There must be uniform clothes when you get to the queue, but there are also many complaints from parents at present. It is impossible to customize the clothes for the sports meeting. Simply let the boys find white shirts and black pants, and the girls will wear the same color shirts and black skirts. This should be regarded as a musthave at home in this era, but it is too simple. Finally, let the monitor take the class and buy more than a dozen fake flowers and balloons.

After hearing some words from Shinohara these nights, I really don’t know how the team looks. I don’t know if she will arrange for herself … Quietly facing the night, Shinohara is also thinking about it, but she also knows how much about the family background of Shinohara. For the rich, they naturally have higher […]

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"I don’t know if he’s home now. Have you seen three little babies?"

In my heart, I began to miss Lu Qing and miss three babies, but she felt very sad that she couldn’t go back, but she didn’t choose. If she didn’t seize the opportunity, there would be no such good opportunity. "Lu Qing, will you blame me for not focusing on my life and putting my […]

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… is Liu Zheng hugged her tighter.

Su Wen bowed his head and reached out and stroked him. He blinked at the back of his waist and his big eyelashes drooped. I was embarrassed to say, I’m sorry that she took care of you after I saw your nose bleeding. Liu Zheng surprised to dial her body, but I didn’t expect Captain […]

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When Yu Tingchuan came back, she had curled up with the famous book and slept there.

I was awakened by the sound of the key on the glass coffee table, and the whole Song Dynasty was asleep. It was a man’s tall and generous figure. He was picking his left wrist watch in front of the bedside table. "Did I wake you?" Yutingchuan turned around. Song Qingcheng saw the thin blanket […]

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Sword spirit force nodded "couldn’t be better"

"Then I’ll go out and say a few words to you now." Qin Xiao’s eyes motioned for the sword spirit to stay put and wait for Jun Qian to come out, while he went back along the route to tell Jun crazy about them first and then ask something. It’s not difficult to sacrifice the […]

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She consciously protects "Mr. First"

"What is it?" "It’s nothing important." In a panic, Bei Yao ignored the flashing Bai Jingnian in his eyes and looked at her faintly, pulling out the document with one hand. Baguio, breathe tight! When Bai Jingnian saw this information, his eyes suddenly sank! "How did you get this!" Bei Yao closed her eyes and […]

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