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"A week at most" Yu Yu answered.

"Well," Yu Dongchen nodded and said, "I don’t want to say anything superfluous. I believe that you have a sense of proportion now. Don’t forget that there are people waiting for you at home when you have a family and children. They need you very much."
Yu Yu slowly nodded "I know"
When a man is young, his heart is often filled with all kinds of ambitions, just like when he is investigating a case, he sometimes concentrates on forgetting himself … so that his peers are afraid to see it.
spa会所But now it’s different. When a man has a tie in his heart, he has his fatal weakness. It’s no longer suitable for such dangerous work in both public and private, otherwise he wouldn’t have thought it over and finally agreed to his mother’s transfer.
The next day, the three old people went to the hospital to meet Han Minxia and the children.
Gu just saw Yu Chengyan walking into the parking lot with his arms wrapped up. Han Minxia walked with him, followed by Yu’s elders and turned around Yu Chengyan’s arms.
He withdrew his eyes and lifted his feet. They passed by.
Han Minxia just wanted to look back at her shoulders when Yu Chengyan put her arms around her. "What are you looking at?"
"Was that man Gu Bei just now?" Han Minxia small asked
Because she has been looking at the child, she didn’t pay much attention to passing by. She glanced at it and didn’t know if it was too long, so she was afraid to recognize it.
"No" Yu Chengyan opened his eyes and lied.
"Oh" Han Minxia blinked without looking at the stretched out hand and pulled the little cotton blanket of Yu Jinshen’s children, for fear that she would be frozen, and her tender face was full of maternal love and kindness.
Her performance also made Yu Chengyan very satisfied. There were still some fluctuations. She immediately put her arm around her shoulder and walked around her waist until she got into the car.
When the car drove out of the parking lot, Gu Bei had already appeared in the direction of the inpatient building, but Yu Chengyan glanced at it lightly and bowed his head to continue teasing his arms.
Jiang Mengyi didn’t expect to come to the hospital at this time.
She took a look at it at 1: 03 p.m. It was supposed to be class time.
"Isn’t Beifang Company busy these days?" Jiang Mengyi asked
Gu Bei put the car keys on the table, took off his coat, sat on the sofa and said, "I resigned."
"What did you say? !” Jiang Mengyi shouted and looked at him as if she had blown up a lioness.
Gu stretched his legs to the north and turned his head with the same cold voice and expression. "I just went to the company and officially resigned as the president of Guggenheim Enterprise."
"what!" Jiang Mengyi slammed the bedside table, and her shoulders trembled slightly because of anger. Her eyes were even more sad and disappointed. "Do you know what you do in the north?" What are you quitting? Root no one forced you to attend to city prison can’t get out Gu Liqing root bucket but you what you want to give up first … "
"Mom" Gu looked north at her mouth and evoked a sneer. "This is not my thing. How can you say that you are giving up?"
"…" Jiang Mengyi looked white and then bit her teeth and said, "Nothing in this world must belong to anyone who believes that no one can want you to occupy that position …"
"Stop it" Gu North directly interrupted her to get up and her face expression also brought a little impatience. "After the illegitimate identity was exploded, I have fallen into the laughingstock in the eyes of all people in D City … Do you still want me to recite the title of" Treason "again? I’m sorry I can’t afford it. I’d rather … I have nothing than being spurned by thousands of people. "
Then he turned and wanted to go.
"North!" Jiang Mengyi shouted behind him, "You don’t need mom to think about people who are so old. I really don’t want to keep you from going north …"
"Don’t delay my own decision" Gu said to the north and went out without looking back.
He heard Jiang Mengyi crying in front of the door.
The rim of the eye is a little astringent, and the throat is even more infarcted, but for a second he raised his head and strode sharply to the ladder.
My period came every month, and those days came again. I didn’t have the spirit to go home all day and lay down until half past one … The second one came late.
☆, 432 melodramatic [attached to a small theater]
Back in the car, Gu Bei didn’t drive away immediately, but quietly sat in the driver’s seat and lit a cigarette.
In the smoke, his face became more and more secretive and he didn’t know what to think
I don’t know how long it took to be lost. The passenger’s cell phone rang a harsh bell.
He turned his head and looked at it. When he saw the name clearly, he frowned, and then he reached for it and put it in his ear.
Words are Lin defect call her head and ask "what’s going on north? I just heard that you resigned? True or false? "
Gu north light should be a "well".
The words were quiet for a while, and then Lin Biao said thoughtfully, "OK, I know, you can rest assured that I will support you no matter what decision you make."
Listening to the woman’s soft and understanding voice, Gu has been chilly and hard to the north, and her facial features have eased a little.
"By the way," Lin said at the other end, "I passed the supermarket today and bought a nutrition for my mother. I’ll send it to her at noon later."
Lin defect didn’t continue to say anything and didn’t ask about his whereabouts. He told him to drive slowly.
After putting words, Gu slowly reminded the north corner of his mouth with a smile, stubbed out cigarette butts and drove away from the hospital.
On the other side, the Yu family returned home by car.
The third crib in the nursery has been installed, and the room next door has been decorated, but it is not so easy to find a room, and it is still there for the time being.
As soon as Han Minxia got home, she was taken to the building by Yu Chengyan to rest. After all, she is still sitting on the moon and can’t see the wind too much.
Chang Huan Yan Lou found three old people sitting on the sofa in the living room with an infant child in his arms. Everyone’s face was full of mirth, and children came in the room from time to time. The sound of "making baby" was lively and warm.
Hearing the sound, Yang Xi turned back and held the child up. "Huanyan, are you okay?"
In the morning, I was in a hurry to go to the hospital and didn’t come to chat with my daughter-in-law. Yang Xi was an experienced person. Her husband went on a business trip soon after giving birth, and no one would feel comfortable.
So she still has some worries, afraid that her daughter-in-law will have any thoughts in her heart.
Chang Huanyan bent her lips and smiled softly, "Mom, I’m fine."

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