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Then Yujing came running from the building.

Yutingchuan looked back without trace and said nothing more.
Yujing saw her uncle’s building andao. Did she have the foresight to take the novel by luck? Compared with her parents, she was more in awe of this uncle who didn’t talk much on weekdays. She felt that lying in front of him would be awkward to prevent Yutingchuan from questioning her building. She quickly took Song Qingcheng to the cashier to check out.
"Scared me to death." When paying, Yujing touched her chest and looked like a ghost in shock.
The whole song dynasty turned his head slightly and glanced at Yutingchuan’s position. It happened that he received a message and turned around and walked out of the store first.
Yu Jing said, "If my second uncle finds out that I read novels, he will definitely tell my mother."
"He doesn’t like to speak behind the meeting" Song Qingcheng answered the words.
Yujing shrugged his shoulders and took Song Qingcheng’s arm with affection. "Since I was nine years old, my mother has spent most of her time in the hospital taking care of my father. Even when I go home on weekends, I may not see her, but I have heard her ask my uncle to watch me more than once."
Section 6
Yu Jing’s father, Yu Qi, Dong Yu’s parents, former head of Hengyuan, was in a coma after a car accident years ago.
In less than half a year, Yu’s family was also exposed to the crisis of marriage.
A year later, the divorce procedure was officially completed.
The South City of Yujia is a truly distinguished family, but even the hexagram magazines are vague about the situation of Yujia. I know that Hengyuan Group was Yu Tingchuan’s father Yu Linjiang, and after the establishment of reform and opening up in Hong Kong, the focus of the market slowly shifted to the mainland, while Yu Linjiang’s father Yu always retired from the central government to a certain minister.
The roots of Yu family are very large, and I’m afraid Yujing’s family may not be clear.
The car dormitory turned off and the rain stopped outside.
Many students come and go back to school on weekends, either carrying bags or holding thermos bottles.
Although Yujing is the dormitory next door to Song Qingcheng at the same level, it is a different building.
After the car, Song Qingcheng took out his luggage case from the trunk.
"Your hand is hurt. Let my uncle help you move it," said Yu Jing.
"No, clothes are not heavy in summer."
Song Qingcheng just said that the car door was opened and Yu Tingchuan got off the bus. The man is personable and mature, and the campus is like a charming landscape.
Yu Jing said, "Uncle, can you carry the whole box upstairs?"
Before Yu Tingchuan answered the song whole city, "I really can take it myself today. Thank you, Yujing. I’ll go ahead later." And she turned to Yu Tingchuan to say goodbye. "Goodbye, Mr. Yu."
YuTingChuan well one.
Song Qingcheng dragged luggage case to No.3 dormitory building.
Among the many students who come and go, her back is beautiful and looks different from others, but she can be identified by blinking.
spa会所Yu Jing met her roommate and said goodbye to her second uncle.
Yutingchuan didn’t leave immediately. He looked at the gate of Song City, Building No.3 in front.
He lit a cigarette and leaned against the car and smoked silently.
Just spit out the first smoke turn. Song Qingcheng’s figure appeared in his sight. She was carrying a medium-sized luggage case at the second floor corridor window. It was not hard but a little cumbersome. She hung her head slightly and seemed to have hair slipping from her temples. She quickly disappeared. It didn’t take long for the corner on the second floor to reappear at the third floor window.
On the way, there were girls’ buildings in twos and threes. She quietly went to the side and waited for the corridor to swing before continuing.
Her figure didn’t appear at the fifth floor window again.
Yu Tingchuan stubbed out a cigarette and threw it into the garbage can beside the road.
There’s a call from Gangche Company.
After a brief explanation of Yu Tingchuan’s hanging up, he lost his mobile phone in the passenger seat. He was just about to start the car, but he saw the color in the rearview mirror. He turned around and saw a white umbrella with daisy flower patterns lying quietly on the right foot pad in the back row.
☆, Chapter 11 Who made your home in good condition?
Back to the dormitory, Song Qingcheng put luggage case in the property cabinet, just washed his face and came out from washing his hands and received Yu Jing’s words, "Let’s have dinner together and just have something for you."
Fifteen minutes later—

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