Zhou Qiang, they wouldn’t have entered lk. Many things are clear.
I see.
Er Hong heard that he didn’t speak. After all, S is very powerful now, which is far from lk’s competition. However, it is not lk’s style to admit defeat easily. lk is ready for the battle.
Chen Yi has naturally prepared tactics for lk, but the experience of playing against strong teams is not that Chen Yi helped lk.
桑拿论坛  title=The second game will be as attractive as lk against S. Whether lk continues to write odd or Sshaped advantage in this game is everyone’s curiosity.
Welcome to watch the second round of the second day of the game. This is lk versus S. I don’t know how the schedule will develop today. I am very curious.
I am also looking forward to the performance of the two teams.
The three commentators looked at the two teams and were full of expectations.
s is the blue side and lk is the purple side. Let’s expect the two teams to play a wonderful game.
First of all, sban lost the fairy witch, Nall and Titan Yu lk, and none of them had a ban.
At this time, it seems that lk is also playing a routine. Indeed, this is the Chen Yi tactic. lk has also played this way. This time, it is not a ban tactic again.
This gives S a difficult problem. After all, S can choose a single one. In this case, S finally chooses Thain, who is good at it.
Thain, the undead warrior, was a perfect way to stop domineering in the middle and late period. It seems that S also has his own ideas
Lk, on the other hand, quickly took the crab and the pig sister, which are both very strong at present, and when both of them are fighting in groups, it is almost visible to cut them face to face.
Soon, S chose the single vampire and the wild snowman, depending on the development, while lk took the blade and the team. I have to say that now League of Legends is moving towards the tank alliance again.
It is best for S to choose Jinks ad, and hammer stone auxiliary lk is the one who won the phoenix girl at the end.
After the selection of the two sides’ battlefields, the next thing to do is to wait for the game. Both sides are already ready for the game and are already waiting for the battle between the two sides.
Chapter 633 Powerful [SMR]
I feel so fierce across the street.
directly kill
Zhang Hao and Erhong are joking. It is true that the strength of the S team is good, but lk is definitely not bad.
That’s for sure.
Erhong has made up his mind. This is the first game from lk to the Premier League. After all, a challenging game is very meaningful to lk.
Chen Yi is also paying attention to lk’s performance at the moment. This performance will determine what height lk will reach in this league trip.
Bureau lk is back, and the secondary advantage is too great.
Wang Dongdong knew that this time it was run, and sure enough, the hammer stone had hung up and ignited the damage, but it was enough for Wang Dongdong Nai to hand over the flashing crab blood, which had reached a very dangerous level.
But Jin Kesi didn’t let go. A flash chased the crab and a bomb flew out of the last shell to send the crab home.
At the moment, it was only 2 minutes and 55 seconds when I looked at it. It was also embarrassing for Wang Dongdong to hand over a blood.
I’m stuck.
Wang Dongdong knows this is his own problem. If Jin Kesi walks out of the game, he can’t shirk his responsibility.
Don’t worry, just keep it steady. The crab is still stronger than Jinks. This advantage can’t suppress the crab.
Zhang Hao gave Wang Dongdong reassurance to relieve the pressure all the way. It was a huge psychological blow to bleed out so early.
got it
Wang Dongdong is also adjusting its own state to try to make up for the gap as soon as possible
Now the pig sister is in the blue buff to get the blue, but the snowman’s movement is a bit wonderful.
It’s interesting to look at the map and see the snowman move from the middle road and come straight to the road.
The hammer stone has also arrived at the blue buff. It seems that I guessed that the pig sister had a good grasp when she took the blue.
Lk people saw the appearance of the hammer stone and quickly marked Zhang Hao. Zhang Hao didn’t miss the blue buff. He retreated for the first time because he had seen the knight who came to the snowman.
The hammer stone flew to the pig girl with a hook, but the snowman didn’t go. It just meant to punish buff and retreat. After all, it was not a good choice to die in lk wild area.
The snowman withdrew and the hammer stone flew to the pig sister’s side. It’s a little embarrassing not to communicate well, but it doesn’t affect the S situation. It’s more hurt for the pig sister to develop without blue buff.
Yes, S also knows that this place is also very caring for pig sister.
Adzuki looked at the screen a little bit, but it didn’t look so good for her to be targeted. Without blue buff, it was bound to have an impact, which was a fact that could not be ignored.
The situation is not good.
The commentary has seen that the lk situation has been suppressed, and the whole road is a bit rigid, saying that the strength of S is very strong, which makes lk difficult to fight, but it is suppressed by S.

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"But why do you always wear white clothes? Now that your left hand is inconvenient and white is so easy to get dirty, aren’t you afraid of getting dirty and can’t wash it by hand? " She has been wearing white clothes since He Lianyin fell ill. Yu Ge doesn’t know why she dresses like this. What’s the meaning?

"The other day, I turned to an extracurricular class and won the bid for a training method. It says that people who learn Kung Fu pay attention to alertness and keenness. When objects approach, they must listen to six ways. When they look around, they find that wearing white clothes is just to exercise their senses. If the white clothes are dirty, they say that they don’t feel sensitive enough. I think it’s a bit of Kung Fu. Now that people’s left hand is so fragile, I have to practice this kung fu, so that when something sharp approaches, I can reduce the damage to my left hand."
I didn’t expect her to recover so quickly.
I have also begun to study ways to protect my left hand.
In the song slightly one leng "I didn’t expect you to keep in good health"
"I didn’t have this kind of thinking before, and then my left hand was injured and I realized too many things, so I began to learn to infiltrate some truths. Since my hand is destined to be destroyed, I can do my best to protect it. After all, it is also a piece of my body, and I will be incomplete if it hurts."
Yu Ge nodded in agreement. "The more I think you are strong, it’s like a method to predict that there are too many amazing things hidden in the treasure."
"Don’t worship me too much. If you watch more, you will naturally have your own set of rules of life. The way is that people come out and want to live differently on their own."
"Ha ha, that’s right. Did you learn this kung fu from martial arts novels? I often watch those swordsmen’s incidents with swords and shadows, and people die when they step on the snow. Do you believe these? "
She shook her head gently. "It’s true that people die through the snow. It’s because the fantasy deviates from the track of the real world. I won’t learn those things. I read from a martial arts student’s handbook that those kung fu players can do it by shooting stars. I don’t know if it’s true or not. I always think it’s a good idea. I can practice my sensory perception in white."
"Actually, I think the world in martial arts novels is quite beautiful, like a bloody world with swords and shadows. Everything can be won by force, that is, the truth does not compare with others, and it is not intrigue and mutual benefit. It is necessary to have a martial arts to travel all over the world and be loved, how romantic and unrestrained."
"Are you a girl still thinking about being romantic?" Yu Ge suddenly felt that Helian Yinye had a big heart, and her heart was as hot as magma, and her revenge was not as strong as that of a boy, but even stronger than that of a boy. It was like a moth throwing herself into the fire and desperately throwing herself at that famous future, and it was necessary to burn her wings with faint candlelight.
"Why not? Should girls sit at home and wait for men to pity and pamper them? Once the boy no longer loves the girl, she can pin her mind on her children and worry about them all day long. "
"oh? So what do you think? "
按摩"Jealousy and greed are sharper than the sword in the novel. Prejudice and ignorance are even more terrible than the most poisonous poison in the novel. I am a person who will be jealous and greedy like worldly desires. Since I know that something is what I want, why not try to get it? If a new human being is still living in the past and thinking about women, he should rely on men. That is prejudice and ignorance. Since he has the ability, he should stand up on his own. He also has hands, feet, thoughts, knowledge and talent. Why not rely on others instead of being strong? "
"What you said is really reasonable, but aren’t you afraid to scare away those boys who want to be close to you? You know, boys prefer weak and gentle girls, which can stimulate boys’ desire for physical protection and then become strong, which is also a growth process for boys. "
If the woman is always so excellent and powerful, then the man will look humble, which will hurt a man’s self-esteem and then give up this dream lover.
The woman’s proper weakness can make men feel moved and sweet.
"Weak water is 3,000, and I, Lian Yin, take a scoop. I don’t like many people. I want people I like to like to like me for the next generation. If he doesn’t like me, I will never insist on each other. Life is not about love. If my lover doesn’t love me, I will start learning to cook, draw, plant flowers and vegetables when I am old. People will never feel lonely because loneliness means that people are normal. Finding something to fill that loneliness will naturally become comfortable."
"It’s a good analysis, but I’m curious about why you treat love so lightly, even if it doesn’t exist?" Yu Ge has never experienced love. In martial arts novels, the hero is generally reliable and attracts several beauties with his own charm. Even if he doesn’t pursue it, several beauties will be willing to throw themselves at each other and then follow the hero with unswerving heart.
Yu Ge was indifferent by nature. Before he knew Helian Yin, he would watch martial arts novels and fight scenes. When he saw you and me, he would turn pages consciously. But recently, his eyes began to linger on the story of the male and female masters in the novel. Maybe after he really knew Helian Yin, he began to wonder what love looked like.
"Love is a real thing, but it is not the first choice of life. You see, love is exaggerated and exaggerated by fantasy, and the meaning of life is written as life carnival. With it, ordinary becomes beautiful and plain, giving birth to passion. All rice, oil and salt are romantic, trivial and vulgar. It is easy for young girls to have unrealistic expectations for love, and they believe that this worldview is the most important purpose of life. A humble person will definitely regard you as the highest. The most beautiful princess is more expensive than loving you deeply and accompanying you for life, and if they observe the world carefully or experience death personally, they will find that love is one of many human desires and needs and one of the five spiritual pursuits, but it has become beautiful and noble because they have never experienced it. But true love is about how passionate they are at first, and they will eventually become dull in the years. Can two people hold hands forever and see if they are intoxicated with love? They must have the same thoughts and topics. Let’s go hand in hand to pursue the future, knowing that it is not perfect, but we can still endure the future, so that our feelings can come to the end, otherwise we will forget to walk and disperse like Xu Zhimo’s poem. "
Yu Ge was silent for a long time and raised his eyelashes. "What do you think true love should be like?"
"Everyone has different ideas. Some people think it’s important, some people think it’s not important, but I think love is just like a career, which requires hard work and persistence and waiting for patience, wisdom, forgiveness and understanding. Of course, love is just like a career, and it still takes a little luck and courage to really succeed and walk into the auditorium. Not all couples can tie the knot when they fall in love."
"What’s your view of love? Do you think you and He Lianyin can go to the end?"
He Lianyin, be quiet.
The whole body breath becomes quiet.
At this time, Yu Ge, Lian Yin’s heart is a word. They have the same goal, the same interests and hobbies, but they can also learn a lot of profound truths from each other. People are born like a square from the beginning, and their sharp edges and corners will be smoothed by several feet in the process of falling down the slope. These edges and corners are the naive stupidity that they once had when they were young … Finally, these bad things were cut off by the emotional slope to form a perfect circle, which is called removing the bad parts of themselves and absorbing the good parts of others, and finally becoming mature.
"Yu Ge, if you love someone, will you love her all your life and never change your mind?" He Lianyin didn’t answer his question. She looked up and didn’t answer the rhetorical question.
Yu Ge thought silently for a moment. "I would have answered you, but after what you just said, I don’t think I can say. After all, people never know when they will meet the love of their lives. It’s really a sad thing if they meet after they get married."
"What if I meet you after I get married?"
"What should I do?" He smiled and bent a pair of amber pupils. "Now that you’re married, you can prove that you don’t have love. You can meet the right person in your life, and you will choose which fate you will take. No one can say for sure, but people can grow up because they have higher thoughts, and the outside world has given us a stronger brain. This brain is to control people’s thoughts. Since a person is married, has a wife and has no family to think about, and is bent on finding true love, I don’t think this person has any future."
He Lianyin smiled, "Yu Ge really hit the nail on the head when he spoke in Yu Ge."
"Come on, since people are adults, they should live a personal life. Don’t be kidnapped by the idea of true love. When they got married, no one forced them to regret it now. If everyone regrets it, they can end it. A true love is to shoot their wife and children and tell the truth. This person is really not responsible enough. It is not an admirable person."
"The ever-changing love, how can I answer my feelings with my brother? Maybe we will be worried about each other in a few days. "
A short sentence seems to be a restraint.
Hearing Yu Ge’s ear, there was a thrilling feeling. As soon as his eyes turned, Helian had gone to the front to chat with his colleague Zhang Lili.

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Many people have seen that UEFA is unwilling and depressed.

They really want Real Madrid to beat Lazio.
If Lazio is a little bit hacked in this game, UEFA will not be polite.
However, Lazio played a very good tactic in that game to suppress the performance of Real Madrid players, and it was natural to win in the end.
This performance makes UEFA unable to find an excuse even if it wants to black Lazio.
I can praise Lazio’s performance with a bitter face. After all, this is a game that Europe pays attention to. If UEFA doesn’t say anything after this game, it will be abnormal, which will give more evidence to those who come to black UEFA to deliberately target Lazio.
So they hold their noses and do things that make them unhappy.
Against Dortmund, UEFA is hopeless now.
Lazio is a crazy team. Playing a strong team is like beating chicken blood, but playing a weak team is fluctuating. If you don’t know what death group to assign them to, you will be assigned to the weakest group. Maybe Lazio’s qualifying process can be tortuous …
Before the game against Lazio, Dortmund coach Lannick took the lead in psychological warfare.
Although it is an away game, there is nothing to be afraid of at Lazio’s home. It is just an ordinary game.
If this is a constant victory in the first two seasons, it is estimated that this level of psychological warfare will be dismissed.
But this time, he responded, Yes, this is just an ordinary Champions League game. It doesn’t mean anything. Even if you want to fire us and Dortmund, there is nothing to fire us. We don’t play them many times because most of the time we are in the Champions League.
At the beginning, everyone was always winning. It was normal to talk and it was no different from nonsense. But when listening to the last sentence, everyone realized that it was still black Dortmund!
Doesn’t that mean that Dortmund’s poor performance in the past can’t guarantee to participate in the Champions League every year, so Lazio has little chance to play against Dortmund?
Indeed as expected, winning this sentence made Dortmund media angry enough.
How can Dortmund be so miserable as Chang Sheng said?
In the past ten years, Dortmund has also participated in the Champions League for six seasons, and once reached the semifinals. However, Dortmund’s performance has slipped in recent seasons, and it has not reached the Champions League for three consecutive seasons, which is why they were assigned to the thirdclass team.
When Dortmund participated in the Champions League, most of them were coached by klopp, which was the golden age of Dortmund.
Later, with the departure of the players, the team fell apart, and klopp was no longer able to choose to leave Dortmund and fell into a trough for a while.
Well, this time they reached the Champions League again, which made Dortmund fans look forward to the future of the team. They hoped that this would be another brilliant start for Dortmund.
A winning remark is to sprinkle salt on Dortmund’s wound.
People hate digging up old scores.
The media were angry enough, but Dortmund coach Lannick said nothing.
It’s not his forte to slobber. He’s thinking about boosting his team’s morale. After all, it’s an away game and an oldfashioned strong team. Lazio just beat Real Madrid 2 away.
However, he found that he was far from winning the war of words.
It’s better to spend all your time doing what you are good at with peace of mind.
So he shut up.
Changsheng is too lazy to chase down Lannick. He is not the kind of person who is good at spitting. Even if he wins by a big score, he will have no sense of accomplishment. He will never feel the pleasure of completely abusing a powerful opponent.
Dortmund’s home game against Nottingham Forest in the first round of the group stage ended in a draw with Nottingham Forest, which is considered a minor upset.
Dortmund would have died if Lazio had not easily defeated Real Madrid 2 away at the same time.
The defensive counterattack in Nottingham Forest made Dortmund feel uncomfortable.
In the face of the failure of the fourthgrade team to win Dortmund, they are under even greater pressure to qualify.
So Dortmund must win this game.
That’s why Lannick wants to cheer the team up by fighting with the winning team before the game.
But the effect doesn’t seem to be very good
After the game started, Lazio launched a fierce attack on Dortmund’s goal at home.
This is Lazio’s home court, but Lazio won’t play any defensive counterattacks or shrink back.
桑拿论坛No matter what opponents you face.
Lazio is so confident.
Dortmund didn’t expect Lazio to maintain such offensive strength from the beginning of the game, which made them feel a little at a loss.

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"I don’t know if he’s home now. Have you seen three little babies?"

In my heart, I began to miss Lu Qing and miss three babies, but she felt very sad that she couldn’t go back, but she didn’t choose. If she didn’t seize the opportunity, there would be no such good opportunity.
"Lu Qing, will you blame me for not focusing on my life and putting my children at home?"
Quietly entering Qin Miaomiao’s office, Lu Qing heard her talking to herself, and the whole person was like being struck by a lightning strike. He wanted to know how many times she would miss when she was not there, so he held his breath and stopped:
Chapter 1 This problem is very difficult.
"On the surface, he doesn’t care about my dedication to work, but I know that his heart will definitely complain that I came home late and complained that I didn’t put my mind on my children.
Qin Miao Miao said that the mood became very depressed, and it was much more difficult to manage a team than expected. Many times, I was tired, but more tired.
The woman against the wall looks distressing. Liu Qing finally couldn’t help but walk quickly and hugged her from behind her. "Simon Simon is tired, just take a rest by me. Don’t be too brave."
"Husband, that’s very kind of you."
Qin Miao Miao couldn’t help hugging Lu Qing melodramatic.
The sudden familiar embrace made Qin Miaomiao feel comforted. Hearing the sound of Lu Qingyin made her tired heart land.
"There you are."
Qin Miao Miao turned to see Lu Qing before she appeared. She couldn’t help but embrace him warmly. A hanging heart finally had a place to rely on her dissatisfaction and discomfort.
"Why didn’t you say so?"
"I want to give you a surprise."
Said landing qing tightly around Qin Miaomiao waist can’t help but fall a kiss on her cheek.
Satisfied to accept the love from men Qin Miaomiao was satisfied at this moment in her heart. She hugged Lu Qing’s neck and became serious. "I went home directly to see three little babies."
"I was going to go back directly, but then something delayed and I thought I’d come to see if you were busy."
"Lu Qing, do you think I’m not a competent mother?"
Narrowing her eyes, Lu Qing saw Qin Miaomiao’s face hurt and lovingly scratched her high nose. "Why are you so childish when you are a mother? I didn’t say that you are the bravest and best mother in the world. How can I think you are incompetent?"
"But, but I came home late and didn’t stay at home with the children."
Lu Qing heard her answer and suddenly smiled, "Did you bring three children?"
In the face of Lu Qing poking fun at Qin Miaomiao, her mood became much easier. She knew that she was thinking too much, but she couldn’t help thinking about caring about people and many things.
"By the way, grandpa, you have to put in a good word for me. I don’t think he’s angry. I don’t even know how to be a grandfather to forgive me."
Lu Qing held Qin Miao Miao and put Ba on her shoulder and spoke lightly. "Grandpa’s old man is also called Zhen. He is just a hard time waiting for him to get over it."
约茶"It seems that it can be like this."
Qin Miao Miao has always had a knot in my heart, but Lu Qing’s words still played a role in grandpa’s affairs, and now he is halfway to kill a land punishment and his girlfriend. She can’t help but worry about it, so she asked about a land punishment.
"It’s okay. Even if there is another land punishment, I’m not worried. Even if he is really a moth, he won’t leave him a company opportunity. You know that he has done everything to make Grandpa change his mind."
"But blood is the law, and you are not happy to deny that he is your half-brother. Grandpa must have started to accept land punishment because of this.":
Chapter 11
"You have to remember that whether it’s punishment or his girlfriend looking for you, you just ignore it.
"Of course I know that even if they talk to me, I won’t say anything more if I say it politely." Said Qin Miaomiao, leaning against Lu Qing’s shoulder and unable to relax.
"General Qin arrived at the meeting."
Knocking at the door of the assistant alarmed Lu Qing and Qin Miaomiao. She looked at Lu Qing and said, "Otherwise, you should go home first and go back when I’m finished."
"How long will it take you? I’m waiting for you to go back together."
Qin Miao Miao took a mobile phone and looked at it. "It takes about forty minutes."
"It’s not very long. I’ll wait for you."
It’s rare for Lu Qing to get a nap on Qin Miaomiao’s office sofa. Later, I don’t know how tired I was and I dozed off unconsciously.
Mo Wenwan learned that Lu Qingwu had been to the company and rushed to Li Li’s office to ask about the situation. I didn’t expect to ask for a smell of wine just after I went in. Seeing Li Li drinking with a glass looked very lonely.
"Shirley always how do you drink in the office"
Looking back, Mo Wen wan Li raised his glass and said, "Would you like a drink?"
"No, I have to drive later, so I won’t drink."
Mo Wenwan looked at Li Li and began to guess. The only thought was that Lu Qing came to settle accounts with Li Li, so she didn’t know which account, so she still asked.
"I heard that Liu Qing came to see you this afternoon."
"You are well informed. He did come to see me, but it was not a business matter but a private matter."
LiLi said, gulping down with a glass, but his heart was a little more. His plan was to punch him by Lu Qing, and then he really wanted to practice often, such as fighting, and try to get the other side injured.
Mo Wenwan came closer to see the bruises on Li’s face. She stared at the shape of the bruises in surprise and couldn’t help but ask, "Did you do it?"
"Men don’t just talk like women, but men do it if they don’t agree with each other, don’t you know?" Shirley explained to her so-called instead of hiding the secret.
"It seems that security will be strengthened in the future and people can’t be allowed in casually."
Mo Wen-wan’s eyes suddenly became cautious. When she saw Li Li’s face injury, she lost the idea of joking. Instead, she thought it was dereliction of duty. If there were security guards or others who could pull them away at that time, it would be good if two big men fought in the office and said it was shameful.
"What did Lu Qing come to see you for?"
"Don’t ask this fellow about me and his private affairs."
Although folded away from the mouth, Mo Wenwan knows better than anyone. Even a stupid person can think of Qin Miaomiao’s strange scandal and return the car with him. Lu Qing was cuckolded on time.
It’s normal for anyone to stand it, so it’s normal for Lu Qing to come, but nothing good will happen to him before he leaves, which will only aggravate mutual resentment

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Tang Yuan dialed Zhizhi Hu from the sofa and touched his mobile phone.

After ringing for a long time, the other end hung up Hu, and Tang Yuan made another call. He just got through, and the other side has been connected.
Is Tang Yuan interesting? I’m not your flag artist anymore. Why are you calling me in the middle of the night? Before Tang Yuan could speak, Zhizhi had said a lot of words.
Leng Leng in the late Qing Dynasty didn’t expect the usual indifference to Zhizhi to be so tough.
Chapter one hundred and sixtyfour, the combination of husband and wife
What’s the hurry, baby, you don’t want to know who I’m with? Tang Yuan sounds very magnetic and provocative, which makes it more frivolous and amorous.
I’m not interested in your girlfriends, so don’t talk to me about some messy private lives. I feel sick. Zhizhi said coldly, because the excitement line has also risen a lot, the echo from the other end of Hu is even sharper.
Take it easy, baby. You really don’t want to know who’s with me?
Who said Zhizhi alert.
Tang Yuan raised his eyebrows and looked at the late Qing Dynasty with a crooked head and a mobile phone.
In the late Qing dynasty, I sighed and asked for help. It was really unpleasant.
In the late Qing Dynasty, I just wanted to bend over and say a few words, but I was caught by Gu Cheng. I was puzzled to see Gu Cheng in the late Qing Dynasty, but I saw his face staring at Tang Yuan. I tried to pull it back in the late Qing Dynasty, but I couldn’t help but think about it.
Let go said in a low voice in the late Qing Dynasty, Gu Cheng didn’t help but also helped her.
Attend to city obscure saw Tang Yuan one eye and then let go of the late Qing Dynasty.
Talk, don’t say I hung up. Zhizhi saw that Tang Yuan didn’t talk for a long time, and his temper came, and he felt impatient when he spoke.
It’s me shouted a sentence to Hu in the late Qing Dynasty.
After a long silence, Zhizhi took a deep breath and bathed in the late Qing Dynasty
It’s me
Zhizhi yelled at Hu, Turtle Sun Shang Yuan, you even dare to touch a woman from Gu Cheng. Believe it or not, Gu Cheng stamped you to feed the fish. Zhizhi was so angry that he even trembled when he spoke.
Did the baby give birth to qi? Tang Yuan laughed arrogantly, but it didn’t take long for the painting style to suddenly turn to the cold and said, I told you that no one can betray me. Tang Yuan can still take good care of Zhizhi. What do you think of your connection?
Zhizhi obviously wasn’t frightened. She snorted coldly. I’ve known you for seven years, but I don’t know what your temper is. We can get together and disperse the liquidated damages. You can also accept it and pester it again.
She paused and continued, In the late qing Dynasty, you’d better provoke Gu Cheng to give birth to Qi less, but it’s scary.
Tang Yuan pinched Ba Taohua’s eyes and looked at the late Qing Dynasty Really? Then I’d like to see it.
Then help yourself.
Just then, Gu Cheng opened his mouth and said Zhizhi toward Hu.
Zhizhi Leng Leng asked uncertainly Attend to the city
It’s me
Zhizhi is obviously startled, and I don’t know which one is going too far now, so she just heard the words from Gu Cheng.
What are you doing?
Gu Cheng said in a low voice, I’m going to ask manager Tang to do me a favor, but he doesn’t seem to like you and I are hesitant.
Then why did he call me? Zhizhi asked.
Attend to city staring at the screen slowly said take that thing out
Zhizhi’s voice suddenly became sharp. You are crazy. How can you take that thing out?
Zhizhi continued in a hurry. Maybe I can help you with something.
Gu Cheng smiled coldly and said word by word, That thing is meaningless now. Believe me, it is worthless to us. Tang always likes it.
I don’t know what that thing Gu Cheng and Zhi Zhi said in the late Qing Dynasty. She knows that this thing Tang Yuan is very important, and it is also very important for Zhi Zhi. But it is obvious that Gu Cheng once had a lot of value, but now it seems that I don’t know whether it is because of chicken ribs or to help her. The late Qing Dynasty is always in a strange mood.
Opposite Shang Yuan looked at Gu Cheng with wide eyes. Gu always really understands that my intention is this apology?
Shang Yuan paused and continued, Still want
Attend to city’s face is still so dull. It seems that Tang Yuan’s personality has long been known. Tang Yuan is used to making public in the entertainment circle. No one is allowed to leave his face. Now his company’s sister Zhizhi was taken away by Attending to city. He will take it back if he talks about it.
In the eyes of the late Qing Dynasty, it seems that Tang Yuan is a bit forced. Gu Cheng has put himself in a position, and Tang Yuan is still clinging to it. He has just risen and his goodwill has also dropped.
Huà, Zhizhi fed Gu Cheng a few times and looked at Tang Yuan a few times. Where are you?
I watch the sea road, Zhizhi said.
Attend to city corners of the mouth a hook your apartment just can you come over now with that thing
Zhizhi was silent and seemed to hesitate to promise to attend to the city. After half a ring, Zhizhi said, Then I will believe you once. Don’t cheat me.
Tang Yuan doesn’t know what Zhi Zhi’s hand is. Looking at Gu Cheng and Zhi Zhi’s serious attitude, Tang Yuan feels that it is very important to himself. Let’s take a look at the mentality.
He is lazy and looks cold after leaning back in the armchair, but there is a hidden amorous feelings in the corner of his eyebrows. Do you want a drink?
no need
Tang Yuan raised his eyebrows. Waiting for someone is the most tiring time. If you don’t drink, it will be difficult at this time.
Gu Cheng looked at his watch and grabbed the wrist in the late Qing Dynasty and sneered, It takes ten minutes from Guanhai Road to get here without traffic jams, and don’t you think it’s time for Tang to tell the reporters to come over?
What’s the hurry? Tang Yuan slowly got up and made a detour, but the lip corner smile behind Gu Cheng became sharper and sharper. I have to see if the value of that thing is worth it, so I can risk offending Lao Zheng to get it.
In the late Qing Dynasty, Zhang Er, a monk, was puzzled. Gu Cheng and Zhi Zhi posed a problem, but in the late Qing Dynasty, I didn’t know what was going on with Gu Cheng and Tang Yuan’s grievances. It didn’t look like it started from Zhi Zhi.
You don’t seem to be at odds with Zhizhi. Some things were asked in the heart of the late Qing Dynasty. If you don’t ask at this time, you will never tell what she knows when the iron is hot. How can the late Qing Dynasty not seize this opportunity, hui?
桑拿论坛Sure enough, with a slight quiver, Tang Yuan turned to look at the dark eyes and a wisp of broken hair hanging from his forehead in the late Qing Dynasty. He slowly sat back to the opposite side of the late Qing Dynasty with a sarcastic face. It seems that Gu Cheng didn’t tell you about me and him.
Gu Cheng and I don’t talk about things, even husband and wife don’t have to know each other’s stories. After all, it’s good to keep some mystery, said calmly in the late Qing Dynasty
Well said Shang Yuan couldn’t help applauding, but a clear cooling of the fundus couldn’t hide it.
In the late Qing Dynasty, I realized that she had been changed by Tang Yuan, and now I won’t talk to you if I ask someone again.
Gu Cheng took a nap on the sofa with his hands on his chest, but Tang Yuan came to the fun. He took the late Qing Dynasty to ask questions about the east and the west to eat and drink. Lazarus didn’t fall. He felt that Tang Yuan was a superlarge peach blossom and provoked everyone in the late Qing Dynasty. For this kind of person, the late Qing Dynasty always stayed at a respectful distance from others, but now there is no way to rely on others to handle affairs. In the late Qing Dynasty, he can also perfunctory a few words. When he encounters embarrassing problems, he will avoid talking and stare at Tang Yuan when he is miserable.
Kicking and stepping outside the door and reprimanding the bodyguard sound as cold and cold as the image of Zhizhi people.
Shang Yuan plate face toward the door shouted let her in
The words sound just fell and a beautiful figure came outside. A red dress was bright as fire, and her delicate face was full of cold and frost. Her red lips were painted with flames, which neutralized the cold feeling, but she felt more attractive. She swept away the waves, curled her long hair and stared at Tang Yuan condescendingly for half a ring. Then she threw the brown paper bag of cutting at Tang Yuan’s feet.
Soup is always your thing. Zhizhi disdainfully raised Ba’s beautiful face with complicated feelings and stared at the brown paper bag for half a ring before moving away.
Attend to city has opened his eyes and looked at Zhizhi.
Thank you, said Gu Cheng.
Zhizhi rolled her eyes and buttoned Chlo? dan’s nails. I’ve done my job well. Can I go first?
Don’t go all the way with us asked Gu Cheng. He had something to ask Zhi Zhi Nai. She was so elusive that Gu Cheng also had some nai.
I have a reception. What can I do for you? I’ll go to the general manager’s office and chat again.
I went abroad with the late Qing Dynasty Gu Cheng looked at the late Qing Dynasty to get up and pick up the cowhide bag and tugged at her face.
Cheese cheese expression one leng that cold as frost expression finally some loose without trace saw eye Shang Yuan bit his lip and said honeymoon trip.

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Mo Chengkun raised his hand slightly when he saw it, but gasped at the pain caused by pulling the wound.

ChuYan slightly surprised busy holding his hand and put "don’t move and lie down"
Mo Chengkun smiled and looked pale. Chu Yan saw his eyebrows wrinkly.
品茶  title=He smiled gently. "Xiaoyan, don’t cry, it won’t look good."
ChuYan smell speech nose is more acid a madam, "how can you be so stupid"
Mo Chengkun couldn’t help saying, "If I don’t do that, it will be you lying here at the moment." In that case, he would rather be injured by himself than Chu Yan.
ChuYan listen to my heart more sour.
Just then the doctor came.
ChuYan busy wiped her tears. "Doctor, please help me to see what happened to his smile."
"Good young lady, please don’t worry. We’ll have a good check-up with Mr. Mo." The doctor said, "Look at Mo Chengkun carefully before you go.
After a while, I remembered something in the medical record and immediately turned to Chu Yan. "Miss Mo is not worried that Mr. Mo’s condition is stable, and now he needs to rest and write for a long time to recover."
Chu Yan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief "Thank you, doctor."
"You’re welcome"
When the doctors and nurses went out, Mo Chengkun laughed. "You see, I said nothing, just a little injury."
ChuYan a listen to can’t help but stared his one eye, "still hurt all move the knife"
Mo Chengkun’s face smiled slightly and immediately looked at Chuyan’s eyes surging slightly. "Xiaoyan, is this your heart now?"
ChuYan smell speech is not a slight stay.
Then some don’t spin too much, but they can feel Mo Chengkun’s burning eyes staring at themselves.
Chu Yan could hear her heart thumping. She raised her hand and slapped her ears and hung her head slightly. "You are like this, and it’s my heart. Shouldn’t you?"
Mochengkun smell speech but still mixed with hope at ChuYan "Xiaoyan, don’t you worry about me other than that?"
ChuYan lived slightly, then took a deep breath and looked up at him. Zhan Yan smiled. "Dare you ask what you mean?"
The eyes of the two men are not calm in their hearts, but their faces are not moving.
In the end, Mo Chengkun was defeated first. He seemed as if the whole person was paralyzed and put aside his head slightly. "I think too much." Hehe smiled. "You don’t care too much."
ChuYan paused and then a grace.
Just then Xiao Zhang came back with breakfast in his hand.
Mo Chengkun couldn’t get used to hospital food, so Xiao Zhang simply went outside to buy something from Shaxian snack near Shaxian.
I didn’t find the strange atmosphere between them. Xiao Zhang smiled and said, "Come on, Miss Chu, don’t always eat something."
Xiao Zhang thus broke the embarrassing atmosphere. Chu Yan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. If she went to the stalemate with Mo Chengkun again, she didn’t know what to do.
She looked at Xiao Zhang and nodded and smiled. "Please, Xiao Zhang."
Xiao Zhang was surprised to say "Easy, Miss Chu, you’re welcome" and then went over to help Mo Chengkun lie down a little sideways because of his injury.
Xiao Zhang fed him and drank a little preserved egg lean porridge. Mo Chengkun disliked, "What is this thing that smells so strange?"
Chuyan smell speech is not snow a hurriedly and is the face.
Xiao Zhang was embarrassed. "I’m sorry, Mr. Mo. I didn’t know you didn’t eat this." He still thought that Mo Chengkun could make up for it after eating it.
Mo Chengkun’s face is dark, too. It’s no wonder that Mo Chengkun’s mouth is picky about preserved eggs and lean porridge.
ChuYan glanced at his didn’t drink rice congee asked "you drink my rice congee".
Because of what happened just now, Mo always looked at Mo Chengkun’s smell speech, and then, uh-huh, a small piece of paper was relieved and grateful. He glanced at Chu Yan Chu Yan and winked at him to indicate that it was all right.
After dinner, Mo Chengkun felt a little uncomfortable. Xiao Zhang was busy calling the doctor.
Chu Yan looked after him inside, and Mo Chengkun suddenly took her hand and asked Chu Yan, "Was I ugly just now?"
What do you mean ChuYan slightly one leng looked down at MoChengKun see him some awkward sample turned away.
I suddenly felt happy in my heart. The famous Mo Chengkun was also very interested in his appearance.

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Zhang Tianyang’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled. Obviously, he also thought of this possibility. You know, there is not one magic weapon unearthed before the Millennium War, and there are many magic weapons with very good quality. If according to Dong Yinzhuo, these powerful people are fighting for it by their own sects, I’m afraid his sects can’t even drink soup!

See Zhang Tianyang expression Dong Yinzhuo know this fix true world youngest patriarch tempted light say with smile ? Should Brother Tianyang consider our alliance?
Zhang Tianyang was silent, shook his head and said flatly, Dong Xiong’s mind is very good. I don’t want everything for the time being until the magic weapon is unearthed!
Dong Yinzhuo’s face changed. He didn’t expect Zhang Tianyang to refuse the original plan. Suddenly, he suppressed his stomach and couldn’t help growing up. His mouth looked at him and left the Woods.
Zhang Tianyang quickly walked out of the Woods, and there was no trace of stones and others near Wolong Mountain. The figure suddenly disappeared at the foot of Wolong Mountain.
For Dong Yinzhuo, it can be said that he is still a little tempted. Zi Xuandi’s selfcultivation started late, and he still belongs to the weak. If he can unite with the Red Heaven Sect, he will certainly gain a lot this time!
It is Zhang Tianyang’s heart that he is always uneasy about the Red Heaven Sect. To put it bluntly, he is a magic Sect. Once the two factions unite, it will have an impact on Zixuan. In addition, he is still worried that the Red Heaven Sect will take this opportunity to blackmail Zixuan. After all, now Zixuan is also a good fat, and many sects are eyeing it.
After much consideration, Zhang Tianyang flatly rejected the request of the two. Even for the immortal, he has a fighting power and will collude with others!
The figure flashed continuously and blink of an eye and became famous. Wolong Mountain, the entrance to the valley, couldn’t find all the people. The show was that Zhang Tianyang didn’t hesitate to teleport here.
Brother … eldest brother … When they saw Zhang Tianyang’s figure appear in the valley, they couldn’t help but greet each other with great joy.
Zhang Tianyang smiled and greeted several people, but his eyes kept looking at the blushing Yiyi.
Xian son, come here! See the xian son yiyi behind Zhang Tianyang recruit waved.
Xianer hesitated to go to him only to see Zhang Tianyang’s face suddenly serious and heavy and said, Do you still miss the official inquiry?
Xianer shook her head gently, and the white tiger tooth bit her lips in a very low voice and said, I miss my brother!
When this statement came out, everyone was puzzled. How did this girl say that transsexuality changed?
Zhang Tianyang was also slightly stunned and immediately laughed. Congratulations, you finally broke through evil influence and entered the Du Jie period!
The xian son one leng and then nodded with a smile, two words let stone and others are puzzling have strange eyes looked at the xian son!

Chapter [122] Eve of Indiana
See all a confused sample Zhang Tianyang laughed. This is Xian Er’s doom. She has been practicing with her father since she was a child, and she has never experienced the training of men and women. She has always been fit for hundreds of years! And the official inquiry just appeared at this time, adding my reasons, so Xianer will transfer her affection to the official inquiry body! Now I finally see through haha!
The xian son was blushing and embarrassed, so that everyone could see it. Wu Man’s face was clear and smiling, and his eyes looked at Zhang Tianyang’s xian son.
See a few people still not white Zhang Tianyang shook his head and turned to yiyi without explanation.
Wu Man, on the other hand, secretly envied the boss for being so ordinary that he had to be envied for being so popular with women!
See Zhang Tianyang no longer speak a few people to hide their doubts and file into the wooden house, leaving him and Yiyi a chance to get along alone.
Dead fat did you guess what? Tell us quickly! Just walked into the cabin Hong Jiao grabbed Wu Man’s ear and low drink a way.
Wu Man looked at Lei Yu with a wry smile and said in a low voice, It’s easy to misunderstand whether Lao Lei can manage your wife!
Lei Yu shrugged and said, You tell me what the charade is between Xianer and the boss, and she will let go!
In addition to the stone, everyone else is looking forward to looking at Wu Man, while Xian Er is blushing and bowed his head and said nothing.
Wu Man grinned and looked at Xian Er with a strange smile. I didn’t expect our little Xian Er to like the boss. Haha, everyone was cheated by you!
The xian son Qiao face is going to be buried in the towering chest, blushing and hiding behind Hong Jiao.
Speaking of which, several of him are also white. Zhang Tianyang’s words just now also wonder in their hearts how the boss’s popularity is so strong.
Xie Bo was full of vinegar and said, I really can’t figure out how Xianer likes the boss. Is it because of Yiyi that you will think of empathizing with the official?
The xian son still bowed their heads and said nothing and shook his head gently. Obviously, her heart still has some affection for the officer’s love!
When they saw this appearance, they stopped poking fun at the topic and talked about the various factions who came to compete for the magic weapon.
Did you miss me? Looking at Yiyi’s delicate appearance, Zhang Tianyang suddenly said softly, I miss you so much!
Yiyi was shy and couldn’t help wondering why he was so glib. Before he spoke, he was surprised and secretly pleased and nodded his head.
When Zhang Tianyang saw it, he pulled it into his arms and muttered, Shall we get married after this treasure grab?
Yiyi was really shocked. She opened her mouth wide and looked at the front with disbelief. She stammered and asked, What did you say?
We will get married after this treasure!
Than sure sound came from behind her, a bipolar firm hand clasped her soft body and bit her tongue, and tears of joy suddenly welled up in her eyes!
Waiting for hundreds of years to silently support him is this sentence! Yiyi gently broke away from Zhang Tianyang’s arms and shot all kinds of tenderness in her eyes, and suddenly she burst into tears!
No one can understand her mood at the moment. Yiyi, a childhood playmate, likes this unremarkable brother, likes his body, tastes and everything!
There is no reason why this kind of love can only be white when you are there!
Zhang Tianyang looked at Yiyi with joy and excitement and decided to treat her well!
For those who practice the truth in a hundred years, half a year is a blink of an eye. In the past six months, stone and others have been working hard all day, especially at the peak, trying to make themselves practice a higher level before catching up, so they can grab a magic weapon with more strength!
Xian’ er just entered the early stage of robbery and went fishing and walking with Zhang Tianyang and Yiyi every day to polish her mood!
按摩And Xiaoyao has also led Zixuan to send his brother here because the valley is too small to be stationed at the entrance!
Now that the temperament of Xiaoyao has changed greatly and entered the middle period of distraction, his sense of majesty is getting heavier and heavier, which makes Zhang Tianyang constantly praise him for changing Zhang Tianyang. He is really happy that he wants to fly sooner or later. It is best if Xiaoyao can inherit Zi Xuan after flying!
With the smooth condensation of the peak, the distance from the emergence of the magic weapon is getting closer and closer, and everyone has adjusted their state to the best, looking forward to being able to grab more magic weapons from Zixuan.
Tianyang has just received a notice from the Shushan Sect that the Xiuzhen Alliance has called the heads of all factions to Wolong Mountain to discuss the issue of the unearthed magic weapon! When I learned that Zhang Tianyang was going to get married, Xiaoyao couldn’t help smiling. He really loved this Younger!
Zhang Tianyang nodded slightly and smiled gently. It seems that the Shushan Sect has figured out the specific location of the magic weapon unearthed! So carefree, you and I will go to the stone together, and you will lead your brother to station in the valley until I come back!
Stone and others all nodded and said that Bai Xiaoyao’s face is grateful now. Since this teacher younger brother accepted Purple Xuan, he has hardly managed anything. It can be said that Purple Xuan can now fix the true boundary firmly and make achievements. The more carefree he is, the more uneasy he is. Lord Gao Zhen has not heard of it. Now he is afraid of being accidentally destroyed by this seemingly ordinary but extremely powerful teacher younger brother!
Now seeing Zhang Tianyang say so clearly is to treat himself as a confidant, and I am secretly relieved and grateful to him at the same time!
Seeing Xiaoyao like this, Zhang Tianyang smiled lightly and said, Brother Xiaoyao doesn’t have to mind that Tianyang is not as vicious as you think!
Free and unfettered face a red heart knew that he could not help but smile and stop talking.
Looking at this time, Zhang Tianyang, the 30 elite Zixuan Sect who accompanied Xiaoyao, suddenly shouted, You are all my pillars of Zixuan’s future. It is very dangerous to seize the treasure this time. I hope you can all come back to Zixuan with me safely!

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"Don’t!" Tong Tong shook his head and resolutely refused to go back.

Hector even Yin nai sigh.
Tehran is also a face of stagnation, and the expression on the edge of the road is callous. She should break Tong Tong’s hand and walk by herself, but she has a strange familiarity with this child, especially when she looks at Tong Tong’s eyes that resemble her own. If she is also ruthless, she will push Tong Tong away.
"Miss Xiao or …" He Lianyin looked up at her for help.
Xiao Yin has never been the kind of character to draw out a sword to help each other. I wonder if she will stay with Tong Tong this time?
Tong Tong saw Dad shaking his navy arm with beautiful eyes. "Sister Lan, you can go to dinner with us. I don’t want to be alone with Dad. He cheated …"
Tehran, thoughtfully for a moment sip lip "ok"
He Lianyin amorous feelings smiled and she opened the door.
Tehran, drilled into it.
He shook all four windows in the driver’s seat. Hailan asked him in surprise, "Why did you shake all the windows?"
This car makes Tehran feel strange and familiar, but I can’t say where it is familiar.
"Don’t you know how to take a bus?" He Lianyin asked her grinning.
Hailan Zheng’s face turned cold. "How do you know I won’t take a bus?"
He Lianyin realized that he had put my foot in my mouth and smiled calmly. "You don’t look very good since the car, and you’ve been clutching your stomach. I guess you won’t take the bus."
Tehran, said nothing.
He Lianyun looked at her eyes in the rearview mirror. "You won’t take a bus or have a bad stomach?"
Tong Tong’s eyes turned and looked at the two people chatting, and their hearts were happy. Mom and Dad got along well and harmoniously.
桑拿网"Bad stomach" Tehran, light answer vaguely alert expression.
He Lianyin looked at everything and didn’t ask her questions. He smiled lazily and drove carefully.
It’s Tong Tong’s turn.
Tong Tong said innocently and lively, "Sister Lan’s father said many times to take me to the zoo, but he didn’t take me every time. Please make dad promise to take me to the zoo this Sunday."
Tong Tong is not so naive at ordinary times. He doesn’t want to go to the zoo and amusement park. Hum, it’s not just that Mom and Dad are thinking about their future happiness.
Tehran, smile very thin look at the drive HeLianYin don’t know what to say.
She’s not Tong Tong’s mother or teacher. What qualifications does she have to ask Mr. Hector even? Based on a few faces? If so, isn’t that too nosy?
He Lianyin could not speak, and he concentrated on driving and the atmosphere was silent.
"Sister Blue?" HeLianTong called her again "blue elder sister, what’s the matter with you? Think about what? "
Tehran, blunt HeLianYin beautiful head half-jokingly said "Mr. Hector even you hear? If you don’t take Tong Tong to the zoo this Sunday, you won’t believe it. "
"White" He Lianyin provoked the eyebrow eye wave to flow Gherardini.
Section 24
Tehran is zheng "that I hope you can keep your word"
"Of course"
Smell speech Tehran, turned to tong tong said "do you hear? Dad promised you. "
"Really!" Tong Tong excitedly shouted "Thank you, Dad"
"You’re welcome," He Lianyin said.
"Sister blue, why don’t you come with us then? I invite you to see animals? " I’ve dated one thing before, so that mom can’t run away completely. Yeah, that’s a good idea!
"No, I have something to do that day." Tehran postponed with a smile.
Tong tong immediately with a straight face "blue elder sister, why are you so? Didn’t you say we were good friends? It’s rare that I can go to the zoo once and you refuse my invitation? "
Sea blue back stiffness
He Lianyin’s rescue smiled and said, "Miss Xiao Tong Tong said something about children. I hope you don’t mind that he didn’t have children since he was a child. He is a little different and intelligent, but because he has no mother, he is somewhat lonely and lonely. He believes that you will be very kind to you. He treats you as a relative and doesn’t mean to be angry with you."
Tehran, after listening to his words, felt sorry for Tong Tong. It would be really lonely for such a lovely child to lose his mother at such a young age.
She smiled and said, "No, I can understand his feelings."
"thank you.
"Thank you for understanding." He was polite and distant.
"You’re welcome" navy read the number of people but found himself unpredictable. The man in front of him was sometimes cordial, sometimes alienated, sometimes indifferent and taciturn. I really couldn’t understand what he was thinking.
Outside milin restaurant
He Lianyin put Hai Lan and Tong Tong himself in the basement for parking.
Tehran, holding Tong Tong’s hand, smiled and said, "Mr. Hector even stopped. Let’s go to the restaurant first."
"Good" Tong Tong’s hand was led by Tehran, and he didn’t run or make trouble. He was very cultured and quiet. He followed Tehran closely and slowly bypassed the circular fountain red carpet and arrived at the main entrance hall.
Tehran has never been to such a high-end place. Although she is living well now, it is not a place where hundreds of thousands of meals will disappear. It may be that they can’t accept it in their bones. They start from the bottom and have an idea that it is not easy to make money. Even if they have hundreds of millions of homes, they are reluctant to eat such high-end restaurants.
In fact, hundreds of millions don’t have much money. For international cities like Hong Kong Island, the magic capital of Beijing, hundreds of thousands of restaurants can’t buy a nice villa. It’s too extravagant for her.
She and Tong Tong turned the round door and were stopped by a man in a black suit. "I’m sorry, Miss Restaurant stipulates that you can’t enter without formal clothes."
What they call formal dress is ceremony, so that people who go in and out of high-end restaurants have those ladies who dress up for two or three hours every day and go out for a cup of afternoon tea, and those big people who are negotiating international big projects … Hailan class is a worker, but she changed her class. Today, she wears a simple printed skirt, Chanel style, white skirt and totem blue skirt like waves. It’s not a problem to wear it at ordinary times, but it’s a bit like homely to enter high-end restaurants.
Although the child she brought looks like a rich young master, the clerk can’t tell whether it’s fake or not, and the style she wears is not necessarily the right one. In case she dresses like herself and lets her in, she must not be scolded to death by the manager.
What the member said.
Tehran, tighten your fingers.
He Liantong frowned, but he had never been stopped by such a dog-eyed man. He glanced at the famous brand on his chest and sneered, "Wang Yi hum, I remember you and asked your manager to speak."
One leng nostril named Wang Yi said, "I’m sorry our manager didn’t invite you back."
Another member also sneered, "Why do you also want to see our manager? Ah bah "
Tehran, the eyebrows tightly wrinkled.
At this time, a sexy and charming woman came out of the restaurant. She was dressed in a Chanel dress like navy, and she slowly crossed out of the restaurant with a poodle in her hand.