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Ah Wen bowed his head and turned over the itinerary. "Is it late to be high?"

"Well," Takazawa nodded, "Go and order a Lamborghini for me and send it to Chennai. Just tell her to send her a happy birthday, and order a bunch of lilies and a gift for Xiao Xueer to ask her to meet at Chennai Luxury Car Club tonight."
"It’s nothing. Go."
Calm and tranquil
Tong Tong piano room practicing to Yin holding the window, she bowed her head and absorbed in reading.
Long corridor
He Lianyin’s housekeeper and assistant came around with an invitation in his hand and a smile in his eyes. "Why don’t you take a nap?"
Raise your eyelashes to Yin and smile quietly. "Tong Tong is practicing the piano. I will accompany him."
"You can’t tire yourself with him. He is a grown-up and should know how to be considerate of his parents."
"It’s okay. I’m not sleepy. Tong Tong plays very well. How old children are so clever? I don’t know what they will grow up to be."
"It’s hard to guess." He Lianyin bent her lips and handed out the invitation. "Xiao Yin gave you this invitation from Chennai. She heard that you came back and invited you to her birthday party."
"Who is Chennai?" She looked confused.
"Chennai is Xia Jin, but now she has changed her name to Chennai. Well, I think she and you should have known each other for more than ten years. You met at the age of twelve. Now you are twenty-five years old and you have known each other for thirteen years."
Yin’s eyes flashed slightly. "Have you known each other for so long?"
"Yes, several of our good friends have known each other for many years. It’s been ten years."
"That is to attend you? Will you go with me tonight? "
"I’m definitely going tonight. Yu Ge seems to have been invited to be my strongest enemy. He also appeared. I have to be a escort."
"Who is Yu Ge?"
桑拿会所He Lianyin smiled, "I won’t explain him in detail. It’s always your old friend. In addition, Yu Zhou Yuan Xi Jiang Chen Xi Han Luoxiao and his department are our friends. They all came to attend."
"Are we small?"
"Almost. I heard that Chennai invited so many people because of you. I want everyone to come and see you. You haven’t seen our friends for so long."
"Go and meet later?"
"You two stay here and watch Tong Tong others go first." He Lianyin said to the families and rushed to Yin and held out his hand. "Xiao Yin, let’s go."
"Where to?"
"Go and pick out your clothes. I’ll have them made for you. They’ve all been delivered. Let’s take you to try them on."
Put your hand on Yoon’s palm. He took her and led her to the coat on the first floor.
There were four or five maids waiting there.
They hold customized luxury evening dresses, smile and be polite.
In front of European floor mirror
The chandelier is bright
Xiang Yin is wearing a red tail skirt, which is accurate in size and sexy and gorgeous.
He Lianyin cocked his head and looked at her for a long time. "It seems a little bright and not suitable for your temperament to change again."
Nod to Yin
The maid held a set of pure white gifts, and she went into the curtain to change clothes and zipped her back.
A moment later
Warm change clothes curtain was pulled up by the maid.
To Yin, wearing a white ceremony, facing away from He Lianyin, her temperament is aloof and her neck is slender like a queen, emitting a kind of holiness and extravagance.
He Lianyin spent a stay.
Turned to Yin and blushed. "How about this one?"
He Lianyin carefully observed a "this suit looks good, but I always feel that something is missing. It’s too similar to your past clothes. Change it."
"Good," she said patiently.
After entering the dressing curtain, the maid brought a set of golden gifts. He Lianyin frowned and said to the maid, "Don’t try gold, it’s not suitable for trying black tonight."
So he wrapped a black evening gift to Yin.
The black skirt of her chandelier makes her slim and graceful, and there is a kind of low-key and gorgeous that can’t be beautiful to shape her. She looks at her eyes like stars and sexy.

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