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"Don’t follow"

Slowly, they walked in the direction of your crazy bedroom. When they met a maid-in-waiting passing by, Zhu Yixian would nod to them, but he didn’t care about it as usual.
Because of the routine early morning on the wedding day, the palace attendants and ladies-in-waiting don’t have to be so nervous to help the ladies-in-waiting crazy, so they go to the palace by themselves first, and most of them keep the door waiting for the call of the crazy.
The palace attendants in Qianlong Palace are not eunuchs. They are all teenagers under the age of 16. After entering the palace at the age of 12, most of them are sent out of the palace to match a good job. If you want to stay in the palace, few men will send you or go to the dignitaries’ homes to help you, you need to pass the examination; Of course, it’s not a party if you want to get rich and get fame. It’s best to arrange for them without asking about their family background.
Because of this, the competition of palace attendants is more intense than that of palace maids. Those who can stay in the palace have money or brains.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Lessons learned from watching domestic violence paparazzi
Zhu Yixian touched the bedroom and looked behind the rockery. Listen carefully. There seems to be no one in the bedroom, wondering if they haven’t got a bed yet.
Supposedly, it makes sense that the newlyweds love each other a little later, but it happened that Zhu Yixian rolled his eyes again and again as if he had found something unexpected, wondering what to do with it.
Just thinking about it, I heard a young voice next to me, "You three are dying, and the duty guard is actually playing."
"Oh, big brother, it’s not that you don’t know that the Lord doesn’t need us to wait on him. He wants to see that we are interested in playing and can still mix together." A younger voice answered.
"Brother, let’s play two games. If we don’t play big, we’ll have a good luck." Another voice echoed.
"Brother, if you want to press, hurry up. Don’t hesitate to buy it."
Listen to the first sound and scold three people. Now you must be the last one to hear the fourth sound.
The man who was called "big brother" by three people also joined the gambling game with luck and kept muttering, "Let’s play if we agree."
While four people are playing Zhu Yixian, I took a look and found that four people are playing a very simple game of dice and betting on the size.
The first one, as he said, pressed a game to satisfy his fun, and then he began to urge others to clean up early, which shows that he really has a responsibility; It was others who stubbornly dragged him on by surprise.
"After all, it’s our housekeepers who are on duty, and even the team leader plays with me." The young man at the beginning sighed. "Besides, the situation in Qianlong Palace is not what it used to be. It’s nothing for us to serve a main base. Now we can have another Empress, but if we let her catch a current one."
Just then, the palace attendant beside him patted him and said, "Boss, someone has entered."
"I haven’t seen the Empress, and I don’t even know the Lord."
品茶"No, no, no," said the youngest of the four. "She just seemed to stare at us and then kicked the door in."
"What’s the fuss about when the Empress Dowager was a princess?"
"Not really, eldest brother, haven’t you noticed that the Empress Dowager has a sword in his hand regardless of whether we kick the door directly?"
Smell speech heading young gasp in a gasp, three people each knocked a "to die that’s Yin Di to send a sword, it is said that the general artifact may easily break in front of it. I’ll go and see if you see Mr. Adult, tell him to tighten his skin and don’t die."
"Yeah, I see." "Okay." "Boss, you have to protect us."
The young man who headed ignored him and crept to the door to look around. The Lord didn’t call him, so he didn’t dare to go in easily.
The other three people hurriedly put away the dice and returned to their posts in a polite way.
At this time, Zhu Yixian dared to flash out from the back of the rockery and find a palace attendant. He pretended to ask you where you were crazy. He came to the conclusion that you were crazy about taking a bath. He didn’t need to look at the door like a children’s palace attendant. He usually kept a low profile and needed it when he was strong
In order to facilitate them to explore the privacy of some important people, the current affairs alliance has made a special trip to refine a small spirit device that can be directly driven by the mind. It is not easy to be found and can see the room very intuitively. He wishes Yixian that he still likes this convenient little thing.
If you are newly married, you will lose your peace. This time, you can find something good.
Qin Xiao rushed into the room with a sword and accidentally found that no one was "getting up" in bed.
The wedding won’t affect those disgruntled old ministers to hand over the throne, so these three days’ work has piled up again. Before adding it, Qin Xiao had to get up early and tell Jun Kuang to come and help earlier.
But you’re not the only one who didn’t come here. Jun Qian and Huo Jiujian didn’t come here. She caught two maids and asked and heard that these three he is my brother probably got together. Can you wait a little longer? It’s not that you’re tired of waiting. Just copy the guy and hit someone.
When she turned around, she saw that she often saw the palace attendants, so she asked, "Where are you?"
"You should bathe and ask the Empress to wait a little."
"What about Mr Adult?"
"I haven’t seen it yet"
Qin Xiao didn’t ask anything, but he waved testily and indicated that the palace maid could go to busy herself. The palace maid was scared by Qin Xiao’s sharp momentum and cold sweat. I heard that she could go, and she bowed hastily if she was granted Amnesty.
Junkuang and Junqian are two brothers who are soaking Huo Jiujian in the pool and guarding them. If Qin Xiao comes to find someone, it can also explain one.

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