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After eating, I finally received a call from Lin Shengwen.

Lin Shengwen said positively to me, "Just now, Lao Tang and I have said that Lao Tang agreed to meet you, but there is one requirement."
"What requirements"
"This matter can’t be known to the fourth person outside the three of us."
I said, "Well, that’s no problem. How soon will he want to see me?"
"I can see you today. He is now in Shenzhen Second Hospital."
I was suddenly surprised. "Isn’t he Beijing in the second hospital?"
"Some things are not very good. Just say less about this place. He is still safe for the time being. Don’t worry about it. If you want to find him, just go."
Hang up, I immediately left Jingxuan Hotel and drove towards the Second Hospital.
When I came to the door of the second hospital, I took out my mobile phone and sent me a message according to Lin Shengwen. I quickly ran to the ward of Tang Tiansuo.
I knocked at the door of the ward and heard the reply before I went in.
Bed Tang Tianyi looked old and sat on the bed and saw me coming. He didn’t let go of the newspaper and looked at me.
I smiled at him and said, "What’s the matter with manager Tang?"
"Do you ask in a narrow sense?"
"It’s a simple condolence to Tang. It’s always worrying."
I took a chair and sat down in front of Tang Tian and said, "I didn’t expect to meet this place when I was treated in Beijing Hospital."
"I’m from Shenzhen, and I’m just back here."
I was stunned and then exclaimed, "Tang is always from Shenzhen."
"Not only that, but I have been close friends with your manager Nan Sheng since childhood, but he left so long before me."
For the first time, I saw a sigh of resignation in Tang Tianshen. There was a far cry from this man in front of me, but now I can have the opportunity to talk with him so calmly.
Now he is no longer the president of the tall Down’s Regiment, but an old man who is sick and disabled.
Tang Tian looked up and put away the original emotion and said to me, "Do you still hate me now?"
"Hate comes back to hate" I asked Tang Tian to show the same eyes as him.
Tang Tian’s eyes are changing in a complicated way. It seems that there are many words he wants to say, but there is no direct expression. Instead, he looks at me silently.
I finally broke the silence at the moment and said to Tang Tian, "If it was because you stopped me from being with Yan Jiaxin, it seems to be the most normal thing for me now. After all, every father wants his daughter to have a good home. I don’t know what happened in that year, but you didn’t want Yan Jiaxin to be good, otherwise you wouldn’t have given him such an important position instead of Tang Xiao. Tang Xiao is also your son, and I don’t think your feelings for him will be less than Yan Jia Xin’s. It is understandable that you gave her this position compensation and she didn’t let you down.
"I’m not good with her."
I nodded and said, "No one’s feelings are so easy to change because of the abandonment theory for more than two years."
Tang Tian coughed a little uncomfortable in front of me as soon as he wanted to talk. After that, he said to me, "It seems that you didn’t give her the ability to live a happy life at the beginning and she wouldn’t belong to that kind of plain life woman."
"I don’t deny this. Not only does Mr. Tang recognize me like this, but I also know that I have no ability to give Yan Jiaxin a better life like Mr. Tang. Because she is Yan Xincheng’s granddaughter, she will definitely not be relegated to dullness if she wants to walk."
Tang Tian nodded, "Yes, because she is Yan Xincheng’s granddaughter."
I asked Tang Tian with inquisitive eyes, "Mr. Tang, you and Master Yan have heard that it is not very good."
"It’s not good"
"At that time"
Tang Tian was angry with me, "I don’t want to do this again."
I immediately stopped asking questions, but got up from my chair and went to the window to open it. The sunshine outside is charming. I feel that the sun is facing Tang Tian at the moment and said, "Manager Tang, the weather is fine today. Sometimes it will be very different to feel the sunshine and walk outside."
"It’s been a long time since I went out to feel the sunshine. It’s just as true that the whole person in this hospital has been ruined. I’m not too old to do anything. Many things are clear."
I turned around and looked at me with a serious face and said, "You came to me today just to know something from me that I can tell you."
"So don always knows everything?"
Tang Tian shook his head. "I don’t know much, but I know something she doesn’t know."
"Tang always pushed Yan Jia Xin to the forefront."
Tang Tian didn’t deny my words and admitted it directly. "Yes, I pushed her to this position because I believe she can do it well. Didn’t you just say that she didn’t let me down?"
桑拿网I was furious. "Do you know that you almost killed her? She almost died."
Tang Tian also made an angry way, "Do you think so many things will happen to her if such things were not your so-called feelings with her? It’s all you."
The two of us glared at each other, and the atmosphere in this ward seemed to be ignited by the anger of both of us.
And this dazzling sunshine has slowly shifted from the ground to behind me, and my whole person is completely tensed by this temperature.
Chapter V Real Control
I don’t know how long it took Tang Tian to finally put away his anger and I slowly changed my expression back to normal.
He sat in the hospital bed and shook his head, then closed his eyes and sighed, "It’s all fate."
I turned around and stared at everything outside the window, and unconsciously took out a cigarette from my pocket and lit it.
After smoking for half, I seem to feel the bitterness in this cigarette. Then I put it out and threw it into the trash can next to it. Then I continued to say to Tang Tian, "Manager Tang, I want to ask you one thing. Just know one thing."
Tang Tian looked at me with indifferent eyes and said, "Ask me if you want. Since you came to me, you must want an answer. At that time, I hid a debt from you."
"Now, how many forces are there in Down syndrome? Who wants to really pull down syndrome?"
Tang Tian was silent for a long time and finally said to me, "I don’t know how many shares of strength there are, but I am sure that their purpose is not to pull Down’s water but to really control it."
The word "real control" in Tang Tian is very heavy, and I can hear it clearly. It seems that things have evolved to the point where even the once all-powerful business circle bosses can control it. Now, Down’s calm is temporary, and even with the intervention of Nan Sheng and Haitian, this calm can’t last long.
Maybe those people waited for an opportunity, and now we can wait for them to stop it by all means because they found that opportunity.
"Do you have anything else to ask?" Tang Tian said to me again
I shook my head and replied, "I don’t know. General Manager Tang has told me again. Some things don’t have to be finished. You must explore the truth yourself to find the answer that belongs to you. Maybe you have one answer or maybe I will be a different answer."
Tang Tian’s eyes are very complicated, with feelings, satisfaction and nai. There are so many secrets in this man that I can’t figure out what he really wants now, even if he gives me the answer, it is such a statement full of unknowns.
Looking at the sunshine outside being gradually covered by dark clouds, I finally reached out and opened the window. I knew I was leaving and I couldn’t get anything if I stayed here.
Good window I nodded at Tang Tian and walked towards the door. Tang Tian suddenly stopped me and said, "You really don’t want to know something else about that girl."
"What if I know and what if I don’t know? What I can do now is to help her."
"Who is she?" Tang Tian asked me again.

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