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She consciously protects "Mr. First"

"What is it?"
"It’s nothing important."
In a panic, Bei Yao ignored the flashing Bai Jingnian in his eyes and looked at her faintly, pulling out the document with one hand.
Baguio, breathe tight!
When Bai Jingnian saw this information, his eyes suddenly sank!
"How did you get this!"
Bei Yao closed her eyes and knew that it was impossible to lie to Bai Jingnian again, and she could tell Bai Jingnian the truth.
Bai Jingnian’s face became more and more gloomy after hearing this. "You are so bold, Baguio!"
"Sir, Bei Yao knows this is wrong, but Bei Yao is not white. Qin Ying is Liu Wei’s daughter. You should know that what Qin Ying wants most from childhood is family warmth. Since you know that she is Liu Wei’s daughter, why should you hide her?"
What to hide …
This problem even Bai Jingnian …
He knew that his first thought when he knew about it was to hide it.
Maybe it’s fear.
In the past, he and her were the closest people in her world. But now, if she knows her life, her world is no longer his only one.
He also knows that his idea is selfish, but he can’t control it.
"You don’t need to ask so many questions about this matter. If you dare to tell Qiner half the consequences, you know it yourself," he said coldly.
Bei Yao’s hand tightly clasped the edge of the table. "Sir, Bei Yao doesn’t know what you want to keep from Qin Ying, but Bei Yao thinks Qin Ying has the advantage of knowing this!"
Baguio’s face was tilted to one side.
"You won’t listen to my words? !”
"Mr. First …" Baguio had tears in his eyes.
What? He will always be so affectionate to her, even a little!
"Bai Jingnian!"
Suddenly familiar with the sound.
Bai Jingnian’s body froze and he didn’t turn around when he saw that familiar little figure had come to his side. His brow was slightly wrinkled.
Bai Qinying came to see Bei Yao but didn’t expect to see such a scene! Looking at Beiyao’s lip corner overflowing with filar silk blood, she looked at Bai Jingnian "Bai Jingnian! Why did you hit sister Yao! "
"Sister Yao, are you all right?" She leaned forward to look at the face injury of Bayo, and Bayo’s face was red and swollen.
Bei Yao forced a smile. "Qin Ying, I’m fine … it’s my own fault. It’s also my duty to punish me."
"Bai Jingnian even if Yao elder sister did something wrong, it would be nice if you reprimanded a few words. Why are you so heavy! How hateful! "
Bai Jingnian looked at Baguio with a sword in his eyes. "Just remember what I said this time, otherwise it won’t be so simple this time." He said and walked out of the room.
Bai Qinying frowned and shook his head at the man’s back. "What a tyrant!"
She took Baguio and sat down to find a medicine box to wipe Baguio’s medicine.
"Sister Yao ….." Looking at Beo’s face hurt, she felt pain for her!
Bayao smiled bitterly. "Sister Qinying Yao is fine."
Physical pain is nothing. The real pain is the heart.
She looked at Bai Qinying, and her heart was full of envy. The fate of the two people was somewhat similar. They both had no parents around Bai Jingnian for a long time, but the treatment was very different.
桑拿会所  title=Qin Ying is the princess in Bai Jingnian’s hand, and she … is nothing.
She loved Bai Jingnian first, but Bai Jingnian never had her place in her eyes.
"Sister Yao, what do you think?"
Bai Qinying waved the hand in front of Bei Yao.
Bei Yao came to her senses and shook her head. "Sister Yao thinks you are very lucky."
"Lucky?" "Well, Mr. Wang is an excellent man, and you have the love of others."

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