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Lin Shu smiles. "Of course I’m happy. You’ll be happy if I tell you."

"Then hurry up and say no to sell."
"An Jinyao, I solemnly announce to you that you want to be a grandfather again."
An jinyao’s eyes lit up. "Is there a thousand snows again?"
Lin Shu-wan nodded, "Well, that’s right again."
"It’s great to have a good wife. After we settle down, it’s really a bustling city."
When I arrived in Wancheng, Lin Shu Wan missed Wancheng Day a little. She sighed, "Wancheng, my favorite place, when can we go back to live permanently?"
An Jinyao took her into her arms and whispered, "Wife, don’t worry, we will go back."
Lin Shu-wan nodded and leaned into his arms. "It’s just that we should be a family together."
Yun Qian Xue went back to the room, and the whole person was a little dull. Once again, when the mother’s joy was diluted by Fang An, she sat on the bed after returning to the room.
When Anchen entered the room, she looked like this.
An Chen went to her side and took her into her arms and asked softly, "Do you still miss your life?"
Yun Qianxue sighed, "It’s hard to think about it or not. After all, it’s so unacceptable."
If others know that they may be rich and powerful, they will be happy, but it is different that she is not rare to be rich and powerful. She wants to be simple.
Anchen soothingly kissed her face and whispered, "Well, don’t think too much. It’s not good for the baby in the belly. Oh, you should be happy from now on, you know? I don’t like to see you frown, "he said and rubbed her eyebrows."
Yun Qianxue smiled and immediately asked, "By the way, where have you just been?"
"I went to find my mother."
"What do you want with her?"
"Tell her about your pregnancy. My mother is so happy."
桑拿会所  title=Yun Qianxue’s face was covered with black lines. "It’s so late now. Don’t you know that your mother has gone to bed?"
"I know, but I just want to tell her now." Anchen laughed.
"She won’t be angry if you disturb her sleep so late?"
"I’m not angry. My mother is so happy."
"Chen, I don’t think you are so used to sex."
An Chen looked sad. "That’s true. My mother is really used to me. Who told me to be so disappointing?"
Cloud thousand snow "…"
Recommend a good friend, Yan Yan’s essay "Rebirth a Peasant Woman"
☆, Chapter one hundred and seventeen Pro-appraisal results
The next morning, Lin Shu-wan couldn’t wait to share the news of Yunqianxue’s pregnancy again with you, but within half an hour, the news of Yunqianxue’s pregnancy again spread all over Anzhai.
The happiest person is An Fengnian. After all, An Fengnian is over ten years old. His favorite thing to see is that his children and grandchildren are in groups.
There are many grandchildren in this generation, but there is only one child in the next generation. Now Qiao Ying has a cloud in her stomach and another in her stomach, which makes it three. If they are both boys this time, it will be more perfect.
When An Fengnian received the news, he suddenly felt that the future of settling down was full of hope. Early in the morning, he was in a good mood and asked the housekeeper Zhuang Qi to prepare red envelopes for the servants. The servants were also very happy. After all, the master’s family had a happy event and they also benefited from being servants
The news spread too fast. When Yunqianxue came, everyone knew that she was pregnant. The girls who had not come to the main house early turned out to be all over the main house to say congratulations to her.
My family is so enthusiastic, it’s natural that I’m glad that the little depression caused by Fang An’s incident last night has dissipated.
Last night, Anchen comforted her for a long time, and she finally figured it out. No matter who she is, her daughter Yunhao is always her closest father, because he gave her fatherly love, which is not inferior to that of a father in the world. She felt very satisfied with her life and family, and she always felt very happy.
When Yan Yan saw Yunqian Snow coming, she ran happily towards her. She went to Yunqian Snow and touched Yunqian Snow’s belly. She cried with joy, "My brother, mommy, Yan Yan has a younger brother."
Yun Qianxue touched her head funny. "Silly girl still doesn’t know if it’s her brother or sister."
"Brother, this, this" Yan Yan pointed to Yunqian Xuedu’s waxy opening.
Yun Qianxue squatted down and wanted to pick her up and come to Chen to stop her. "Wife Yan Yan has become heavy now, so don’t hug her."
Anchen said, picking up Yan Yan. He kissed Yan Yan’s face with a chuckle. "Baby, you can’t let your mother hug you before your sister comes out. If you want your mother to hug you, it will crush your sister."
Yun Qianxue’s face was covered with black lines. "How do you know I’m a sister?"
"Let’s settle down for feng shui. You will know it when you look at our generation."
"Nonsense, who said that settling down for Feng Shui is giving birth to a girl? I think it’s a boy in Qian Xue’s belly. "An Fengnian didn’t know when he came out. He retorted discontentedly when he heard Anchen’s words.
Anchen looked at him and laughed. "Grandpa can’t see that you still know how to look at men and women. After I’ve learned a lot, who wants to know whether the baby in the belly is a man or a woman will not do B-ultrasound? Just come to you directly."
An Fengnian listened to An Chen’s words and suddenly burst into tears. "Smelly little boy comes to entertain your grandfather. I like it when it’s a boy in Qianxue’s stomach. What’s wrong?"
Anchen curled her lips. "Boys and girls are not ours to decide whether they are our treasures."
Mrs. An interjected, "Well, it’s too early to discuss whether it’s a man or a woman in a few months."
An Fengnian nodded. "Well, that’s true."
On the question of boys and girls, Anchen did not listen to their words, but he was noncommittal. Anyway, even if he could go to see them then, he would not like to see them because he likes both boys and girls.
Qiao Ying has been pregnant for more than six months, and her belly has grown so tall. She is tall and has a good physical quality. Although the child is more than six months old, she still walks very smoothly.
She was also very happy for her when she learned that Yunqianxue was pregnant. She held Yunqianxue’s hand and smiled, "Qianxue, we have become pregnant women and we have company."
Yun Qianxue nodded with a smile. "Well, yes, but you can unload the goods in more than three months, and I have to wait more than one month."
Qiao Ying touched her belly and smiled. "Well, I’m really looking forward to it. I really want to meet him."
Yun Qianxue nodded understandingly. "When I was pregnant with Yan Yan, I was also looking forward to meeting her. I was so happy at that moment, just like winning a battle."
Now that they have more common language, they can sit together and talk for an afternoon. Lin Shu-wan is very happy when she looks at the harmonious relationship between her two daughters-in-law. This has always been her expectation, and now she finally gets what she wants.
After three days of treatment in Fang ‘an Hospital, the whole person recovered some vitality and couldn’t wait for Fang Jinwen to tell him the result.
When Fang Jinwen took him and Yun Qianxue’s hair for personal identification, he said it was three days before the results came out, and he couldn’t wait to ask questions.
Fang Jinwen didn’t come to get the report early in the morning. He was just about to go out when his father called.
He nai tunnel "dad, I just went out. I’ll get it now."
"You call your friend first and let him tell you the result first. I want to know now." Fang An eagerly tunnel.
Fang Jinwen simply replied in distress situation, "Okay, I’ll call him now and I’ll call you back later."
"Well" Fang An pressed a hurriedly hang up the words and didn’t want to delay Fang Jinwen’s call.

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