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Bent down, she put out the cigarette in her hand and started to walk to the bedroom.

Han Cheng Li’s long arm stretched out and dragged people back and put them on the wall.
Almost fire-breathing eyes looked at her and said, "What do you think? Why are you still involved with him when you’re out of the business? !”
Xu Ran didn’t talk about a serious love, but she also hung out in romantic places for several years. At this moment, she had to doubt that Lin Ya said at the venue last night
This man is interested in her?
Oh, ridiculous
As soon as her eyes turned, she stared at the person in front of her and smiled casually. "Do you like me?"
This question makes the man across the street look a good half-day unresponsive.
Xu Ran sneered and then raised my hand and patted him on the cheek. "I’m kidding. How can such a person look at a woman like me? How many prominent people in Kyoto have passed my bed and liked me? Isn’t that a slap in the face? The city will definitely not do such a stupid thing, will it? "
"But if you continue to pester me like this, I have to wonder if you really like me?"
She smiled as charming as when they first met.
Han Cheng Li frowned at the bottom of my heart and told him that he didn’t like her expression. He didn’t like it!
The woman smiled and helped him to cut the shirt and then gently pushed him away. "Go home, high city. You shouldn’t have too much contact with women like me. It’s bad for your name."
Paused, she added, "You’re not my type at all! It’s really annoying to see you when you’re away from me when you’re all well! "
Turning around, she twisted her waist and walked to the bedroom with natural and unrestrained steps.
Han Cheng Li stood there for a good half-day without any response.
My ears are full of that woman’s silvery smile and the sentence "Do you like me?"
He likes her? He likes such a woman? !
品茶论坛Han Cheng Li can’t believe more … Don’t want to admit it!
No way. He can’t like a woman like her. It’s not … possible to kill her! How could such a stupid thing happen to him! He’s been so lonely recently. He must be!
He warned himself again and again to find all kinds of reasons to say that he was.
Turning to pick up the coat on the sofa, he strode out.
It was not until the room remembered the door that Xu Ran came out with lipstick.
Looking at the doorman, she painted her lips with lipstick and smiled.
It’s really a small ase for her to send a brother like him!
Xu Ran packed up and went out with his wallet.
Her appointment was none other than Li Xuejiao.
After she came home last night, she inquired about Tang Ying, a bitch who has been admiring sincerity recently and has relaxed again!
How can she watch her live so easily? Absolutely not.
I heard that Tang Ying has been well-off recently and spent more money on Zhang Meili. The woman has started to play cards with all kinds of rich wives again.
When I learned the news, Xu Ran was so happy that a gambler, Tang Yuanshan, died again, and Zhang Meili died.
Tang Ying this bitter day will be endless for a while!
Li Xuejiao is a forgetful person. Recently, no one has seen Tang Ying in front of her, and she has forgotten that woman. Now Xu Ran said that she remembered that little bitch again!
Xu Ran looked at her and gnashed her teeth. She felt that it was no longer necessary for her to deal with Zhang Meili.
After Li Xuejiao saw Xu Ran, he immediately called several wives and asked them to call Zhang Meili.
At that time, Zhang Meili was chatting at home, and Tang Ying gave her some money. She hired a nanny to take care of the children and left herself at leisure.
When she left, Tang Ying warned her not to go out to play cards again for fear of angering the only God of Wealth in the family. Did she hold back and dare to play?
At the moment, as soon as she received the words from those ladies, her hands began to itch again.
But when I think of Tang Ying, she can make excuses to refuse.
But that a few people seem to have expected a few words to stimulate Zhang Meili agreed.
It’s almost time for supermarket Lin Yaxuan to push things to the cashier.
The man looked up and saw the rows of condoms on the shelf, and the long legs walked past and picked them up.
Several eyes drifted around secretly, and then it seemed that someone recognized the man and caused a whisper.
Lin Ya Fu intends to pretend not to know this man.
But it happened that he picked out two boxes and walked over …
It’s unavoidable

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