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Mo Chengkun raised his hand slightly when he saw it, but gasped at the pain caused by pulling the wound.

ChuYan slightly surprised busy holding his hand and put "don’t move and lie down"
Mo Chengkun smiled and looked pale. Chu Yan saw his eyebrows wrinkly.
品茶  title=He smiled gently. "Xiaoyan, don’t cry, it won’t look good."
ChuYan smell speech nose is more acid a madam, "how can you be so stupid"
Mo Chengkun couldn’t help saying, "If I don’t do that, it will be you lying here at the moment." In that case, he would rather be injured by himself than Chu Yan.
ChuYan listen to my heart more sour.
Just then the doctor came.
ChuYan busy wiped her tears. "Doctor, please help me to see what happened to his smile."
"Good young lady, please don’t worry. We’ll have a good check-up with Mr. Mo." The doctor said, "Look at Mo Chengkun carefully before you go.
After a while, I remembered something in the medical record and immediately turned to Chu Yan. "Miss Mo is not worried that Mr. Mo’s condition is stable, and now he needs to rest and write for a long time to recover."
Chu Yan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief "Thank you, doctor."
"You’re welcome"
When the doctors and nurses went out, Mo Chengkun laughed. "You see, I said nothing, just a little injury."
ChuYan a listen to can’t help but stared his one eye, "still hurt all move the knife"
Mo Chengkun’s face smiled slightly and immediately looked at Chuyan’s eyes surging slightly. "Xiaoyan, is this your heart now?"
ChuYan smell speech is not a slight stay.
Then some don’t spin too much, but they can feel Mo Chengkun’s burning eyes staring at themselves.
Chu Yan could hear her heart thumping. She raised her hand and slapped her ears and hung her head slightly. "You are like this, and it’s my heart. Shouldn’t you?"
Mochengkun smell speech but still mixed with hope at ChuYan "Xiaoyan, don’t you worry about me other than that?"
ChuYan lived slightly, then took a deep breath and looked up at him. Zhan Yan smiled. "Dare you ask what you mean?"
The eyes of the two men are not calm in their hearts, but their faces are not moving.
In the end, Mo Chengkun was defeated first. He seemed as if the whole person was paralyzed and put aside his head slightly. "I think too much." Hehe smiled. "You don’t care too much."
ChuYan paused and then a grace.
Just then Xiao Zhang came back with breakfast in his hand.
Mo Chengkun couldn’t get used to hospital food, so Xiao Zhang simply went outside to buy something from Shaxian snack near Shaxian.
I didn’t find the strange atmosphere between them. Xiao Zhang smiled and said, "Come on, Miss Chu, don’t always eat something."
Xiao Zhang thus broke the embarrassing atmosphere. Chu Yan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. If she went to the stalemate with Mo Chengkun again, she didn’t know what to do.
She looked at Xiao Zhang and nodded and smiled. "Please, Xiao Zhang."
Xiao Zhang was surprised to say "Easy, Miss Chu, you’re welcome" and then went over to help Mo Chengkun lie down a little sideways because of his injury.
Xiao Zhang fed him and drank a little preserved egg lean porridge. Mo Chengkun disliked, "What is this thing that smells so strange?"
Chuyan smell speech is not snow a hurriedly and is the face.
Xiao Zhang was embarrassed. "I’m sorry, Mr. Mo. I didn’t know you didn’t eat this." He still thought that Mo Chengkun could make up for it after eating it.
Mo Chengkun’s face is dark, too. It’s no wonder that Mo Chengkun’s mouth is picky about preserved eggs and lean porridge.
ChuYan glanced at his didn’t drink rice congee asked "you drink my rice congee".
Because of what happened just now, Mo always looked at Mo Chengkun’s smell speech, and then, uh-huh, a small piece of paper was relieved and grateful. He glanced at Chu Yan Chu Yan and winked at him to indicate that it was all right.
After dinner, Mo Chengkun felt a little uncomfortable. Xiao Zhang was busy calling the doctor.
Chu Yan looked after him inside, and Mo Chengkun suddenly took her hand and asked Chu Yan, "Was I ugly just now?"
What do you mean ChuYan slightly one leng looked down at MoChengKun see him some awkward sample turned away.
I suddenly felt happy in my heart. The famous Mo Chengkun was also very interested in his appearance.

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