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I didn’t see Mu Lingtian when I came out of the bathroom at night. She wiped wet lulu’s hair with a towel and looked for him in the room. Did he go out?

My heart is a little tight. She doesn’t want him to go out at night. She can’t sleep well without him here.
Seeing a light in a room, she opened the door and went in.
Seeing Mu Lingtian relying on it to walk into Xihan at night, he asked softly, "Don’t you sleep yet?"
"You have to go to bed before you finish your work!" He judo
"How long will it take to finish?" She asked if there was a deep cut in her voice
"Want to wait for me to sleep?" Mu Lingtian raised his eyebrows and looked at her simple and honest, and somehow felt very soft in his heart … This little woman always didn’t give him this kind of feeling very warm and warm, and slowly shattered his solid and cold new house a little bit!
"Well" night Xihan can nod at the door. She wants to be hugged by him to sleep!
"Come here!" He gave a yangba and motioned her to walk into himself! Work is a little tired, and I really want to stick to her at the moment.
Night Xihan cleverly walked into the position two steps away from him and stopped
Mu Lingtian reached out and hooked her waist, took her into her arms and sat with his legs buried in his head. She sniffed at the tip of her chest and nose. Just after bathing, her body had an indescribable natural fragrance. It smelled good …
This is his favorite smell.
Yeh hee-han was holding his arms for his neck, and he also enjoyed his hug …
He hugged her for a while and let her go. "Little yao Jing, I still need a while. Go to bed first and don’t wait for me!" "
There is a little yao who works hard! God knows how much influence she has on herself. If I hold her, he will work hard.
"Can’t it work any longer?" Eyelashes quiver. She has to work so late to cut her mouth. She loves him so much!
"There are days to do! Go to sleep! " He pecked her cheek and let her go. God knows how much he doesn’t want to let her go. It’s hard to hold her!
Seeing that he let go of himself, although he was very greedy for his temperature, she was really busy. She didn’t want to disturb him again, so she said, "Don’t be too late … it’s not good for your health! Staying up late hurts your health! I’ll go to bed first … "
"well! Go to sleep! "
Night Xihan withdrew from the room and gently closed the door. He finally looked at him through the crack of the door, and his eyes were full of love for him.
Lying in bed thinking of returning to work, she is not sleepy at all.
How can we help him? She really doesn’t want him to work too hard? It’s tiring enough to manage a company, and he manages so many. How can it be eaten? He is a man of flesh and blood. Can he be busy with such a heavy workload?
The room is incredibly quiet, but her brain is a mess.
Really want him to do something?
I’m sideways. I’m not sleepy at all! Suddenly, something seemed to come to her mind. She got up again and wanted to heat him a glass of milk.
Although this is a hotel, everything in the refrigerator is very neat, and she is glad to find milk.
The room is also equipped with a water heater, and she directly pours milk into it to warm it up.
Send the hot milk to his room. When she walked in, she was absorbed in her work. He frowned at her brain. He didn’t notice her entering, and Ye Xihan didn’t bother her. Put away the milk and left quietly!
Muling Tiangong didn’t take care of everything today until four o’clock in the morning, picked up the table and took a few sips of milk! The milk was still hot when he picked up the cup and looked closely. What did he seem to realize? She came in several times and didn’t hear the sound. He was still a secret.
Raise a smile at the corner of his mouth. His heart is full of soft little yao essence. It’s really sweet …
She’s still up?
He got up with eyebrows and walked out of the room quickly.
Is she even and thin in the room? Is breathing light still bright? He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her sleeping. His cheeks could not help laughing! Xiao yao Jing is quiet and beautiful at the moment, just like a lotus flower that is pure, beautiful and clean … giving him a kind of comfort!
He went to the bathroom and took a bath. He dropped the lamp and put it around her waist from behind, turned her whole body over and let her little face sleep against his chest.
The ear is her breath, and the tip of her nose is her fragrance.
He found this feeling better than ever! Even if doing nothing is so simple, holding her is full of zu!
The next morning, there was a faint scent of flowers in the air. Night Xihan woke up in this elegant fragrance, and the warm sunshine spilled in through the glass window with a happy taste.
桑拿论坛Opening her sleepy eyes, she rolled over and felt the warm sunshine, reached out and explored the side position of the bed sheet and some warmth. It seems that he just got up! There is no water in the bathroom, and there is no other sound in the room. She thinks maybe he went to the company!
There is still his breath in the air, and she breathes hard. Her chest is inexplicably filled with a sweet and happy feeling …
There was a knock at the door in the room, followed by a male voice.
"Madam, are you awake?"
Night Xihan opened his eyes and stared at the door. Did he listen to her wrong? Was this sound addressed to her room?
She didn’t answer her ears and listened.
"Madam, I am the driver sent by the president to take you out and have a look around!" The driver spoke again.

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