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"At that time, I wanted you to see it at first sight, but what about me? I have to stay there all the time. Seriously, you are really going to watch me here all the time."

As soon as I finished talking about happiness, I jumped off the windowsill and looked at me with its cat’s eyes. It "meowed"-it seemed that I was already sleepy. I finally said to Yan Jiaxin, "Go to sleep. Happiness wants to sleep."
Yan Jiaxin picked up happiness and said good night to me, and then the window went in. Soon the lights in the room were turned off, and the night was finally coming to an end for me.
I feel like a dream these days. I’ve covered the quilt more to open the window for air. There are so many things that have happened these days. I don’t really want to have a good sleep. It seems that I can sleep today without illusion. Although the sleep is not so comfortable, it tastes fresh. It should be a new bed. She also specially sprayed it with Liushen. It seems that I don’t want to provoke mosquitoes to bite here.
But it’s not bad. There are not as many mosquitoes here as I thought. There is only one mosquito hovering here. It didn’t buzz out until I gave the small light in the car to this mosquito.
One-night talk
The next day, I opened my eyes under the sunshine of Chu Xiao, and several elderly people walked out of the small apartment. They stretched out their hands and walked forward step by step, and in a short time they also had backpacks to go to primary and secondary schools.
Among these students, I saw Yan Jia Xin carrying a bag behind them and walking slowly up the stairs. It seems that she and the students here are not bad, and they all call her teacher and sister politely.
I opened the car door and put away the quilt and pillow before I asked her, "What time is it?"
After she opened the passenger door next to her and sat down, she said to me, "It’s just right to take me there. It will leave in an hour."
While driving towards the high-speed rail, she took out a small cosmetic box and put on makeup in front of me. After that, she took out a lighter from her body and gave me "more"
I accepted "of course" without hesitation.
She immediately took it back and said, "I won’t give it to you because you have to quit smoking."
"No way"
"It’s because Mo Yun and Jiang Ke both restrict their boyfriends from smoking. I don’t want you to fail to do this. You have to prove that this is as good as theirs, and then there will be problems with fertility."
I suddenly froze. I didn’t expect that she would have a long way to go with my fertility problem. When I met a red light, I asked her, "Are you really willing to have children with me?"
"Otherwise, it’s not just now. It’s up to you whether you can do it or not."
I am very happy to say, "Stop smoking if you can. Stop smoking from today."
"Well, remember that you said that I know that all of you people have problems. You will always smoke two cigarettes when your fingers itch, but if you smoke one more cigarette a day at most, I will deduct your salary."
She asked me directly for the card, and I honestly gave her the bank card. Only then did she exchange the lighter for me, and the lighter returned to my hand. It turned out that she had considered it so far.
After arriving at the high-speed train, she said to me, "I expect to be back in a week. I hope you won’t let me down. Quit smoking and find a house. Let me see you move."
"Well, you also pay attention to Ann."
As soon as she took two steps, her words suddenly rang. She immediately stopped and turned on. Suddenly, her face changed from serious to smiling. "We must come."
After hanging up, Yan Jiaxin asked me with a smile on her face, "Is it good to go to Beijing with me?"
"What is it?"
"Xiaoyu is getting married, and three days later, she wants me to be his maid of honor."
I was suddenly surprised that Lin Xiaoyu’s big star sister appeared in my mind and then replied to her, "Well, I’m going to such a good thing. Of course, I’m going to the big star wedding. How can I not go? Maybe I can take pictures with many big names?"
"There is no Xiaoyu. This wedding is very low-key. She didn’t invite many big names to come over. She thought it would be good for us relatives and friends to celebrate. Of course, although it is not a big wedding, there are also many people with status. You should pay attention when the time comes."
"Well, I’m white. Then I’ll stop the car now and you wait for me."
桑拿网I parked the car and talked to the people there. Then I went back to Yan Jiaxin. When she looked at it, "I have booked the ticket for you. Let’s go there first and start soon."
I took the high-speed train to Beijing, Yan Jiaxin took out her mobile phone and called several people. After the call, the car finally started, and she told me, "I will take you to Xiaoyu first, and we will prepare the hotel. When I get there, I will go to Qiyi to talk with the people there, and I will come to you when I am finished."
"Actually, don’t worry too much. I think you are worried about everything now."
She nodded. "After all, a lot of things are best done by ourselves, and paying attention to things is an efficiency. Now we want others to do everything quickly and less, which makes others recognize us. Because it is the most important thing to talk once, Nansheng has already delayed me a lot, and the school can’t wait for such an excuse. I have to finish the follow-up earlier before it can be carried out in good condition."
"I see. Is there anything I can do for you?"
After listening to her, she wanted to share some things so that she wouldn’t be so tired.
She thought, "Eat well, drink well and have fun. This is my greatest help."
"Then you also eat well, drink well and play well, which is also my most basic requirement for you."
She smiled at me. "Then let’s eat, play and drink together."
"Eat happily, have fun and drink comfortably"
Chapter one hundred and four Brain-dead silk
After more than seven hours’ journey, we finally arrived in Beijing by bus from Hengyang. As Yan Jiaxin said, Lin Xiaoyu had called to pick up our car. As soon as she got there, she saw a woman wearing sunglasses and waving at us.
Yan Jiaxin is very happy to follow Lin Xiaoyu to shake hands with "Xiaoyu"
"Xin Xin"
As soon as they met, the two women had so many thoughts about chatting. They talked for a while and the car finally started. During the driving process, I kept looking through the window to see all the beautiful things in the imperial city.
After driving for a while, the car paused. Yan Jiaxin, who wrote two Chinese characters of Qi Yi, loosened Lin Xiaoyu’s hand and said to me, "I’ll go first."

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