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Watched the two men faint Qin Miaomiao faint openings.

"It’s not too late for children to argue without you."
Nine ye natural and unrestrained turned around and laughed
"Little Brocade has to change her surname to Sue after being good to you."
Qin Miao Miao frowned, feeling that it would be very troublesome. Su Doudou is also very powerful. There is a nine-master who dares not touch.
Her family tree is equivalent to moving those people. Cake is really troublesome.
This time, Lu Qing is united with Nine Lords.
"Simon Simon nine uncle so sincere you then somehow also calculate after the family"
Nine ye glanced at him. This little thief Jing now knows that he’s called Nine Uncle. Who just told him?
Chapter 314 The second personality
Oh, good \
Shi Shiran, the ninth master, got up. "Since I have nothing to do, I should go back to Xiaojiner people’s genealogy ceremony. Remember to attend it on time."
"Good Uncle Nine"
Nine ye took a look at Lu Qing and his eyes revealed a message, boss. I made a reservation.
Don’t even think about asking the heir to bear it himself.
If he is willing to find someone to survive, he will wait until now
He hummed and turned away.
As soon as he left Lu Qing, he caught a glimpse of Xiaoqi. "Xiaoqi explains it."
Xiao qi turned pale and hesitated for a long time before saying, "I am I made a mistake."
"The crime of lying about military intelligence will be punished."
Qin Miao Miao a pull his hand busy to speak for him "where did he know this as a small child? Besides, it’s not the right time for me to faint. Who would have expected a big period to faint?"
Lu Qing bent over to see her eyes pour some strange emotions word for word
"You touch my heart. You know how afraid I am that something will happen to you. I really don’t have a child."
桑拿论坛Qin Miao Miao put his hand on his chest and felt the beating there. Although it was a misunderstanding, he was worried that it was true. She was also fragile and worried him too much.
It’s better when you’re alone. When you really have a child, she’s not the only one who is negligent and hurts.
He leaned over and hugged her, and the softness and warmth calmed his heart a little.
She clasped him in her hands. Although this misunderstanding was awkward and somewhat ridiculous, it was true that she was nervous and her feelings were true.
Whether he or Uncle Jiu really cares about her, whether she is tender or not is always worrying.
"Husband, I’m sorry."
Xiaoqi silently withdrew. This picture of dog abuse is too beautiful to watch.
Although I made an own goal to sweep the tail, I still have to sweep it. For example, Qin Miaomiao looked at this sitting beside her bed and quietly peeled apples. Ou Beichen had a strong interest.
When he attacked Lu Lu badminton, it was as if he were a different person, fierce and violent.
Where is the baby’s house now? That’s when his mania is wrong. It looks like schizophrenia in any way.
"That little sister Chen can ask you something?"
Ou Beichen gave her a look and nodded.
"Before you, you helped me teach Lu Lu badminton a lesson, didn’t you?"

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