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Liu Bo has quickly sent the blogger’s mobile phone number to Gu Bei to quit Weibo and directly dialed the vinen number.

On hearing Gu Bei ask him to delete the Weibo vinen, he hesitated and said, "Er, this is not a good idea, is it? I’m a very professional street photographer. When I see beautiful and eye-catching photos, it’s natural to take them, and you guys are handsome and beautiful. What a pity to delete them. Of course, if you want to be paid … "
Before the words were finished, Gu Bei interrupted him impatiently. "The photo you sent seriously violated my portrait. If you refuse to withdraw it, my lawyer Ma will contact you!"
Vinen was a little unhappy when he heard this. "Sir, you are not right, are you? I’m a professional street photographer, and I didn’t take my photos back after they were sent out. Otherwise, what do you want my millions of fans in Weibo to think? Besides, Street Shooting Fashion magazine has decided to make the cover of this photo … "
Gu was too lazy to listen to that bitch’s mother-in-law in the north. She simply hung up and quickly allocated it to Liu Bo to ask him to find the company’s public department and then contact the Weibo operators. No matter what method or means, he must immediately delete that Weibo.
After hanging up, he reached out and unbuttoned the button at the neckline of his shirt, and his heart was faintly agitated and cold, and his heavy eyebrows were wrinkled together.
Although it was only a little over an hour when it was sent to Weibo, the online streaming news was very fast, and this photo was taken so clearly. If no one recognized it, it would be fine, but once it was recognized, it would be in front of the family …
Even if he and Jimu Yao don’t have much time, I’m afraid their personality will be ugly.
Gu narrowed his eyes to the north and couldn’t help but take out a lighter and a cigarette from his pocket and put it in his mouth.
It was sunny outside the window in Wan Li, and suddenly it was dark and gloomy, as if he were in a mood at the moment.
I don’t know how long it took before the cell phone finally rang again.
Gu answered the phone to the north and heard that Liu Bo was excited and said, "Mr. Gu, don’t worry. I’ve already asked someone to delete the Weibo and let the lawyer warn the blogger that the photos won’t flow out again."
"Well" gu north light should be a will hang up.
Click into Weibo again and refresh it. Sure enough, that Weibo has been deleted.
He put his mobile phone in his pocket and looked down at the building, and his busy face finally eased.
Jimu Yao led the doctor to prescribe medicine and walked out of the clinic step by step.
As soon as she turned her head, she saw Gu’s dark-tone, dark-gray slim suit at the window of the main corridor to the north, but it didn’t punch a hole, but almost instantly caught her sight.
I have to admit that Gu Bei has really grown a pair of male models, with a standard figure, wide shoulders, narrow hips, high height and long legs. Even when throwing people, there is a sense of standing out from the crowd.
At the moment, he put one hand in his suit pants pocket as if he were looking down at the window with a cigarette in his right long finger. The smoke curled up very thin and soft, but it made him feel lonely.
Jimu Yao held the wall there for a while and looked at him quietly.
Until the "rumble" of the day, there was a sudden thunder.
"Oh, why did it suddenly rain?" A nurse passed by and said
Jimu Yao blinked and raised his injured foot. He just wanted to walk over and suddenly changed his mind.
She took out her mobile phone and dialed Gu Bei’s number.
Looking at him, he bowed his head and took out his mobile phone, glanced at the screen, then turned his head and looked at her with four eyes. She immediately raised her mouth and waved to him.
桑拿网Gu north according to interrupt directly lift came up towards her.
His cold and cheerless facial features still don’t have much expression. Although he looks at her with deep eyes, it seems that there is no temperature.
Jimu Yao looked at the corners of his mouth and slowly put inexplicable eyes.
When I got to Gu, I looked down at her and frowned slightly. "What’s the matter? Does your foot hurt? "
Jimu Yao nodded with a face of injustice and help and said, "What should I do? Did it delay you and manager Zhou? Now it’s … "
When she looked up at her left wrist, it was "more than two o’clock"
"No" Gu went north with a deep and magnetic sound approaching warm hands and held her arm. "What did the doctor say?"
Jimu Yao sighed and said, "The doctor said that I will be fine after a few days’ rest. Let me stay in bed as much as possible these days and don’t move around."
"Well," Gu looked north out of the window. "It’s raining outside."
Jimu Yao was surprised to see the past, and sure enough, the pedestrians in the building had already propped up their umbrellas, and the rain looked pretty good.
When you get to the building, look north
When you get to Lougu, let Jimu Yao go north to the corridor on the first floor, waiting for yourself to rush into the rain and fog first and drive the car over.
When Jimu Yao was once again carried by Gu to the north and trotted to the back of BMW, her face was ruddy and shy, and her curled eyelashes began to tremble.

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