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After talking, Leng Yuqiu looked at her with a surprised look. "What happened to grandma?"

Xu Meizu kept blinking his eyes and trembled slightly all over.
D city when she was really confused by anger, why didn’t you think of this crop?
Well, it turns out that Ye Xiao is Yu Jinchuan and Gao Zhiqiu’s daughter Ye Xiao is 23 years old this year, which means that Gao Zhiqiu hooked up with Yu Jinchuan before marrying her own son.
If she remembers correctly, Leng Shijun told herself that Gao Zhiqiu was single and had not talked about her boyfriend …
Xu Meizu fidgeted and finally got up from the sofa and began to walk back and forth in the living room.
Leng Yuqiu couldn’t read it. He took the mobile phone and read the report carefully from beginning to end.
But in the end, apart from being jealous of Ye Xiao’s life experience, she still didn’t understand what this matter had to do with her adoptive father. Why would grandma be so angry?
Three minutes later, Leng Shijun came back from the outside with Wan Wan.
I may know that Wan Wan will be taken away by Han Minzhi soon, so after returning to A city, Leng Shijun will take his daughter to all parts of A city almost every day, as if cherishing this last time together.
My little girl was wearing a red cotton-padded jacket, chubby blushed and threw herself into her father’s arms and smiled very happily.
"Yu Qiu, you take Wan Wan Lou first." Xu Meizu finished pulling Leng Shijun directly into his room.
Wan Wan blinked. "What happened to her sister and grandmother?"
桑拿会所"How should I know?" LengYuQiu pie mouth "let’s go sister take you to the floor to play"
"But sister, my stomach is so hungry." Wan Wan stretched out his hand and touched his belly with a pathetic face.
"Then I’ll make you something to eat. You watch it for a while first." Leng Yuqiu turned on the TV and tuned it to a cartoon channel and then went into the kitchen.
In the bedroom
Xu Meizu directly handed the mobile phone to Leng Shijun without winding the door. "Shijun, can you tell me if that raining son is Gao Zhiqiu’s own daughter? !”
Leng Shijun was stunned. "Mom, who did you listen to?"
"So it’s true?" Xu Meizu suddenly opened his eyes.
"No" Leng Shijun quickly denied it.
"Now you still want to lie to me? Shijun, did you drink that woman’s soup? What’s so good about her? Or … Are you cheated by her? " Xu Meizu was suspicious from just now, and finally Leng Shijun’s attitude immediately confirmed the answer, so the whole person was even more angry.
"Mom, what are you guessing? No matter who Xiaoxiao’s biological mother is, does this have anything to do with us? I am divorced from Minzhi, and we will soon lose the Han family. Why do you care about these things? " Leng Shijun said impatiently
"Of course there is!" Xu Meizu trembled and pointed to the report photo. "Look carefully at this report. It says that Yu Jinchuan personally admitted that Gao Zhiqiu is his wife and Ye Xiao is his daughter. Doesn’t that mean that Ye Xiao is Gao Zhiqiu and his daughter?"
Today, 12 thousand is over ~
☆, 275 Everyone has been madly in love with someone.
"Of course there is!" Xu Meizu trembled and pointed to the report photo. "Look carefully at this report. It says that Yu Jinchuan personally admitted that Gao Zhiqiu is his wife and Ye Xiao is his daughter. Doesn’t that mean that Ye Xiao is Gao Zhiqiu and his daughter?"
Seeing Leng Shijun frowning and not talking, Xu Meizu gasped, his shoulders shook and his eyes widened. "Shijun, tell me honestly, does the Korean family know about this?"
"Mom!" Leng Shijun couldn’t help shouting that her eyes were getting red. "I beg you, ok? Can you stop! Because of you, Minzhi and I are divorced, and their Korean family has given us a clean break. Why do you still have to take care of other people’s affairs? Do you have to make them notorious to be satisfied? "
"…" Xu Meizu looked at the bottom of her eyes and her face was full of sadness and injury. "Because of me? Hehe, you divorced Minzhi because of me? "
Leng Shijun stretched out his hand and raked his hair. He was tired and didn’t want to say another word.
She is his mother, even if she ignores what his son says, he just loses his temper.
Xu Meizu pulled out a tissue and said sadly while wiping her tears, "Is Minzhi going to divorce you because I scolded her that day?" She has been married to you for so many years, but I don’t see it. She has long regretted it. She is still young, but she just dislikes your loneliness when you are old … "
Words haven’t say that finish LengShiJun "ooh" a lift up and went to the door and opened the door and went out.
"…" Mei-zu xu one leng and then hurriedly lift back to the past "the jun jun you don’t go …"
Outside, Leng Shijun has already gone up the stairs.
Sofa wan tactfully turned and looked at her with a small round face full of surprise and loss. "Grandma …"
Xu Meizu looked at the child and thought of the cruel daughter-in-law and went back to the house with a long face.
Wan wan "…"
After Leng Yuqiu came out of the kitchen with a bowl of scallion mixed noodles, she said carefully that "my sister and grandmother seem to have quarreled with my father."
Leng Yuqiu blinked and said, "Don’t talk nonsense and come to dinner."
Wan Wan pursed her lips. "It’s true that dad just went upstairs and grandma was very, very angry when she chased him out."
As soon as the words were finished, Xu Meizu’s door opened again, and she came out, seriously scaring the sisters not to say a word.
"Yuqiu, come here," she said seriously.
"Good" LengYuQiu handed chopsticks wan wan immediately lift and went away.
After careful consideration, Xu Mei Zulian finally understood that Gao Zhiqiu was the biological mother of Xiao Er, and even his own son already knew about it.

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