The European Golden Globe Award and the World Player of the Year are sometimes awarded to the same person, but sometimes they are not the same person.

The European Golden Globe Awards pay more attention to the club’s performance in the European Cup, while the World Footballer pays more attention to the performance of the national team and the World Cup.
Since Italy won the World Cup in Germany in 26 years, Cannavaro won the European Golden Globe Award and the World Footballer of the Year, Kaka, Ronaldo and Messi all won two awards by the same person in the next three years.
In the last four years, the winners of the European Golden Globe Award and the World Footballer of the Year are all the same person, which shows a high degree of consistency.
Perhaps this is also the reason why the two awards finally combined into one.
After introducing the history of the European Golden Globe Award and the World Footballer of the Year, the host declared that from now on, the world men’s soccer players have the most powerful and unique highest award, that is, the fifa Golden Globe Award will not be controversial.
Subsequently, the host introduced the voting rules of fifa Golden Globe Awards, which were based on the integration of the original two award voters, both journalists and national team coaches and captains.
Then the big screen began to play the screen of the final three-person list for the 21 ST fifa Golden Globe Awards. They are
Led Hoffenheim to become the first German triple crown team, set a Champions League goal record. Lu Wenbin scored the winning goal in the World Cup in South Africa, led Spain to win the World Cup for the first time. Iniesta led Barcelona to win the La Liga championship and won the La Liga Golden Boot Leo Messi.
On the scene or in front of the camera, several people held their breath
This should be the biggest year-end suspense of world football in 21 years.
Although many people can guess the final winner, the moment when the name is not pronounced always makes people’s hearts beat.
Lu Wenbin himself was a little excited about his heart beating faster.
After all, he is only 2 years old.
If he wins this award, he will be the youngest winner of the Golden Globe Award in the history of world football, one year younger than the 21-year-old Mr. Golden Globe and the alien Ronaldo.
Just turned 2 and became a Golden Globe winner.
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Being the first player in the world football makes the world football players envy and hate.
Except Lu Wenbin himself, those who have his heart are all excited at this time.
Kate, Lu Chongxin, Sun Jiahui Inter Milan President, coach, teammate Hoffenheim President, coach, teammate China team coach, teammate Inter Milan fan Hoffenheim fans China fans worldwide worship Lu Wenbin fans and fans.
Several people are looking forward to it.
The live video was also aimed at Lu Wenbin, Iniesta and Leo Messi, and Lu Wenbin was the best shot.
Maybe this already indicates something.
Then the host invited today’s lottery guests and awarding guests.
The prize-winning guest is Guardiola and the awarding guest is FIFA President Blatter.
Blatter holds the Golden Globe Award in his hand, which is similar to the European Golden Globe Award. The former FIFA World Player trophy style was abandoned.
This is the heaviest and heaviest award tonight.
Guardiola first thanked FIFA for inviting him to be the guest of the prize, and then opened the prize envelope in his hand with the attention of several people around the world and took out the paper with the winners written on it.
Guardiola first took a look at himself and smiled "Sure enough", then picked up the paper and showed it to the guests while saying "Lu Wenbin, winner of the 21 ST fifa Golden Globe Award"
The camera is aimed at the paper. Lu Wenbin’s name is big and eye-catching.
Suddenly, the scene was thunderous, and a row of Kate behind Lu Wenbin couldn’t help crying out in ecstasy.
The CCTV commentator also shouted excitedly, "Lu Wenbin is really Lu Wenbin. Lu Wenbin won the FIFA Golden Globe Award for 21 years, which is the highest honor of individual awards in world football. Lu Wenbin is the first China player to win this honor. Congratulations to Lu Wenbin."
China people and Lu Wenbin’s fans in China are thunderous.
In Meitan, Lu Wenbin’s hometown, there are many friends, relatives, classmates and alumni who worship Lu Wenbin and light firecrackers already prepared to celebrate.
This is the highest moment in China football world, and all China people and China fans are excited, excited and proud of it.
At the scene, Lu Wenbin also got up with excitement. His girlfriend and parents in the back row hugged each other across the seat and then walked to the podium while sorting out the suit.
Lu Wenbin came to the podium and shook hands with FIFA President Blatter, who held the golden ball. Blatter handed Lu Wenbin his hands and said, "Congratulations, Lu."
With a beating heart, Lu Wenbin thanked Blatter and received the golden ball, which was a feeling of being more than a thousand.
Even though he rehearsed several times before awarding the prize, Lu Wenbin still felt a heavy tension when he took the highest individual award in world football for the first time.
His left hand held the golden ball in his arms, and his right hand shook hands with the lottery guest Guardiola. Then Lu Wenbin came to the podium and put the golden ball on the table and prepared to deliver his acceptance speech.
However, Lu Wenbin’s head was a little stupid, and he forgot his acceptance speech and didn’t know where to start.
But fortunately, at this time, the Taiwanese palm has not stopped. Lu Wenbin has to temporarily stop talking and adjust to calm down his excitement.
The warm applause in the conference center lasted for almost half a minute before it gradually stopped. Lu Wenbin also remembered his acceptance speech.
Then Lu Wenbin began his acceptance speech.
"Thanks to fifa, journalists, national team coaches and captains who voted for me to win the first FIFA Golden Globe Award."
In his speech, Lu Wenbin reviewed his football road and thanked his parents, his alma mater, the president of China Senior High School League and Hoffenheim Club, coaches and teammates for supporting his fans and fans all over the world.
桑拿论坛Finally, Lu Wenbin hopes that world football will develop better and better, and he will continue to work hard to show better performance in world football.

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