You know what? Think of it.

Ye Zitong is really curious about what the lonely night white said to herself, but she also knows that she can’t ask the real reason and she didn’t continue to inquire. * * I appreciate you, but how can I get along with people? I have a sense of proportion in my heart. Don’t worry about me.
She has been reborn and knows what she will be in the future. She is confident that she will never be hurt again.
In the future, no one loves her and loves her. She loves herself and loves herself.
Never worry about being hurt.
Looking at the woman in front of her eyes as if she were shrouded in the light of selfconfidence, all of a sudden, nothing can hit her. Does it feel that when a person trusts himself, he will never be hurt again? !
Or he’s really worried about nothing.
After all, he said that when he saw something in the future, he didn’t really verify it himself, so those things would really happen in the future? !
Sometime it’s a figment of my imagination.
It’s ridiculous to feel so lonely at night.
He got up. I shouldn’t have come this trip today. I’m sorry if today’s incident bothered you.
Ye Zitong feels that this man is talking about god, but he doesn’t deny that he should really come to his heart. I don’t know what made you come here to tell me these things, but I do tell you that my future life will never be worse than now, and I won’t let people bully you for no reason.
Besides, I wish you find your other half soon.
See Ye Zi pupil sample lonely night white completely relieved.
The best outcome for both of them is that they have their own lives.
I’ll invite you to my wedding banquet on that day.
But will there be such a day?
Lonely night white oneself also don’t know.
Thank you list
[foggyy] January ticket
Chapter 237 Get training
On the first weekend of Su Qintong’s maternity leave, Ouyang Xianqian and his wife went to Mu Yan’s house together.
Ma Xiufang’s family of three moved to Muyan Villa after Su Qintong fainted due to egg allergy. With Su Qintong’s due date, Minister Yang often went to Muyan’s side. When Minister Yang comes, he usually sends his grandson Su Yirui. If Su Xuyang meets the weekend, the couple will follow.
Section 1159
桑拿会所Today is just the weekend, except for Sue’s chief, the army has something to do. Everyone in Sue’s family gathers at Muyan’s house.
Su Qintong’s belly is overweight than the average person, and she is now being ordered by Ma Xiufang to go on a diet with high sugar, high protein and high fat. She can’t eat too much food, and the calories in every meal are strictly controlled according to her current physical requirements.
Su Qintong feels that there is nothing more painful than pregnant women. Looking at her pregnant mouth, she can keep eating Yu Jun glass. Her mouth is full of saliva. Ma Yi won’t let her eat, and she deliberately eats in front of people. You people are so hateful. You bully me one by one. I hate you.
Su Qintong’s appetite became particularly good in the third trimester, and she wanted to eat everything, which led to the overnutrition of her baby and the fact that she grew too big, just like blowing a balloon.
Although Ma Xiufang’s professional guidance is strictly controlled, the excess nutrition she ate before didn’t stop giving it to her children because she stopped eating, but the growth rate is not so fast.
For this reason, even if Mu Yan refused to give Su Qintong extra food, it helped Ma Xiufang to strictly supervise Su Qintong, and others dared not be careless about it.
Giving her less food for a month or two is good for both adults and children. No one agrees with her, so Su Qintong often has similar complaints.
Listen, it’s time to play the sex girl again. Minister Yang stretched out his hand and poked her head. If it weren’t for hello, who cares about you, girl? You don’t know how high and thick the sky is.
Minister Yang is very glad that Ma Xiufang has the professional knowledge and willingness to take care of this girl who has made a fuss from time to time. If Ma Xiufang’s attitude is too accurate and he often emphasizes to them that giving Su Qintong more food at this time may lead to serious consequences, they may not be able to bear Su Qintong’s efforts to compromise and lead to bad consequences.
Su Qintong never thought that he would be isolated by everyone for a day. Mom, I have never seen such a sad reminder that pregnant women eat too much at every meal. Strictly according to that standard, there is nothing to increase. I want to drink more bowls of soup. There is nothing more cruel than this.
People always have a rebellious attitude. The less others do things for you, the more you want to do them.
Su Qintong has been begging for food, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is really hungry. It is the kind of person who wants to eat others but doesn’t give her food. If she doesn’t satisfy her mood, she will feel particularly unhappy, and the more she wants to eat.
What’s even worse is that you know that I’m greedy and often eat in front of me, especially putting you in love.
Yu Junli feels very sorry for herself. The main reason is that my stomach is too hungry and I need to eat at any time and anywhere. When you think of chatting, you always like to drag me over to chat with you. I want to take care of your little nephew to be an aunt.
Yu Junli has a lot of sympathy for Su Qintong. It is definitely the most tragic thing to eat food every day. She is happier than the little guy in her stomach who doesn’t exceed the standard no matter how much she eats.
You’ve been putting up with it for a month. At most, in another month, the little guy in your stomach will come out and report, and then you will be liberated. Su Qintong was found to be overweight when she was 32 weeks pregnant and was forced to go on a diet. Now she is 36 weeks pregnant and there are still four weeks before the due date.
In addition, Su Qintong also has symptoms of hyperglycemia during pregnancy. So strict control of sugar intake is to avoid the fact that high blood sugar leads to hypoxia in children. This is the reason why the diet should be strict enough to calculate the calorie intake for every meal.
It is also because of this reason that Su Qintong is afraid to eat more food secretly every time. It is not easy to look forward to having a baby. She is more nervous than people and more worried about what will happen to the baby.
She really can’t understand why she has been in good health all the time. Is it because the hospital made a mistake when she was diagnosed with high blood sugar during pregnancy?
Later, I found out that many people suffering from hyperglycemia during pregnancy, especially elderly women, account for as much as 10%. The reason is that the body estrogen and progesterone promote the body to secrete more insulin and maintain normal glucose metabolism, which is one of the common diseases during pregnancy.
Hyperglycemia during pregnancy will recover automatically after delivery, which has little effect on postpartum, that is, the diet during pregnancy should be very well controlled. The only lucky thing is that hyperglycemia during pregnancy is generally found that it will not be long in the third trimester, even if the diet is controlled for two or three months.
When the little guy comes out, I must tell him how much I suffered from his mother when I was pregnant with him, so that he should be more filial to me.
It is said that only after raising children can parents know that they have children can they deeply understand that it is not easy to be a parent. This is not easy to be reflected from the child’s belly. For example, this little guy in his belly is anxious when there is something strange in the prenatal examination.
She feels luckier than others because she is accompanied by Ma Xiufang.
No, don’t, just because Ma Xiufang is an expert in maternity, even if she has some problems in the results of prenatal examination sometimes, doctors dare not say anything to her at random, unlike those expectant mothers who are not pregnant for the first time.
Su Qintong clearly remembers that when she went to do threedimensional color Doppler ultrasound, she met a color Doppler ultrasound, and the result was that the renal pelvis was separated. The expectant mother didn’t know what the doctor who gave her an examination told her, which caused the expectant mother to cry out of breath with the examination result, and she had to wait for a second examination with a big belly.
Later, Ma Xiufang knew the situation and told the expectant mother that most of the time the separation of renal pelvis was caused by the child holding back urine, so there would be no problem if the separation value was not large, and told her that even if she did another examination immediately, it would have no substantial effect.
When the expectant mother heard such words, she grabbed Ma Xiufang like a lifeline and asked a lot.
Ma Xiufang knows that some doctors will deliberately say that they are serious about a certain disease for a certain benefit, and then they will either sell medicines or instruments to get extra money. Ma Xiufang intends to expose these things, but in this case, she will give detailed answers to those deceived patients by her own professional knowledge.
Ma Yiji, that person should be almost due, right?
The woman drifted north with her husband, and her husband didn’t have any elders around her. Ma Xiufang didn’t see her easily, and the man looked good. Ma Xiufang helped her look at the birth check list from time to time and explained some words that the man didn’t understand.
With more contacts, that person will send Ma Xiufang some snacks made by himself from time to time. Before Su Qintong’s diet was controlled, all those snacks went into her belly, which was delicious. Su Qintong was deeply impressed by that person.
You two are one week short of the expected date of delivery, and you may meet again when you give birth.
They are in the same hospital where they accompanied Su Qintong for a prenatal checkup. Ma Xiufang met that person. There is no special situation. The prenatal checkup and childbirth are in the same hospital. As a result, the hospital is more aware of all the maternal conditions and it is better to deal with any problems in the production process at the first time.
Even some hospitals don’t accept pregnant women who don’t have prenatal checkups in their hospitals, especially those with special diseases.
Thinking that the due date is coming soon, Su Qintong, who is facing the heavy child in his stomach, is a little afraid. Can I choose caesarean section directly if the child is too big?
A comprehensive judgment will be made in the caesarean section hospital. If it is possible to have a natural delivery, it must not be decided by ourselves. Now every hospital has a natural delivery index and a ranking list of natural delivery rates. This purpose is to prevent hospitals from giving caesarean sections to women casually and increase hospital income
What if the hospital judges that it is a natural birth result and there is no way to turn it over again?
….. This is indeed the case.
However, pregnant women should not be allowed to choose caesarean section freely just because this may happen.
When Minister Yang saw that his daughter had not yet entered the delivery room, she began to be afraid that you are in good health. It will not be rare to walk around more during this period and then eat naturally according to your horse recipe.

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