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"Don’t!" Tong Tong shook his head and resolutely refused to go back.

Hector even Yin nai sigh.
Tehran is also a face of stagnation, and the expression on the edge of the road is callous. She should break Tong Tong’s hand and walk by herself, but she has a strange familiarity with this child, especially when she looks at Tong Tong’s eyes that resemble her own. If she is also ruthless, she will push Tong Tong away.
"Miss Xiao or …" He Lianyin looked up at her for help.
Xiao Yin has never been the kind of character to draw out a sword to help each other. I wonder if she will stay with Tong Tong this time?
Tong Tong saw Dad shaking his navy arm with beautiful eyes. "Sister Lan, you can go to dinner with us. I don’t want to be alone with Dad. He cheated …"
Tehran, thoughtfully for a moment sip lip "ok"
He Lianyin amorous feelings smiled and she opened the door.
Tehran, drilled into it.
He shook all four windows in the driver’s seat. Hailan asked him in surprise, "Why did you shake all the windows?"
This car makes Tehran feel strange and familiar, but I can’t say where it is familiar.
"Don’t you know how to take a bus?" He Lianyin asked her grinning.
Hailan Zheng’s face turned cold. "How do you know I won’t take a bus?"
He Lianyin realized that he had put my foot in my mouth and smiled calmly. "You don’t look very good since the car, and you’ve been clutching your stomach. I guess you won’t take the bus."
Tehran, said nothing.
He Lianyun looked at her eyes in the rearview mirror. "You won’t take a bus or have a bad stomach?"
Tong Tong’s eyes turned and looked at the two people chatting, and their hearts were happy. Mom and Dad got along well and harmoniously.
桑拿网"Bad stomach" Tehran, light answer vaguely alert expression.
He Lianyin looked at everything and didn’t ask her questions. He smiled lazily and drove carefully.
It’s Tong Tong’s turn.
Tong Tong said innocently and lively, "Sister Lan’s father said many times to take me to the zoo, but he didn’t take me every time. Please make dad promise to take me to the zoo this Sunday."
Tong Tong is not so naive at ordinary times. He doesn’t want to go to the zoo and amusement park. Hum, it’s not just that Mom and Dad are thinking about their future happiness.
Tehran, smile very thin look at the drive HeLianYin don’t know what to say.
She’s not Tong Tong’s mother or teacher. What qualifications does she have to ask Mr. Hector even? Based on a few faces? If so, isn’t that too nosy?
He Lianyin could not speak, and he concentrated on driving and the atmosphere was silent.
"Sister Blue?" HeLianTong called her again "blue elder sister, what’s the matter with you? Think about what? "
Tehran, blunt HeLianYin beautiful head half-jokingly said "Mr. Hector even you hear? If you don’t take Tong Tong to the zoo this Sunday, you won’t believe it. "
"White" He Lianyin provoked the eyebrow eye wave to flow Gherardini.
Section 24
Tehran is zheng "that I hope you can keep your word"
"Of course"
Smell speech Tehran, turned to tong tong said "do you hear? Dad promised you. "
"Really!" Tong Tong excitedly shouted "Thank you, Dad"
"You’re welcome," He Lianyin said.
"Sister blue, why don’t you come with us then? I invite you to see animals? " I’ve dated one thing before, so that mom can’t run away completely. Yeah, that’s a good idea!
"No, I have something to do that day." Tehran postponed with a smile.
Tong tong immediately with a straight face "blue elder sister, why are you so? Didn’t you say we were good friends? It’s rare that I can go to the zoo once and you refuse my invitation? "
Sea blue back stiffness
He Lianyin’s rescue smiled and said, "Miss Xiao Tong Tong said something about children. I hope you don’t mind that he didn’t have children since he was a child. He is a little different and intelligent, but because he has no mother, he is somewhat lonely and lonely. He believes that you will be very kind to you. He treats you as a relative and doesn’t mean to be angry with you."
Tehran, after listening to his words, felt sorry for Tong Tong. It would be really lonely for such a lovely child to lose his mother at such a young age.
She smiled and said, "No, I can understand his feelings."
"thank you.
"Thank you for understanding." He was polite and distant.
"You’re welcome" navy read the number of people but found himself unpredictable. The man in front of him was sometimes cordial, sometimes alienated, sometimes indifferent and taciturn. I really couldn’t understand what he was thinking.
Outside milin restaurant
He Lianyin put Hai Lan and Tong Tong himself in the basement for parking.
Tehran, holding Tong Tong’s hand, smiled and said, "Mr. Hector even stopped. Let’s go to the restaurant first."
"Good" Tong Tong’s hand was led by Tehran, and he didn’t run or make trouble. He was very cultured and quiet. He followed Tehran closely and slowly bypassed the circular fountain red carpet and arrived at the main entrance hall.
Tehran has never been to such a high-end place. Although she is living well now, it is not a place where hundreds of thousands of meals will disappear. It may be that they can’t accept it in their bones. They start from the bottom and have an idea that it is not easy to make money. Even if they have hundreds of millions of homes, they are reluctant to eat such high-end restaurants.
In fact, hundreds of millions don’t have much money. For international cities like Hong Kong Island, the magic capital of Beijing, hundreds of thousands of restaurants can’t buy a nice villa. It’s too extravagant for her.
She and Tong Tong turned the round door and were stopped by a man in a black suit. "I’m sorry, Miss Restaurant stipulates that you can’t enter without formal clothes."
What they call formal dress is ceremony, so that people who go in and out of high-end restaurants have those ladies who dress up for two or three hours every day and go out for a cup of afternoon tea, and those big people who are negotiating international big projects … Hailan class is a worker, but she changed her class. Today, she wears a simple printed skirt, Chanel style, white skirt and totem blue skirt like waves. It’s not a problem to wear it at ordinary times, but it’s a bit like homely to enter high-end restaurants.
Although the child she brought looks like a rich young master, the clerk can’t tell whether it’s fake or not, and the style she wears is not necessarily the right one. In case she dresses like herself and lets her in, she must not be scolded to death by the manager.
What the member said.
Tehran, tighten your fingers.
He Liantong frowned, but he had never been stopped by such a dog-eyed man. He glanced at the famous brand on his chest and sneered, "Wang Yi hum, I remember you and asked your manager to speak."
One leng nostril named Wang Yi said, "I’m sorry our manager didn’t invite you back."
Another member also sneered, "Why do you also want to see our manager? Ah bah "
Tehran, the eyebrows tightly wrinkled.
At this time, a sexy and charming woman came out of the restaurant. She was dressed in a Chanel dress like navy, and she slowly crossed out of the restaurant with a poodle in her hand.

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