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"Yes, I remember. I have a twin sister …" She just asked tentatively. Looking at his expression, she felt even more that what a mysterious man said was true! Ling Tian cheated her!

"…" Eyes flashing a MuLingTian don’t know at the moment, such as opening the doctor said she this kind of situation is difficult to restore memory! Even if she wants to recover, she is stimulated by something. She suddenly remembered that it really surprised him! "Cold son, let’s go to the hospital to check one now!" He has to make sure whether her memory has really come back.
"Ling Tian didn’t go to the hospital to confirm … I remembered a lot of things before. Can you tell me where my sister is?" She doesn’t want to talk to him like this, but she can’t stand it if he deceives herself like this.
She felt that Ling Tian must have done something to her sister before he deliberately concealed himself and didn’t want to let himself know the truth.
In the face of Xia Han’s tough attitude, Mu Lingtian was silent, which was something he didn’t want to happen.
Let him say what? Tell her that Xia Xue died because she woke up!
桑拿按摩So Xia Han will hate him. After all, he killed her only relative!
"What don’t tell me? Tell me … Where’s my sister? Tell me where she is? " Xia Han ignored her eyes and looked at Mulingtian coldly. She imagined that this man was cheating on her.
"Cold son, you listen to me explain …" Explain what? He can’t explain it at all.
"Ling day what do you want to lie to me you explain, I want to know the truth! You say … "Xia Han Yang, this is the first time he got angry with Muling Day after he found himself.
"Cold son, you calm down first …" Looking at her, she was so excited that Mu Lingtian tried to hug her but was dodged by Xia Han.
"Tell me about my sister? Where did you take her? " Tears suddenly poured out, and she wanted to know how this man wanted to lie to himself!
"Cold son, I can’t tell you clearly at the moment!" He try to soothe her feelings.
"So these are all true? Did you really cheat me? " Xia Han was so excited that he fainted after yelling at Jihuo for a second.
Looking at her, Muling was in a hurry. "Cold son, cold son …" She picked her up and shouted to see that she didn’t respond. She rushed to the hospital with a panic.
"Mr. Mu’s brain dialysis chart shows that Miss Xia’s congestion has not been completely resolved."
Mu Lingtian wondered, "What do you mean?"
"Judging from the situation, it is impossible for Miss Xia to restore her memory!" The doctor explained, "This circle on the face has a lot of traces of blood stasis. It’s hard to dissipate when you think about it! At present, the most advanced instrument in the world needs less than five years to dissipate a little bit, even if the department dissipates, it may not be able to restore memory … "
"You mean she hasn’t regained her memory?"
"You can say that! However, there are always miracles in medicine, and it is impossible to guarantee that Miss Xia is really a miracle, and the memory has been restored! Or restore a little memory! "
Section 169
Mu Lingtian was unhappy with this explanation and made him angry. "I want to know the most accurate answer!"
The doctor saw Mu Lingtian’s frown and adjusted his words. "I’m sorry that Mr. Mu’s current Chinese technology can check these! Foreign countries are advanced. Mr. Leng might as well … "
On the evening of that day, Mu Lingtian prepared a private jet and flew abroad to complete the inspection before he was sure.
In the morning, Mu Lingtian was alone in front of the window, and the sunshine obliquely printed her side face.
He turned to look at the bed, and the sleeping woman thought to herself.
Since Xia Han didn’t recover her memory, she knows these things!
How did she know she had a sister?
The servants in the villa are all new. He just wants to prevent the servants who served Xia Xue from spilling the beans. He gave them a sum of money to go home and change these servants. They don’t even know Xia Xue!
Besides, I know that there are very few snowmen in summer!
How on earth did Xia Han know all this?
Who told her?
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Who has Xia Han been in contact with recently?
MuLingTian thinking while waiting for …
Eyebrows thinking about mobile phone shook up.
"The president found out that Miss Xia has really contacted some people recently!"
"What person?"
"Well, President Xia and Miss Ye have met several times! Miss Xia’s wedding designer is Miss Ye! Whether it’s Miss Night or not is the responsibility of Miss Night. When the designer went abroad, he gave this design to Miss Night! "
"Tell me her company address!"

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