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"I don’t know if he’s home now. Have you seen three little babies?"

In my heart, I began to miss Lu Qing and miss three babies, but she felt very sad that she couldn’t go back, but she didn’t choose. If she didn’t seize the opportunity, there would be no such good opportunity.
"Lu Qing, will you blame me for not focusing on my life and putting my children at home?"
Quietly entering Qin Miaomiao’s office, Lu Qing heard her talking to herself, and the whole person was like being struck by a lightning strike. He wanted to know how many times she would miss when she was not there, so he held his breath and stopped:
Chapter 1 This problem is very difficult.
"On the surface, he doesn’t care about my dedication to work, but I know that his heart will definitely complain that I came home late and complained that I didn’t put my mind on my children.
Qin Miao Miao said that the mood became very depressed, and it was much more difficult to manage a team than expected. Many times, I was tired, but more tired.
The woman against the wall looks distressing. Liu Qing finally couldn’t help but walk quickly and hugged her from behind her. "Simon Simon is tired, just take a rest by me. Don’t be too brave."
"Husband, that’s very kind of you."
Qin Miao Miao couldn’t help hugging Lu Qing melodramatic.
The sudden familiar embrace made Qin Miaomiao feel comforted. Hearing the sound of Lu Qingyin made her tired heart land.
"There you are."
Qin Miao Miao turned to see Lu Qing before she appeared. She couldn’t help but embrace him warmly. A hanging heart finally had a place to rely on her dissatisfaction and discomfort.
"Why didn’t you say so?"
"I want to give you a surprise."
Said landing qing tightly around Qin Miaomiao waist can’t help but fall a kiss on her cheek.
Satisfied to accept the love from men Qin Miaomiao was satisfied at this moment in her heart. She hugged Lu Qing’s neck and became serious. "I went home directly to see three little babies."
"I was going to go back directly, but then something delayed and I thought I’d come to see if you were busy."
"Lu Qing, do you think I’m not a competent mother?"
Narrowing her eyes, Lu Qing saw Qin Miaomiao’s face hurt and lovingly scratched her high nose. "Why are you so childish when you are a mother? I didn’t say that you are the bravest and best mother in the world. How can I think you are incompetent?"
"But, but I came home late and didn’t stay at home with the children."
Lu Qing heard her answer and suddenly smiled, "Did you bring three children?"
In the face of Lu Qing poking fun at Qin Miaomiao, her mood became much easier. She knew that she was thinking too much, but she couldn’t help thinking about caring about people and many things.
"By the way, grandpa, you have to put in a good word for me. I don’t think he’s angry. I don’t even know how to be a grandfather to forgive me."
Lu Qing held Qin Miao Miao and put Ba on her shoulder and spoke lightly. "Grandpa’s old man is also called Zhen. He is just a hard time waiting for him to get over it."
约茶"It seems that it can be like this."
Qin Miao Miao has always had a knot in my heart, but Lu Qing’s words still played a role in grandpa’s affairs, and now he is halfway to kill a land punishment and his girlfriend. She can’t help but worry about it, so she asked about a land punishment.
"It’s okay. Even if there is another land punishment, I’m not worried. Even if he is really a moth, he won’t leave him a company opportunity. You know that he has done everything to make Grandpa change his mind."
"But blood is the law, and you are not happy to deny that he is your half-brother. Grandpa must have started to accept land punishment because of this.":
Chapter 11
"You have to remember that whether it’s punishment or his girlfriend looking for you, you just ignore it.
"Of course I know that even if they talk to me, I won’t say anything more if I say it politely." Said Qin Miaomiao, leaning against Lu Qing’s shoulder and unable to relax.
"General Qin arrived at the meeting."
Knocking at the door of the assistant alarmed Lu Qing and Qin Miaomiao. She looked at Lu Qing and said, "Otherwise, you should go home first and go back when I’m finished."
"How long will it take you? I’m waiting for you to go back together."
Qin Miao Miao took a mobile phone and looked at it. "It takes about forty minutes."
"It’s not very long. I’ll wait for you."
It’s rare for Lu Qing to get a nap on Qin Miaomiao’s office sofa. Later, I don’t know how tired I was and I dozed off unconsciously.
Mo Wenwan learned that Lu Qingwu had been to the company and rushed to Li Li’s office to ask about the situation. I didn’t expect to ask for a smell of wine just after I went in. Seeing Li Li drinking with a glass looked very lonely.
"Shirley always how do you drink in the office"
Looking back, Mo Wen wan Li raised his glass and said, "Would you like a drink?"
"No, I have to drive later, so I won’t drink."
Mo Wenwan looked at Li Li and began to guess. The only thought was that Lu Qing came to settle accounts with Li Li, so she didn’t know which account, so she still asked.
"I heard that Liu Qing came to see you this afternoon."
"You are well informed. He did come to see me, but it was not a business matter but a private matter."
LiLi said, gulping down with a glass, but his heart was a little more. His plan was to punch him by Lu Qing, and then he really wanted to practice often, such as fighting, and try to get the other side injured.
Mo Wenwan came closer to see the bruises on Li’s face. She stared at the shape of the bruises in surprise and couldn’t help but ask, "Did you do it?"
"Men don’t just talk like women, but men do it if they don’t agree with each other, don’t you know?" Shirley explained to her so-called instead of hiding the secret.
"It seems that security will be strengthened in the future and people can’t be allowed in casually."
Mo Wen-wan’s eyes suddenly became cautious. When she saw Li Li’s face injury, she lost the idea of joking. Instead, she thought it was dereliction of duty. If there were security guards or others who could pull them away at that time, it would be good if two big men fought in the office and said it was shameful.
"What did Lu Qing come to see you for?"
"Don’t ask this fellow about me and his private affairs."
Although folded away from the mouth, Mo Wenwan knows better than anyone. Even a stupid person can think of Qin Miaomiao’s strange scandal and return the car with him. Lu Qing was cuckolded on time.
It’s normal for anyone to stand it, so it’s normal for Lu Qing to come, but nothing good will happen to him before he leaves, which will only aggravate mutual resentment

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