… is Liu Zheng hugged her tighter.

Su Wen bowed his head and reached out and stroked him. He blinked at the back of his waist and his big eyelashes drooped. I was embarrassed to say, I’m sorry that she took care of you after I saw your nose bleeding.
Liu Zheng surprised to dial her body, but I didn’t expect Captain Gu to be right. His little wife also learned to hide something. Forget it. He raised Su Wenba’s spoiled eyes, but there was a trace of joy because she frankly admitted that she was jealous.
桑拿会所Su Wen was so looked at by him that there was a rush in his heart.
Then what are you willing to tell me now?
I don’t like her. Huo Ran raised his eyebrows and there was already a trace of embarrassment in his eyes.
The Fu military doctor is really youthful and lovable, but she knows that she is calling her sisterinlaw, but she is still close to Lu Zheng for three transgressions and two times, which makes Su Wen feel very uncomfortable.
Liu Zheng couldn’t help but wonder why it’s rare to show her mind so directly in front of her, and she was always surprised.
It’s not easy for his little wife to put up with it for so long
Then you are so warm to her? I won’t let her come when you talk to me.
Su Wen’s face was stunned for a while, and then she dyed crimson. What about your comrades? Isn’t that mean?
Silly wife … Liu Zheng chuckled and hugged her tightly in her chest.
Su Wen was suffocated in his chest and struggled to hammer him with a small hand. I hate it when I tell you what happened to the army after Lu Zheng. You should report to me when you were shot, and when another female military doctor came, you have to tell me in detail that it would embarrass me not to encounter this kind of thing again!
Lu Zheng let her go. Are you sure you want to listen?
Well, it’s a deal first. Don’t be angry before I say it.
Oh, what didn’t you say? I …
Round mouth was tightly blocked by a hot and humid kiss, and he quickly let go without exclaiming. She blushed and gasped and stared at him without saying a word.
Lu Zheng touched her head. I want to tell you that the battalion chief paid Fu Jun’s medical care to Gu Squadron to take care of her. She may stay in the camp for a while, but I promised you that you wouldn’t get hurt again and didn’t have a chance to meet. Don’t be jealous?
Enthusiastic about you and me, the result was shortlived. Before Wen came to the military vehicle, he waited for the building. Lu Zheng said that he would help her wash the dishes and didn’t wash them in the end.
Su Wen brought him a clean military uniform coat and was reluctant to help him straighten his clothes. Liu Zheng’s eyes darkened at the door. Wife, I have to go. Take care of yourself. You can call the army if you have something to do.
Element asked nodded Liu Zheng broken turned into the ladder.
Element asked dazed and stunned for a while and ran out from the stairs. Fortunately, she didn’t live high on the fourth floor and soon reached the bottom. When she got out of the doorway, she just saw Liu Zheng striding into the military vehicle Gu Huai’ an and touching his shoulder to signal him to turn back.
As soon as Liu Zheng turned around, she saw waving to him desperately. She was still wearing slippers and cuffs, and her eyes were glistening with tears.
Liu Zheng pursed his lips and gently waved to her.
The military vehicle roared away.
Su Wen ran with slippers for a while, and finally his knees stopped to gasp. A drop of hot tears fell on the concrete floor and a circle of small water stains opened.
In front of the military vehicles, no one spoke. Gu Huai’ an glanced in the rearview mirror and looked at the red eyes. Liu Zheng shook his head.
At the end of September, on the eve of the 63rd birthday of the motherland, Nie Suwen took an early leave to fly back to Beijing.
Because Lu Zheng said that their battalion might take part in the military parade on National Day.
After Su Wen returned to Beijing, she sent a message to Lu Zheng and his troops. The operator said that the Snow Wolf team was still out of town and could not reach the news for the time being, so she was not sure whether Lu Zheng and his troops would participate in the military parade.
It’s already September 27th, and she’s getting impatient. She asked Xie Tuan about the National Day military parade. Two parade villages have been set up in Beijing. One is the training team at Shahe Airport on the Dashahe River in Changping District, the northern suburb of Beijing, and the other is the training team at Tongzhou, the eastern suburb of Beijing.
Lu Zheng’s spike belongs to the Army Special Forces, and she goes directly to Shahe Airport.
At the entrance of the parade village is a wide and straight asphalt road, surrounded by deserted roads. In front of the gate, there is a heavily guarded sentry duty post with a helmet.
The interview car and other media and newspaper reporters were stopped. The sentry outside explained that it was not long before the National Day and ordered them to enter a closed state and refused to be interviewed by media reporters.
Reporters outside the gate have shown the theory of press card rushing forward and hardnosed private sentry
We are the topselling newspaper serving the country. How can you not let us in?
Their noise and dissatisfaction were coldly intercepted by the sentry. I’m sorry, journalists! Do you have a special pass? Do any of you write about our soldiers? Please leave quietly if you have nothing to say! Because this is a military parade village, not a fancy entertainment stage!
The sentry’s words are aweinspiring. However, this means that Nie Su asked the little military wife that she had no chance to go in.
She was in a hurry when suddenly the dust rolled from behind. A military sentry gave a military salute with a gun and asked, Which unit?
A familiar face and shoulders are revealed in the descending window, and the rank of two poles and four stars shines.
Even the chief of staff? !”
Sudden girl
Lian Yi gently coughed and found Nie Su in the crowd over the layers of heads.
Suddenly everyone was shocked.
Ten minutes later, Nie Su asked her face twisted and sat beside the chief of staff.
The military vehicles twisted all the way to the driveway of the parade village and raised bursts of dust.
Lian Yi can’t hide his smile. Xiao Ni is impatient and here it is.

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