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"Since the predecessors said so," Huo Jiujian’s eyes turned round and round and looked at Dongshan bodhi old zu with a flattering smile.

Dongshan bodhi old zu’s face froze with laughter, thinking that what is to let me do this smelly head?
Seeing the expression of the bodhi old zu in Dongshan has become accustomed to all kinds of expressions because he is crazy about managing the mortal world in Beijing. Huo Jiujian knew that it was difficult for him to need a catalyst at this time, so his heart moved, his elbow pushed the small halberd and shook the candied haws in his hand.
"Senior" Xiao Ji was smart enough to gather together in front of Dongshan bodhi old zu and smiled very flattering. "It’s not that I have no conscience. I think my master can’t stop this group of pups from giving them too much good looks before. I’m afraid I’m going to trouble my predecessors now because I didn’t set up an example." He said very grievance and looked at Dongshan bodhi old zu in a perfunctory way.
Dongshan bodhi old zu has lived for such a big age. Xiao Ji’s little career has long been clear about the interaction between this baby and Huo Jiujian, but how can this child’s sincere expression be so difficult to refuse? "Well, somehow I’m also a helper. Actually, it’s the patriarch who gives me a handle."
Speaking, with a wave of his hand, the coercion around his sleeves dispersed
桑拿会所Originally, those people were unable to move at all because of coercion, and now they are not only restored to freedom by coercion, but also suffered from cramps caused by excessive force in many places. They fought against each other and smashed into a ball, and there was no tearing strength. Everyone groaned.
"What a shame!" Xiao Ji chewed a sugar ball in his mouth but still sneered at these people.
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I just didn’t put up my middle finger directly, but it was because Huo Jiujian thought it was very unwritten and forbade him to do this move.
"Well, they can’t tie it now. They have to do everything you say when I look at it. Even if they are told to hand over their fortune, no one dares to push it off." Dongshan bodhi old zu teased Huo Jiujian.
Huo Jiujian is also a little embarrassed. He glanced at Dongshan bodhi old zu apologetically and turned to the other party and said, "What’s the matter? I don’t have the strength to fight."
Fang, a group of people have words of hardship, and they scold you in their hearts, don’t you think? How did we get into this? Don’t you have any compulsion in your heart?
Even so, they dare not do it again.
Although their cultivation is not very high, they are all carefully trained talents in the family. At least they know that such coercion is definitely not as simple as becoming a famous emperor. Where can they choke?
Chapter one thousand one hundred and three Life is precious
After all, the rule of this world is the respect of the strong.
Dongshan bodhi old zu absolutely suppressed even the talents trained by everyone’s big family. Of course, it is one thing not to dare, but it is another thing that they actually have no ability to fight again.
"I’m too lazy to argue with you about whether you worthless little factions have no talents to send you this kind of repair to die." One of these young players took the lead in getting up, and his steps were still a little shaky. Looking at his side, he collapsed into a ball. "It’s said that he joined again, but where is the new life of Zongmen to join you? What should he do in the future?"
This is a great sense of honor. Huo Jiujian couldn’t help but admire from the bottom of my heart. It’s really cool to say this if it weren’t for this man’s long eyes.
It’s a pity that in this world, many people are very conceited and judge others by their faces.
"Your family is just a crane tail in a big family. Why should we be reprimanded condescendingly?" That is a good word, but some people are very ungrateful.
"I’m not. I’m straight." The man is very naive.
Next to it, someone echoed, "Although his tone of speech is too straight and he doesn’t speak very well, I think it’s really rude. Our family is still not outstanding, and the real elite will not send it to this place." But you are different. I can see that you are very valued by the clan. How can you come in and take risks in this kind of repair? "
This person also wants to say that even if you take risks, you can’t be aggressive and make trouble. It’s not aristocratic style for him to say this in vain.
When this man said, all the younger brothers looked bitter. Where did they want to come? They were threatened. Of course, they also admitted that they were lucky, but they were all mad at you. Now they turned back because someone called them and asked them not to retreat. Of course, it is impossible for this temple to let them in like this. They are also anxious to get angry with others. This has caused group friction.
Come to think of it, it’s not all of them who make trouble.
People are fooled by them, they are the first to start, and they are the first to start. These big brothers are already in a good temper, otherwise they will not make up their minds.
It’s not all because of themselves that they finally developed into the present situation.
No, it’s not their problem. The culprit is the people who hold multiple clans and force them to die here.
Thought of here, there are one or two small clan masters who quickly took out a piece of paper and wrote a long letter in the ear. They stuffed it into the hands of a large family brother through the shelter of the people next to them. After browsing and reading, the large family brother burned the letter and exchanged glances with each other. After that, the honest and frank youth first spoke to Huo Jiujian and Dongshan bodhi old zu. "Can the two seniors allow the younger generation an interview opportunity?"
Huo Jiujian looked uncertainly at the smell speech of Dongshan bodhi old zu. When he saw the latter with a face of approval, he dared to answer, "Come on, and he wants to come and reflect."
His voice fell, and two people got up. He looked down and looked at them. They were also two big family children. These three people were well educated, and they were not daring. Huo Jiujian was happy to listen to their opinions.
Dongshan bodhi old zu a nod three people just want to jump up and feel the body as if walking, a lightly being held in front of Huo Jiujian and Dongshan bodhi old zu.
The three people were scared and didn’t know what to say, but they were stopped by Dongshan bodhi old zu.
"Have something to say but say no" Dongshan bodhi old zu waved and threw a ban on the hemisphere, which isolated him, Huo Jiujian and Xiao Ji from the external sound.
The three aristocratic brothers exchanged a glance, and the color was still a gift from the young man who spoke straight. "The two seniors forgive the younger generation for making such a request because those younger brothers asked us for help."
"Oh" Dongshan bodhi old zu Lou bared his eyebrows and seemed very interested in it.
Huo Jiujian thought that the bodhi old zu in Dongshan might take care of it. As the saying goes, "I once dissuaded them once before, but I didn’t know what to do. Supposedly, they couldn’t repair the ruins of God’s burning, but some people hijacked their whole clan door and gave them a token. Only then did they have a chance to enter, and according to the map given by the other party, they went straight to the temple of burning fire to die after entering the door."
"Life is precious, how can it be so wasted?" The bodhi old zu in Dongshan sighed. "Although it is commendable to sacrifice at Zongmen, this sacrifice is meaningless."
So the honest and frank youth spoke again. "To tell the truth from the two predecessors, the younger generation is too familiar with this practice, not to mention whether they will kill the donkey and kill the whole clan after the other party’s goal is achieved. I am afraid that people will be cheated and their lives will be sent, but they want to protect people already."
"We think so, too," echoed the other two youths.
"This kind of thing is not uncommon in a big family. It is said that the hostage is still alive. It is not hesitate to let people leave a lot of living images, but the hostages have no value and then kill them directly. When they are threatened to work for them, they will also kill them. This kind of thing is rare, but I have heard too much." honest and frank youth kept shaking their heads and sighing, looking at sincerity.

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