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We didn’t continue to discuss such things, so we each picked up beer and barbecue to have a good time.

I don’t remember how much I drank until I opened my eyes, and I arrived at my home. I took a towel and went out. It was raining heavily outside.
I looked at hanging the clock. It was always 7 o’clock in the morning. I shook my head and went into washing my hands. After washing up, I went out and saw Sebrina put the breakfast on the table. I walked over and sat down. She put the rice noodles in front of me and said, "I got up early today and bought a bowl for you at Aunt Zhang’s house. Your favorite beef powder is here. Try it."
I took the disposable chopsticks apart, picked up the powder and tasted it. It was really good.
"Why do you keep watching me not eat?" I watched Sebrina, and she put her hand on it, picked up the breakfast and ate it.
品茶  title=After I finished eating, I cleaned the house and accidentally found that Sebrina had not left and had been sitting on the sofa.
I looked at her doubtfully and asked, "Don’t you work today?"
"No, I have a few days off."
I nodded and she got up from the sofa and took out a poster from behind. She said to me with a happy face, "Do you know where this is?"
"Where" I glanced at the poster, but I really don’t know where this is.
"This is Dali. How about taking it as our first honeymoon place?" Sebrina asked me, "How to give some advice?"
"I’m glad you like it"
"Oh" Sebrina suddenly lost up and sat on the sofa staring at the poster.
I pulled my clothes and found that everything was wrong before I said to her, "I’m a little busy these days. Go and do everything you like. Call me if you have anything."
After that, I opened the door and went out from my residence. I found Sebrina looking at me with a look of god out of the window. I shouted at her, "If I have time to go out with you these days, it will be regarded as an indulgence before marriage."
Sebrina looked at me happily and answered "Yes".
It’s already half past ten when I arrived at the company. Xiao Li really left here for the head office as I said yesterday.
When I was about to open the door and enter my office, I heard a voice coming from behind.
"Director Lei and so on"
I put away my keys and turned around to see Ma Hui coming to me with a sweaty face. When he came to my side, he panted, "Does Director Lei sometimes talk about personal matters?"
My eyes looked up in front of me, and Ma Hui nodded. "But" I opened the door.
He said to me, "Can Director Lei go outside?"
On reflection, I finally agreed to Ma Hui’s request.
I followed Ma Hui out of the company. He drove me to the coffee shop in the city and sat down.
After I sat down, I finally asked him, "What can I do for you? There are not many people here."
Ma Hui sighed and pleaded with me, "Director Lei, I want you to help me."
"I’ll help you"
Ma Hui gnashed her teeth and said, "I want to use your strength to help me deal with Zhang Qiu. He is such a jerk."
Chapter sixty-three No reason is needed
"You want me to help you, how can I help you? Tell me a reason why I help you."
Ma Hui looked at me with amazement and seemed to have thought that I would tell him this way. He solemnly said, "I will give this to you if Director Lei is willing to help me with this work."
Ma Hui took out a document from his bag. He pointed to the document and said, "This is a summary I got from Zhang Qiu’s work, including of course his personal affairs with other companies."
I took a look at this document and wrote the words Zhang Qiu, which should be a copy. It seems that Ma Hui is very thoughtful in doing things and can actually get such a document from Zhang Qiu’s office.
I looked at Ma Hui with my hands on the table and said, "If this is the case, I think I have it."

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