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Mo Yan looked at Yin Anran and knew that he had no more questions about Xiao Ran. He took one look and turned to leave.

At this time, Shen Feng came in.
"President, the police have collected the surveillance and found that the car that hit Miss Yin is this 712," Shen Feng said and handed over a photo.
Mo Yan heard Shen Feng’s words before he reached the door. !
As soon as his body froze, he turned around and walked quickly to Shen Feng and picked up the photo. "Is this the right one?"
Shen Feng looked at Mo Yan and nodded "Well"
Meng Yichen looked at him. "What’s the matter?"
Mo Yan pursed his lips in disbelief. After looking at the photo for a moment, he slowly said, "This … is a MOna car!"
"Yin Mengting? !”
Mo Yan doesn’t want to believe it, but this car is indeed Yin Mengting! Can’t be wrong
Meng Yichen clenched her hands into fists. What a Yin Mengting!
"Shen Feng is connected with the police station!"
Shen Feng nodded clearly. "I know how to be the president."
Meng Yichen looked at the sickbed and held her hand. "Staying your kindness didn’t change her conscience. I won’t be soft this time!"
Mo Yan quickly left the ward, clutching the photo in his hand.
This Yin Mengting can be cured!
Yin Mengting immediately hid in a place after hitting someone.
I did it on impulse.
Yin Mengting was not afraid that it was false. She saw the news and knew that the police were investigating her. At that time, her brain was hot. She didn’t know whether Yin Anran heard her talk yesterday, but she felt that there was!
So she is afraid that Yin Anran will report her when she hears it!
Afraid of adding to Yin Anran’s original jealousy department, she can’t care about anything and wants Yin Anran to disappear from this world completely! She disappeared and everything was calm again!
Yin Mengting’s words rang and she was startled. When she saw it was her mother, she picked it up and her voice trembled. "Mom …"
Pei Yun got the news from Mo Yan and she couldn’t believe it when she knew it!
"MOna, no matter how much you hate her, you can’t do such a thing. You are killing people!"
Yin Mengting frowns. It’s already done. Besides, it’s meaningless!
"Mom, you say these now? Why don’t you help me find a way to escape this robbery? By the way, what about Yin Anran? Is she dead? !”
If Yin An dies, it’s worth it this time, regardless of the result!
"She’s not awake yet, but I hear it’s nothing serious."
Yin Mengting couldn’t believe "that bitch’s life is so big? ! Then I didn’t do everything for nothing! "
"MOna, I think you’d better come back. Just turn yourself in and say that the car suddenly got out of control. I didn’t mean to. I’ll let your dad talk about it again. I don’t think you’ll have anything to do." Pei Yun persuaded.
"no! I can never go back and turn myself in! "
If she turns herself in, she’s dead!
Yin Anran woke up the next day.
Yin Dongjin also came to see her. He almost fainted after knowing that it was Yin Mengting!
His daughter has done such a crazy thing!
The police have been looking for Yin Mengting.
Yin Dongjin looked at Meng Yichen. He really wanted to intercede with Meng Yichen, but looking at Yin Anran wrapped in gauze, he didn’t know how to speak.
He always knew that this happened to Meng Yichen … afraid that Meng Yichen was angry.
He sighed and walked out of the ward.
Meng Yichen held her hand tightly in the ward for a long time and didn’t want to let go of her eyes. "I won’t let that woman go again this time," he said.
Yin Anran didn’t intercede with Yin Mengting this time. She has given Yin Mengting many opportunities, but she always doesn’t know how to cherish it and goes too far every time!
She has a good heart, but it doesn’t mean that she has to smile and forgive every time she is framed!
What’s more, Yin Mengting really wants her life this time. She always remembers that when she was hit, she looked up and saw the malicious eyes. The eyes hated her very much. She knew that Yin Mengting didn’t like her, but how much did she hate her if she wanted her life so badly?
Yin Mengting hid in the outer suburbs for a day, and she didn’t dare to go outside. The police Meng Yichen looked for her.
Doing something on impulse leads to calm down afterwards and regret later.
Just when she was uneasy in her little room, the knocking at the door suddenly rang, and her whole person was like a frightened rabbit, and her nerves were suddenly tense and she dared not say a word.
Until the familiar sound sounded outside the door.
It’s Mo Yan!
She just opened the door and hit Mo Yan as soon as she opened the door. The gloomy eyes are that Yin Mengting has no mind to pay attention to these now. She looked at the door and made sure that no one else pulled Mo Yan into the house.
"Brother Yan!"
At the moment she saw Mo Yan, all her nerves slackened and she hugged Mo Yan tightly.
Mo Yan frowned for a moment and then pulled her up.
spa会所"You do good!"
Yin Mengting pursed her lips "brother, can you help me help me? I don’t want to go to jail. "
Mo Yan smiled, "Don’t want to go to jail? Why didn’t you think of this when you hit Xiao Ran with your car? ! Fortunately, the little dyed person is fine, otherwise Yin Mengting, you are not as simple as going to jail! "
"Brother! Now it’s not that you came to me to help me at these times, right? " She is in a panic now, trying to find a lifeline and hold on tight!
"Save you? Who do you think can save you now? The surveillance photos of your car hitting people are clear, not to mention that the police will do things impartially. It is Meng Yuchen. Have you ever thought that he will never let you go! "
Yin Mengting is remorseful now, but people have already hit her! This fact cannot be changed!
"Brother Yan", she suddenly grabbed Mo Yan’s hand and you took me away, okay? Let’s-let’s go to another country, to a country where no one knows us, and let’s start over, okay? "
Mo Yan looked at Yin Mengting. Now he is completely dead to this woman. After doing such ridiculous things, he is unrepentant and now he wants to pull him out! He forced off Yin Mengting "you are so selfish! I advise you to surrender. Surrender may also reduce the crime as appropriate. "

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