"That is to say, O Yin what not to piano player? Today, Jiang Mei was scolded to death by the teacher, and no one came out to help her speak. "

Yuan Xi scratched his head and wondered what Jiang Chenxi was talking about. He followed his question and replied, "Because A Yin can’t play the piano, he is a commanding officer, and he doesn’t do anything. Why should he do that thankless thing?"
"But don’t you think it’s too bad for you? It’s not like she can’t keep up with the piano in a day or two. "
When I heard this, Yuan Xi quipped like a reaction, "No wonder I think you are interested in others because you are inseparable from Jiang Mei."
"You don’t talk nonsense" Jiang Chenxi blushed.
He Lianyin is also a stiff back.
It took him a long time to secretly look up at the glass. After that, He Lianyin alienated the girl and held it. She didn’t know what she saw, and her brow was slightly wrinkled.
The wind blew up her temples.
in a trance
He Lianyin felt distressed by the name of He Lianyin’s needle, which handed out a dull pain and went straight through his bowels.
"Oh, we ASHI seed of love all helped Jiang Mei to speak. Tell me about your early acquaintance? How far is it going? Is it a senior or a junior? Or brother and sister? Or boyfriend and girlfriend? " Yuan Xi’s teasing is just not willing to let him go.
Jiang Chenxi was silent, but a bit of thunder in his chest slowly rippled and dyed his cheeks red.
"Why don’t you talk? Are you really in love? " Han Luoxiao was surprised.
Although He Lianyin had no expression, his mind moved to Jiang Chen’s body as early as possible, and he also wanted to hear from his brothers.
Chapter 42 She is him
"No, we just wrote a few letters," said Jiang Chenxi, whose temperature was burning like fire.
"Just a few letters?" Yuan Xi drew a long tail and exaggerated, "How many letters have you written? When did you start? What did you write? Tell me honestly! "
He Lianyin with Han Luoxiao glances are looked at him with malicious intent to laugh.
"It should be the second week after the start of school. One day, Jiang Coco suddenly stuffed a letter to me. In the letter, she wrote her own information and said that she wanted to be friends with me."
"Oh-"Yuan Xi heckled. "Are you still good brothers after spending so much time with her without telling us?"
"No," Jiang Chenxi scratched his head. "She and I are not what you think. We are not in love. Letters are all daily chores."
"What do you write?" He has always been indifferent to other people’s private affairs. He suddenly became interested. He hugged a pillow and picked his eyes slightly. "And how do you write the opening remarks of her letter to you?"
"Let’s see …" Jiang Chenxi said, "She just wrote hello, Chenxi. It’s nice to meet you. I think you are very kind, and then I really want you to be a bosom friend. If you are willing to write back, then the letter will be her simple information, such as name, height, classes and positions."
"What about your reply?" He Lianyin once again strange to ask
Yuan-hee and Han Luoxiao both saw his one eye. At ordinary times, this kind of divination problem is always Yuan-hee’s question. I didn’t expect that it was taken away by He Lianyin today. It’s too abnormal for Yuan-hee to pick his eyebrows and say, "Ah Yin, why are you so curious? Do you also want to make pen pals? "
"No? Do you have a problem with Xiao Ye making pen pals? " He Lianyun didn’t even lift his eyebrows and continued to ask Jiang Chenxi, "And what did she say after you wrote back?"
spa会所Han Luoxiao saw him with a serious and suspicious look. "Ah Yin, do you really want to have this kind of chat?"
"No, I think it’s quite interesting." The light is somewhat sexy and somewhat unpredictable.
What does he think?
"Isn’t it? Ah Yin actually finds it interesting? Is it true that the vulgar pen pal really wants to start a new era? " Won-hee’s unbelievable eyes are wide open and shrewd and charming.
"Does Ash have a pen pal, too?" He Lianyin’s eyes are foggy like a child who desperately wants candy, and he looks forward to laughing, "I also want to make a bosom friend."
"that I also want to" won-hee simply way
So Han Luoxiao, who went with the flow, joined them.
That night.
A few teenagers dropped the game early and crowded into Helian’s room to chat.
In the dark
Two teenagers are lying in bed
The other two teenagers are half-sleeping.
The topic they were tal about was-
Who are you looking for as a pen pal? !
I don’t know if it’s the beauty talent in the school or a few teenagers’ eyes are too high. Except for the beauty queen Jiang Coco, there is only one talent and beauty left. Zitong is not as attractive as Jiang Coco, but her fresh and refined temperament is far better. In my memory, that girl always purses her lips and has the cold pride of a little dragon girl.
Tangsic is also a petite and lovely beauty, with a pair of blurred almond eyes as if she had a clear spring and delicate and touching, but she is still far from getting into the eyes of four teenagers, and her name was removed after a brief flash in their minds.
Crooked talent Yuan Xi cried, "I’ll choose first!"! Since Ashi chose Jiang Wen, I’ll choose Class Six, Lu Zitong, with good grades and good looks. Three points, Maggie Cheung, seven points, Lin Daiyu’s delicate charm, with an out-of-touch fireworks, is not bad. "
Won-hee said that she was proud that it is always right to choose the first object. If she chooses slowly, all the beautiful women will be gone. Fortunately, the four of them started the school, and the ancestors of pen pals took a good pit for the beautiful women before they were assigned.
"Is it that god?" Han Luoxiao, otherwise, he still doesn’t know who to choose. He doesn’t have a direction in his heart. Maybe there is no type he likes in school. Thinking about it, he looks to the side of He Lianyin. In the dark, He has a faint eye and asks, "Who did you choose?"
"I haven’t decided yet." He Lianyin’s eyes seemed to have a blazing fire. He lied because he didn’t dare to tell his brothers that he chose someone to live next door to him.
Without blinking an eye, he looked at the ceiling, where it seemed to be condensed into a whirlpool, where Helian appeared with a bright smile. When his eyes crossed, it seemed to solidify hundreds of millions of light years and suddenly crossed the sea, which had become a quiet life.
For the first time in the past few days, he felt in a good mood because he found a breakthrough near Helian Yin. He wanted to know what he saw in Helian Yin’s eyes. He wanted to know if she really treated her as a brother and pretended to be someone else to write to her.
Behind the wall of the house
Hector even Yin is quietly pillow pillow to listen to their chat.
Brother actually wants to make pen pals?
She took a light breath and carefully recognized the sound of He Lianyin from several juvenile voices. He Lianyin had deeply reflected on himself in the cold war between the two men. She should not doubt that he could never find a chance to crack this layer of ice.
Set the table with carved stone.
It seems to emit a faint light.
She still listens carefully in bed. I wonder if my brother will tell them what he will say if he does.
For example, in order to verify her words, Yuan Xi suddenly became excited and said, "Actually, I think our little Yin sister looks good, but I don’t know what I always find difficult for her to get close to. What do you think?"
Three teenagers smell speech are lost in thought.

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