At this time, wearing a fresh red buff, Olaf is like starting the mad dog mode. He directly cooperated with his own road combination and stuck to the other side. Even though he handed over the flash, he still failed to escape the wheel. The mother made a very accurate Q skill, and the revolving blade just triggered the flying blade to go back and forth at the limit distance. All the injuries were taken away in an instant. Obama!

And then after the two men took turns to top the tower and died alive, all their skills were hammered in D, and because of their big moves, Lulu just didn’t get the chance to drop the hammer in the face of Obama’s strong outbreak, and finally succeeded in escaping. However, when Zhang Hengyi didn’t […]

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"But why do you always wear white clothes? Now that your left hand is inconvenient and white is so easy to get dirty, aren’t you afraid of getting dirty and can’t wash it by hand? " She has been wearing white clothes since He Lianyin fell ill. Yu Ge doesn’t know why she dresses like this. What’s the meaning?

"The other day, I turned to an extracurricular class and won the bid for a training method. It says that people who learn Kung Fu pay attention to alertness and keenness. When objects approach, they must listen to six ways. When they look around, they find that wearing white clothes is just to exercise their […]

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Mo Chengkun raised his hand slightly when he saw it, but gasped at the pain caused by pulling the wound.

ChuYan slightly surprised busy holding his hand and put "don’t move and lie down" Mo Chengkun smiled and looked pale. Chu Yan saw his eyebrows wrinkly.

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"Since the predecessors said so," Huo Jiujian’s eyes turned round and round and looked at Dongshan bodhi old zu with a flattering smile.

Dongshan bodhi old zu’s face froze with laughter, thinking that what is to let me do this smelly head? Seeing the expression of the bodhi old zu in Dongshan has become accustomed to all kinds of expressions because he is crazy about managing the mortal world in Beijing. Huo Jiujian knew that it was difficult […]

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"At that time, I wanted you to see it at first sight, but what about me? I have to stay there all the time. Seriously, you are really going to watch me here all the time."

As soon as I finished talking about happiness, I jumped off the windowsill and looked at me with its cat’s eyes. It "meowed"-it seemed that I was already sleepy. I finally said to Yan Jiaxin, "Go to sleep. Happiness wants to sleep." Yan Jiaxin picked up happiness and said good night to me, and then […]

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Lu Wenbin also set a new Bundesliga single-season total goal record and locked in the European Golden Boot before the season.

The Bundesliga season is not over yet, and Lu Wenbin still has a chance to continue to be high. Four Bundesliga goals in the season, Lu Wenbin played 27 games, 47 goals in the next season, and Lu Wenbin played 2 games. Lu Wenbin’s goal efficiency is higher than last season. Four days later, Hoffenheim […]

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Bent down, she put out the cigarette in her hand and started to walk to the bedroom.

Han Cheng Li’s long arm stretched out and dragged people back and put them on the wall. Almost fire-breathing eyes looked at her and said, "What do you think? Why are you still involved with him when you’re out of the business? !” Xu Ran didn’t talk about a serious love, but she also hung […]

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Liu Bo has quickly sent the blogger’s mobile phone number to Gu Bei to quit Weibo and directly dialed the vinen number.

On hearing Gu Bei ask him to delete the Weibo vinen, he hesitated and said, "Er, this is not a good idea, is it? I’m a very professional street photographer. When I see beautiful and eye-catching photos, it’s natural to take them, and you guys are handsome and beautiful. What a pity to delete them. […]

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It is not difficult for the original owner of a cave to open up a stable and small place. There is not such an unexpected place in the whole cave. It is a bit special to place the building in it, and the core of the cave is also very mysterious. It is not a surprise to have an ingenious and small place.

Jun crazy step directly into the small. White light just dispersed green’ descended on you crazy nai pulled the corners of the mouth to catch her over her and looked around. A vast grassland, Taoist Qingyun and others are talking and laughing. When the "Lord" saw the madness of the monarch, he took the lead […]

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"Then why do you always look at him?"

"I’m just curious!" "curious about what?" "I wonder what he plays with his tablet every day." "Oh ~" I see … "I told you, how can your eyes be so bad! Going for a ride is not handsome at all. It’s a long distance between my father and Nan’s father! " Wu Meimei silently replied […]

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After eating, I finally received a call from Lin Shengwen.

Lin Shengwen said positively to me, "Just now, Lao Tang and I have said that Lao Tang agreed to meet you, but there is one requirement." "What requirements" "This matter can’t be known to the fourth person outside the three of us." I said, "Well, that’s no problem. How soon will he want to see […]

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Lin Shu smiles. "Of course I’m happy. You’ll be happy if I tell you."

"Then hurry up and say no to sell." "An Jinyao, I solemnly announce to you that you want to be a grandfather again." An jinyao’s eyes lit up. "Is there a thousand snows again?" Lin Shu-wan nodded, "Well, that’s right again." "It’s great to have a good wife. After we settle down, it’s really a […]

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Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban! What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments! Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go! Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, […]

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