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When Yu Tingchuan came back, she had curled up with the famous book and slept there.

I was awakened by the sound of the key on the glass coffee table, and the whole Song Dynasty was asleep. It was a man’s tall and generous figure. He was picking his left wrist watch in front of the bedside table.
"Did I wake you?" Yutingchuan turned around.
Song Qingcheng saw the thin blanket and guessed who helped him cover it, but he didn’t deliberately lift his feet and drag them with cotton. He casually asked, "Did you send Yujing home?"
Yu Tingchuan, um, went to the coat and hat to get a change of clothes.
When he took a bath, Song Qingcheng got into bed and leaned against the pillow to continue watching Jane Eyre.
Yu Tingchuan pushed open the bathroom door and came out to see Song Qingcheng didn’t sleep. His legs were bent and Song Qingcheng looked at English. Some words were strange, and she even guessed.
I was about to turn over a page when my leg was taken away
Song city followed raised his head-
Yu Tingchuan closed his hardcover and threw it directly at the bedside table. "It depends on watching it during the day and not touching it later."
"Then I play mobile phone" Song Qingcheng said.
Yu Tingchuan said, "Go to bed early and don’t give yourself a hard time."
Song Qingcheng understood his meaning and didn’t go to get a mobile phone to say, "I don’t want to sleep so early."
It’s getting late. It’s almost ten o’clock.
"Don’t want to sleep and lie down"
Song Qingcheng looked at Yu Tingchuan’s bed and turned slightly to the side. Yu Tingchuan noticed that she was moving. "Lying so close is not afraid of falling in the middle of the night?"
"…" Song whole good move back glad bed is very big.
Yu Tingchuan leaned against the bed and saw that she was deliberately alienated and Gherardini. "Are you afraid of boring yourself with this cover?"
The whole song dynasty pulled to reveal the whole little face.
It’s rare for her to be so obedient. Yu Tingchuan took a lighter and lit a cigarette. Song Qingcheng smelled dry tobacco, and the white boy was gone. He was no longer fighting back his addiction. His thoughts were flying and he heard him say, "Try to rest at home these days and learn to drive. If you have anything to solve yourself, don’t try to be brave."
I can’t solve it by myself …
Song city thought what he meant?
Late at night, the moonlight covered the curtains. Yu Tingchuan finished smoking and went to bed.
The whole song dynasty didn’t fall asleep for a long time, as if she had returned to the former. She looked up at the ceiling and I don’t know how long it was in the past. The person next to her turned over and casually held her to a solid arm.
Song Qingcheng tried to sleep with a wink of sleep.
The next day, Song Qingcheng couldn’t follow Yu Tingchuan to the company. When he was dressed, she was still sleeping under the covers. Yu Tingchuan didn’t force her to go to class by herself.
Out of the villa, Lao Zhao has prepared a good car.
Yu Tingchuan stopped when he didn’t have a car and told Lao Zhao, "My wife may have to go out. You can help her drive today."
Say that finish striding straight towards the garage.
Lao Zhao leng leng immediately to react YuTingChuan mouth’ wife’ refers to who?
Song Qingcheng grabbed her mobile phone when she woke up. It was almost half past ten when she looked at it. She stayed in bed for a while and slowly got up at nearly eleven o’clock.
I opened the curtain before going to the French window and found it was cloudy.
Song Qingcheng stepped barefoot on the floor and held himself in his hands for a while before turning to the bathroom.
Aunt Gong has prepared lunch.
Song Qingcheng simply forgot to change clothes after eating the building. Call Shen Che when he feels it’s almost time.
It’s a little noisy over there. "Then I’ll pick you up now."
Song Qingcheng learned that he attended the homecoming and didn’t let him come here specially "I will just take a taxi myself"
Two people made an appointment to meet outside Shen Che’s party hotel.
Hang up and talk about Song Qingcheng Building.
Aunt Gong was cleaning the living room. When she saw her carrying a bag to go out, she immediately said, "Lao Zhao’s family asked him to take you."
Song Qingcheng was surprised, "Why didn’t Master Zhao go to the company?"
"I didn’t know that Mr. Wang drove to the company by himself today."
Then Aunt Gong called Lao Zhao.
品茶论坛  title=Song Qingcheng just walked out of the villa and Lao Zhao also came out of the small building. After Lao Zhao quickly took the car, Song Qingcheng reported the name of the hotel. The car drove to Sidong Road and Song Qingcheng asked, "Do you have a rest today?"
"No," Lao Zhao smiled. "Manager Yu said that his wife wanted a car and asked me to stay at home."
Song Qingcheng’s smile is boring to that wife, which means Lao Zhao.
At the entrance of the hotel, Song Qingcheng said to Lao Zhao in front of the car door, "I’ll go to the police station with my friends later to get a bite. I’ll take his car. Go home first."
Say goodbye to Lao Zhao and Song Qingcheng and walk to the four-star hotel.
She didn’t go upstairs to find someone to send a text message to Shen Che and then wait in the reception area of the hotel lobby.

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