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Wenze became more and more aggrieved and sad when he saw that his mother had been silent. "Mom … do you have no time to accompany me to the amusement park?"

"Ozawa’s mother company has something to do for us once …" Wen Ya tried to make her understand.
Chapter 22 She let her son down again
Section 11
But Ozawa, who has always been clever, may be really angry today and immediately cried. "Mom, you always say that you are busy … but how can you go back on your word when you promised me?"
Wen Ya also don’t want to let his son down, but the problem is that the data on Mo Sina’s side … it’s a difficult problem to solve these days. Wen Ya took a deep breath and tried to say that Ozawa "mom swore this was the last time … do you believe mom? In another week, mom will definitely take you to the amusement park. "
"Really?" Ozawa stopped crying, but his voice still broke into tears.
"really! Mom will never let you down again! " A week has been enough to get things done in MoSiNa company. Wen Ya thinks MoSiNa should find out the excessive demands again, right?
"Well, then …" Ozawa was still a little unhappy, but now after listening to his mother’s words, he meant to follow his mother.
Wen Ya nodded a little sigh of relief "Ozawa, didn’t you say you wanted to eat roast duck a few days ago? Mom will bring it to you today, okay? " The fat content of roast duck is too high. On weekdays, Wen Ya will not be used to eating it for Ozawa.
But it is rare for Wen Ya to follow Ozawa’s wishes when he thinks that Ozawa is unhappy today.
When Ozawa heard his mother say this, he was a little sad that he couldn’t go to the amusement park, but he nodded cleverly, "OK … Mom, I’ll wait for you at home."
"Good boy" Wen Ya has never been stingy with her praise, but after she hung up, she rushed to the company. She needed to work out what questions to ask and then print out about 2,000 investigation reports. But the street asked others to fill out forms. This is not really what the real problem is … She still needs to count these data.
On the whole, this is really a considerable amount of work. I should have thought of it before Mosina arrived … Wen Ya is very difficult to complete, right?
But he still resolutely sent … Wen Ya himself thought of here and couldn’t help but want to smile. What is she naive about? Don’t really ink Sina is in love with yourself?
Wake up!
It took Wen Ya a whole afternoon to print out the form. She looked up at the wall clock and found that it was already half late. She packed her things in a hurry and hurried to the roast duck restaurant.
Fortunately, there was a little sigh of relief at last. She didn’t want to look like she always kept her word in front of her son.
Wen Ya came home with a roast duck wrapped in oiled paper and found Ozawa playing in the living room. He bought him a toy, Ozawa sat on the carpet, a small one … waving the plane in his hand, he smiled but always looked a little lonely.
Wen Ya fought back her impulse to cry and went to Ozawa and hugged him "Mom is back".
Ozawa recovered and kissed his mother on the cheek, "Mom welcomes you home". It’s really gratifying to have such a clever son. She motioned Ozawa to see the roast duck she brought back.
Ozawa was very happy to applaud and praised his mother "Mom is the best!" "
What’s the best … Wen Ya looks at Ozawa’s contented expression, but she’s still sad as hell. What is a mother like her? She always disappoints her children and always does things that make Ozawa sad.
She can’t give Ozawa a complete home, but these topics are too heavy for Ozawa. Wenya won’t say so to her face. Wen Ya smiled and spoiled and looked at Ozawa. "Today is a special day, Ozawa, you can eat more."
"whoa, whoa!" Ozawa couldn’t help cheering, but Wen Ya looked at his son now, but he was so sorry that none of the other children at this age should play with toys by themselves.
Wen Ya really feels that she owes too much, but who is she going to blame? Blame the man who left the check? Hehe, where can she find this man?
And at that time, Wen Ya was humiliated and she didn’t want to start again.
Watching Ozawa eat delicious food, Wen Ya couldn’t help but wonder whether she should stop being so stubborn and accept the kindness of people around her.
Just like Lu Yu … She knows that Lu Yu has always loved herself and Lu Yu is also a good man.
She should think about Ozawa’s future.
Su Mo walked in on the rampage, imposing manner like a queen, but Su Mo probably didn’t feel that he was on the rampage.
Su Mo see ink Sina instantaneous immediately smile sweet "Sina".
Mo Sina frowned. "Why are you here?"
"Sina, isn’t it a bit strange for you to say this?" Su Mo didn’t look embarrassed at all, but the more gentle he became, the more he depended on Mo Sina’s chest.
If it weren’t for ink SiNa dodge Su Mo even immediately get it, but see ink SiNa avoid Su Mo also don’t feel embarrassed, even with jiao looked at ink SiNa "I am your fiancee where you where I should be".
For Su Mo’s theory, Mo Sina has never been at ease. He can’t argue with this woman before and it’s not a wise choice to argue with Su Mo.
Su Mo is not discouraged when he sees Mo Sina and ignores himself. He can still look at Mo Sina with a smile. "Sina, do I look good in gui today?"
Can ink SiNa eyes don’t put Su Mo body Su Mo slightly embarrassed but still look soon is she glanced at the table dishes slightly frowned "sister-in-law zhou bring me a pair of chopsticks".
Mo Sina had to look up at Su Mo when she heard Su Mo say this. "Is it really appropriate for you to enter my house like this?" Not only that, but also sit together and have dinner with him? I’m sorry now ink Sina is really no appetite for dinner.
Su Mo smiled and looked at Mo Sina. "Is there?" She looked koo to make a thinking "but Sina you said that you didn’t have your home key in my hand to come here. It’s a bit of a sense of being a master … Well, let’s do this. Sina, you give me your home key." Su Mo said here that he looked more and more koo-like and felt that his theory was quite correct.
Chapter 23 I won’t break off my engagement
"The door security? What can you come in? " Are these security guards idiots? How can it be so simple to let Su Mo in! Mo Sina seldom goes home clean. I really don’t want to see Su Mo when I eat. If I really want to see someone, he hopes it’s Wen Ya, but now this woman … has long changed her heart.
Ink south Vietnam think more agitated look at Su Mo’s eyes, there would be no hide, he never hide his emotions in front of Su Mo because there is no need.
"Security? They all know that I am your fiancee. How dare they stop me? " Su Mo’s words are quite justified
Ink Sina this moment the whole people have become quite language … He can’t be more serious about people like Su Mo. This woman is getting stronger and stronger. It is better to continue to ignore Su Mo as before. That’s enough.
Ink Sina up will go back to the room.
Zhou Sao added a pair of chopsticks, and they were embarrassed before them.
But the most embarrassing Su Mo once again took the ink Sina arm and smiled a face of shyness. "Originally Sina, you want to be alone with me in one room … Oh, people are not ready for it yet."
桑拿会所"If you’re not mentally prepared, go back quickly." Is this woman crazy? What’s been haunting him? Because of the so-called engagement?
Ink Sina felt that his head must have gone into the water at the beginning because he was separated from Wen Ya. He lost his mind and agreed to marry at home. Later, when he returned to his absolute being, he regretted it … This Su Mo was just like a dog skin plaster tightly sticking to ink Sina and couldn’t get rid of it.
"But I was psychologically prepared just now." This Su Mo was completely out of control.
Ink SiNa some language frown glanced at Su Mo look abandon "can you let me go? I don’t like to have too close contact with others. "

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