"The dinner is about to start, and I’m going back to my place." Jiang Jinan followed Fu Qianfan’s eyes and looked over there. Many people have already sat there.

From the moment he came along with Fu Qianfan, his eyes never stopped, but just now, with Fu Qianfan, it still disrupted those people’s guess that it is impossible to cut off, but at least the scene of entanglement with Han Xiangjie just now has gradually faded out of the public’s eyes.
w w w
约茶It’s too much to talk about.
His position is not close to Fu Qianfan. It is not impossible to transfer one. It is not good for Fu Qianfan to be more conspicuous.
Fu Qianfan and his colleagues should not have any problems, and he will pay attention to whether Han Xiangjie or his malicious people dare not make a move.
"Are you sure you don’t have any problems?" Jiang Jinan rarely asked seriously, not sure if Fu Qianfan was scared by Han Xiangjie just now. If Fu Qianfan still has fear, there is nothing impossible for him to accompany her in the past.
Fu Qianfan didn’t see things so clearly like Jiang Jinan. It’s just that Han Xiangjie meant to make it difficult for her. I’m afraid it’s not easy to avoid it, but she’s not afraid to need someone to accompany her.
"What’s wrong with my colleagues?" Fu Qianfan said confidently that Jiang Jinan wanted to play with her again.
Jiang Jinan also agreed to nod his head, put away the joke and said seriously, "Well, if you encounter anything, just come and find me, and I’ll sit in the third row on your right."
Whether it is necessary or not, Jiang Jinan seems to mean well, and Fu Qianfan agrees to nod, "Okay, I know."
Just as he was about to leave, Fu Qianfan heard Jiang Jinan say, "Actually, I’m still a little worried about you. This sample is so hiring tonight. Don’t you find that many men are staring at you? Why don’t you come and sit with me?"
Fu Qian who turned his eyes with a warning to Jiang Jinan, she really shouldn’t have expected it.
"No, I’m fine alone." After that, Jiang Jinan left and never looked back, and it tickled her, didn’t it?
Jiang Jin’ an inadvertently left the pie mouth. He said that he was sincere. Why can’t anyone believe him when he tells the truth?
When I sat back in place, my colleagues around me leaned in to inquire about her and Jiang Jinan and that Han Xiangjie Fu Qianfan to explain to them over and over again.
However, Fu Qianfan believes that not many people either guess that she is having an affair with Han Xiangjie or guess that she is having an affair with Jiang Jinan. Some people really recognize Fu Qianfan’s association with Han Xiangjie and Jiang Jinan at the same time. The scene just now was a dog’s blood rival in love.
However, everyone is more inclined to Jiang Jinan. Some people still vent their acid water in piles. Because Jiang Jinan is really excellent, Fu Qianfan may not have found a field. Women actually secretly observe Jiang Jinan. Some of them have sent invitations to Jiang Jinan with great taboo, but Jiang Jinan just ignored them.
Fu Qian-fan doesn’t expect everyone to believe what she said, that the pure will clear themselves, and how others want to go with them. This kind of divination will one day be forgotten.
The party went well, even though many people looked at her with colored eyes, Fu Qianfan was not prepared to stick to it for a while.
I don’t know whether Jiang Jinan is too dazzling or whether she and Jiang Jinan are too suspicious. It is necessary for Fu Qianfan to find out for herself. She found Jiang Jinan very easily by following the eyes of others.
Some people seem to be afraid of blocking her eyes, and they deliberately move away. If they can’t move, they will leave a big gap for her sideways. It’s really hard for those who have a heart.
Jiang Jinan also looks into Fu Qianfan’s side from time to time, and sometimes winks at Fu Qianfan. Fu Qianfan always stares back at Jiang Jinan. It’s too much to talk about, isn’t it? Didn’t you notice that others are watching them?
Having Jiang Jinan here to disrupt the attention paid to Han Xiangjie has really reduced a lot. Han Xiangjie can’t be angry even if he is angry. Is it somebody else’s field? Even Jiang Jinan is enough to give him a headache, but Jiang Jinan is waiting for him ten years after your revenge.
Later, Fu Qianfan received Gao Zhiyuan’s message "How long will it take?" Didn’t she tell him that it would last until ten o’clock in the evening?
However, Fu Qianfan didn’t think that Gao Zhiyuan’s chat was quickly replied "around ten o’clock". There are still two hours from ten o’clock. Fu Qianfan thinks that these two hours are slower than two days. It’s only a few minutes after watching the mobile phone once. What does she think it’s been almost an hour?
Fu Qianfan also wants to leave early, but if she leaves now, it will definitely attract attention. She has been stared at by many people today.
After Gao Zhiyuan replied to that message, he didn’t send a message to Fu Qianfan, but instead, he was not well. Gao Zhiyuan didn’t have any news. Although Fu Qianfan wanted Gao Zhiyuan a little, he didn’t take the initiative to connect.
But now that Gao Zhiyuan has come to the information, Fu Qianfan can’t help it, even if he can’t leave early and chat with Gao Zhiyuan for a while, otherwise, he still doesn’t know how to get through those two hours.
Finally, at 9: 30, the prize was almost won, and there was no grand prize left. Fu Qianfan didn’t get anything, but it’s all right. If she was asked to go to Taiwan, she didn’t know if she had the courage.
It’s not too late after 9: 00, but some people live far away or have children to take care of at home, and they are all ready to leave. When they see this scene, Fu Qianfan seems to see hope, but she is not willing to give up one minute earlier.
Fu Qianfan doesn’t have anything to clean up, just keep her coat and bag tightly in her hand. When people wait for her, she will leave with them. No one should notice, right?
The timing is really good-many people really leave at the same time.
Walking, Fu Qianfan felt that someone was following behind her, not that she was too worried, and others were in a hurry, but this one behind her was not only in a hurry, but also finished according to her pace.
Fu Qianfan turned to look back and saw that it was Jiang Jinan. Although Fu Qianfan was a little annoyed, his heart was released.
Being discovered by Fu Qianfan, Jiang Jinan also strode forward to Fu Qianfan’s side. "I’ll send you back" doesn’t match Qian Fan’s opposition to Jiang Jinan, so he held Fu Qianfan in his arms and moved on.
It may be that Jiang Jinan’s expression is too serious at this time. Fu Qianfan doesn’t know what to stop and leaves with Jiang Jinan.
Jiang Jinan’s hand didn’t leave Fu Qianfan until he entered the ladder. The more he looked at Fu Qianfan, the more he couldn’t understand who Jiang Jinan really was. Sometimes it seemed like a cynic, but sometimes it gave people a trustworthy feeling.
What a coincidence
"Why are you staring at me all the time? Do you like me? You think I’m better than Gao Zhiyuan. Well, do you want to join me?" Jiang Jinan said with a little drama abuse.
Before, how could she think that Jiang Jinan was a gentle man? Jiang Jinan was very dark. She really shouldn’t think much about Jiang Jinan. It was not someone she tried to get to know.
Jiang Jinan’s words woke up. Fu Qianfan, one thing, Gao Zhiyuan will pick her up today. Although it may not have arrived yet, Jiang Jinan can be in big trouble if Gao Zhiyuan sees her next to her.
When I went out, Gao Zhiyuan arrived in Jiang Jinan. Now, if Gao Zhiyuan really saw Jiang Jinan, I don’t know what kind of reaction Gao Zhiyuan would have, but she can predict it now. It must be very bad.
Jiang Jinan is now in the same ladder with her. It should be impossible to separate. I hope Gao Zhiyuan hasn’t arrived yet and then let Jiang Jinan leave as soon as possible.
If you are out of the ladder, you don’t know how to speak. You can’t say too much to someone who has helped yourself.
Hesitated for half a day, Fu Qianfan didn’t pay attention to the situation in the lobby of the shop, and his mind was like letting Jiang Jinan leave first.
Jiang Jinan suddenly stopped and smiled at Fu Qianfan. Fu Qianfan Jiang Jinan was ill again and planned to ignore it. He heard Jiang Jinan say a sentence behind her, "Long time no see, Mr. Gao."
No matter whether this Mr. Gao and she know whether it is the same person or not, if the surname is Gao Fu Qianfan, there is no way not to look back
As soon as she turned around, Fu Qianfan knew that she was going to die. It was really that she knew Mr. Gao and was hit by Gao Zhiyuan. She no longer made excuses to let Jiang Jinan leave first.
Before Fu Qianfan explained that Gao Zhiyuan went to Fu Qianfan’s side and took Fu Qianfan in a possessive way, then looked at Jiang Jinan with his eyes straight.
When I sent a message to Fu Qianfan, Gao Zhiyuan had already arrived for a while, and Gao Zhiyuan couldn’t remember what time he left home. Anyway, after eating Fu Qianfan and preparing dinner for him, his family couldn’t sit still.
Gao Zhiyuan didn’t go to the hotel. He found a place to sit for a while before sending a message to Fu Qianfan. Gao Zhiyuan knew that he was early, but it was much better to wait in the hotel than to stay at home. Gao Zhiyuan thought so.
Fu Qianfan told him that it was about ten o’clock and nine o’clock. Gao Zhiyuan couldn’t sit still and kept staring at the direction of the ladder for fear of accidentally letting Fu Qianfan walk away from his eyelids.
When I saw Jiang Jinan coming out of the ladder with Fu Qianfan, Gao Zhiyuan had a feeling of falling from heaven. How did Jiang Jinan come to Fu Qianfan specially?
Although Jiang Jinan is not pleasing to the eye, Gao Zhiyuan never doubted that Fu Qianfan was unfaithful, and he would not recognize Fu Qianfan’s initiative to find Jiang Jinan. This should be an accident. What will Jiang Jinan do here? He will find out.
"Mr. Jiang also." Gao Zhiyuan replied that the tone was light, but Fu Qianfan was guilty. When he saw that his face was high and far away, Fu Qianfan wanted to explain it, but Gao Zhiyuan saw it and gave up.
"Yeah, coming to the annual meeting is just like Miss Fu." Jiang Jinan seems to be afraid that Gao Zhiyuan can’t guess, but Jiang Jinan’s words not only didn’t tell the truth, but also made things more vague.
With that, Jiang Jinan was surprised to see Gao Zhiyuan’s face turned black again, but Jiang Jinan laughed even more and hurt Fu Qianfan, who even had no heart to stare at Jiang Jinan. For Jiang Jinan, she had given up her struggle.
"I didn’t know it happened that he would come." Fu Qian was going to tell Gao Zhiyuan quietly, but he still let Jiang Jinan listen.
Hear Fu Qianfan explain Gao Zhiyuan’s face is a little better, but it is also a little face or smelly.
"So let’s leave first. Goodbye" Gao Zhiyuan nodded at Jiang Jinan and turned to leave. Although Fu Qianfan said it happened that Gao Zhiyuan believed it, he still didn’t want to stay with Jiang Jinan, even if it wasn’t a Jiang Jinan man, Gao Zhiyuan didn’t want to stay.
After Gao Zhiyuan left with Fu Qianfan, Jiang Jinan’s face and smile receded. Today, Le was found, but it seems a bit lonely.
Jiang Jinan shook his head and turned to leave.
When driving, Fu Qianfan didn’t dare to stare at Gao Zhiyuan aboveboard. She secretly looked at Fu Qianfan from time to time, and she wasn’t sure if she was wrong. Why do you think Gao Zhiyuan’s face is not as dark as it was just now? Is it a light problem?
"Well, I didn’t see Jiang Jinan until I got to the venue today. I guess Jiang Jinan should have business contacts with our company and was invited, but I really don’t know in advance." No matter whether Gao Zhiyuan accepts Fu Qianfan or not, I still feel that it is good to take the initiative to explain.

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