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"But why do you always wear white clothes? Now that your left hand is inconvenient and white is so easy to get dirty, aren’t you afraid of getting dirty and can’t wash it by hand? " She has been wearing white clothes since He Lianyin fell ill. Yu Ge doesn’t know why she dresses like this. What’s the meaning?

"The other day, I turned to an extracurricular class and won the bid for a training method. It says that people who learn Kung Fu pay attention to alertness and keenness. When objects approach, they must listen to six ways. When they look around, they find that wearing white clothes is just to exercise their senses. If the white clothes are dirty, they say that they don’t feel sensitive enough. I think it’s a bit of Kung Fu. Now that people’s left hand is so fragile, I have to practice this kung fu, so that when something sharp approaches, I can reduce the damage to my left hand."
I didn’t expect her to recover so quickly.
I have also begun to study ways to protect my left hand.
In the song slightly one leng "I didn’t expect you to keep in good health"
"I didn’t have this kind of thinking before, and then my left hand was injured and I realized too many things, so I began to learn to infiltrate some truths. Since my hand is destined to be destroyed, I can do my best to protect it. After all, it is also a piece of my body, and I will be incomplete if it hurts."
Yu Ge nodded in agreement. "The more I think you are strong, it’s like a method to predict that there are too many amazing things hidden in the treasure."
"Don’t worship me too much. If you watch more, you will naturally have your own set of rules of life. The way is that people come out and want to live differently on their own."
"Ha ha, that’s right. Did you learn this kung fu from martial arts novels? I often watch those swordsmen’s incidents with swords and shadows, and people die when they step on the snow. Do you believe these? "
She shook her head gently. "It’s true that people die through the snow. It’s because the fantasy deviates from the track of the real world. I won’t learn those things. I read from a martial arts student’s handbook that those kung fu players can do it by shooting stars. I don’t know if it’s true or not. I always think it’s a good idea. I can practice my sensory perception in white."
"Actually, I think the world in martial arts novels is quite beautiful, like a bloody world with swords and shadows. Everything can be won by force, that is, the truth does not compare with others, and it is not intrigue and mutual benefit. It is necessary to have a martial arts to travel all over the world and be loved, how romantic and unrestrained."
"Are you a girl still thinking about being romantic?" Yu Ge suddenly felt that Helian Yinye had a big heart, and her heart was as hot as magma, and her revenge was not as strong as that of a boy, but even stronger than that of a boy. It was like a moth throwing herself into the fire and desperately throwing herself at that famous future, and it was necessary to burn her wings with faint candlelight.
"Why not? Should girls sit at home and wait for men to pity and pamper them? Once the boy no longer loves the girl, she can pin her mind on her children and worry about them all day long. "
"oh? So what do you think? "
按摩"Jealousy and greed are sharper than the sword in the novel. Prejudice and ignorance are even more terrible than the most poisonous poison in the novel. I am a person who will be jealous and greedy like worldly desires. Since I know that something is what I want, why not try to get it? If a new human being is still living in the past and thinking about women, he should rely on men. That is prejudice and ignorance. Since he has the ability, he should stand up on his own. He also has hands, feet, thoughts, knowledge and talent. Why not rely on others instead of being strong? "
"What you said is really reasonable, but aren’t you afraid to scare away those boys who want to be close to you? You know, boys prefer weak and gentle girls, which can stimulate boys’ desire for physical protection and then become strong, which is also a growth process for boys. "
If the woman is always so excellent and powerful, then the man will look humble, which will hurt a man’s self-esteem and then give up this dream lover.
The woman’s proper weakness can make men feel moved and sweet.
"Weak water is 3,000, and I, Lian Yin, take a scoop. I don’t like many people. I want people I like to like to like me for the next generation. If he doesn’t like me, I will never insist on each other. Life is not about love. If my lover doesn’t love me, I will start learning to cook, draw, plant flowers and vegetables when I am old. People will never feel lonely because loneliness means that people are normal. Finding something to fill that loneliness will naturally become comfortable."
"It’s a good analysis, but I’m curious about why you treat love so lightly, even if it doesn’t exist?" Yu Ge has never experienced love. In martial arts novels, the hero is generally reliable and attracts several beauties with his own charm. Even if he doesn’t pursue it, several beauties will be willing to throw themselves at each other and then follow the hero with unswerving heart.
Yu Ge was indifferent by nature. Before he knew Helian Yin, he would watch martial arts novels and fight scenes. When he saw you and me, he would turn pages consciously. But recently, his eyes began to linger on the story of the male and female masters in the novel. Maybe after he really knew Helian Yin, he began to wonder what love looked like.
"Love is a real thing, but it is not the first choice of life. You see, love is exaggerated and exaggerated by fantasy, and the meaning of life is written as life carnival. With it, ordinary becomes beautiful and plain, giving birth to passion. All rice, oil and salt are romantic, trivial and vulgar. It is easy for young girls to have unrealistic expectations for love, and they believe that this worldview is the most important purpose of life. A humble person will definitely regard you as the highest. The most beautiful princess is more expensive than loving you deeply and accompanying you for life, and if they observe the world carefully or experience death personally, they will find that love is one of many human desires and needs and one of the five spiritual pursuits, but it has become beautiful and noble because they have never experienced it. But true love is about how passionate they are at first, and they will eventually become dull in the years. Can two people hold hands forever and see if they are intoxicated with love? They must have the same thoughts and topics. Let’s go hand in hand to pursue the future, knowing that it is not perfect, but we can still endure the future, so that our feelings can come to the end, otherwise we will forget to walk and disperse like Xu Zhimo’s poem. "
Yu Ge was silent for a long time and raised his eyelashes. "What do you think true love should be like?"
"Everyone has different ideas. Some people think it’s important, some people think it’s not important, but I think love is just like a career, which requires hard work and persistence and waiting for patience, wisdom, forgiveness and understanding. Of course, love is just like a career, and it still takes a little luck and courage to really succeed and walk into the auditorium. Not all couples can tie the knot when they fall in love."
"What’s your view of love? Do you think you and He Lianyin can go to the end?"
He Lianyin, be quiet.
The whole body breath becomes quiet.
At this time, Yu Ge, Lian Yin’s heart is a word. They have the same goal, the same interests and hobbies, but they can also learn a lot of profound truths from each other. People are born like a square from the beginning, and their sharp edges and corners will be smoothed by several feet in the process of falling down the slope. These edges and corners are the naive stupidity that they once had when they were young … Finally, these bad things were cut off by the emotional slope to form a perfect circle, which is called removing the bad parts of themselves and absorbing the good parts of others, and finally becoming mature.
"Yu Ge, if you love someone, will you love her all your life and never change your mind?" He Lianyin didn’t answer his question. She looked up and didn’t answer the rhetorical question.
Yu Ge thought silently for a moment. "I would have answered you, but after what you just said, I don’t think I can say. After all, people never know when they will meet the love of their lives. It’s really a sad thing if they meet after they get married."
"What if I meet you after I get married?"
"What should I do?" He smiled and bent a pair of amber pupils. "Now that you’re married, you can prove that you don’t have love. You can meet the right person in your life, and you will choose which fate you will take. No one can say for sure, but people can grow up because they have higher thoughts, and the outside world has given us a stronger brain. This brain is to control people’s thoughts. Since a person is married, has a wife and has no family to think about, and is bent on finding true love, I don’t think this person has any future."
He Lianyin smiled, "Yu Ge really hit the nail on the head when he spoke in Yu Ge."
"Come on, since people are adults, they should live a personal life. Don’t be kidnapped by the idea of true love. When they got married, no one forced them to regret it now. If everyone regrets it, they can end it. A true love is to shoot their wife and children and tell the truth. This person is really not responsible enough. It is not an admirable person."
"The ever-changing love, how can I answer my feelings with my brother? Maybe we will be worried about each other in a few days. "
A short sentence seems to be a restraint.
Hearing Yu Ge’s ear, there was a thrilling feeling. As soon as his eyes turned, Helian had gone to the front to chat with his colleague Zhang Lili.

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