Take vieri as an example. If the Italian Star Team wins the game and he wins the MVP after the game, he will get a huge bonus of about one million dollars! Although this is the highest reward in theory, even if vieri loses the game in the end, it will be a great temptation for vieri to get such a huge sum of money as 300 thousand dollars less.

Well, Pi Bo, what you said is very reasonable. vieri still attaches great importance to this friend’s opinion. If I can get the best player in the Star Game, then the bonus alone will be enough to pay for my cancellation this holiday. If all goes well, maybe Canalis can agree to propose to me this holiday!
Ha, ha, ha ….. Seeing that vieri had such expectations in his own comfort, Inzaghi quickly swallowed half the words he had not said before, and he didn’t want to blow his friend’s confidence at this time.
You know, there’s another Robert Baggio who’s about to retire on their team in this Star Tournament …
Chapter 1226 Busy December (15)
Maybe some people think that stars like vieri and Inzaghi should earn a lot of annual salary and various commercial sponsorship contracts, so they can earn tens of millions of dollars a year at least. Why should they be tempted by the bonus of Star Games? This is obviously unscientific!
Indeed, due to Zhuangge, Florence is far ahead of most clubs in terms of commercial development and star image promotion. There are a few clubs such as Manchester United and Real Madrid, which can keep up with the trend in this respect. In addition, the salaries of players have always been among the top in Europe, so most Florence players generally earn much more than players of the same level.
Having said that, please don’t forget that all the money earned by vieri is pretax income, and they still need to pay all taxes to the Italian government before they can get their share.
You should know that the personal income tax rate paid by Serie A players is the highest among the four major leagues in Europe, and the total is as high as 5%! Much more than Germany and the Premier League, not to mention putting pressure on Real Madrid to implement the Beckham Act in La Liga.
In other words, for every dollar of aftertax salary paid by the Serie A club to the players, they have to pay a dollar of tax to the Italian government at the same time. The high tax rate makes the Serie A club have to pay more for the players’ salaries than other league clubs, so that they can keep those powerful players and be poached by the high salaries of other league teams.
After all, in this era when the influence of Bosman Act is deepening, not many players want to see their salaries lower than those of players with similar level due to different tax rates, so Italy’s excessive tax rate has greatly increased the financial burden of Serie A clubs.
Although Prodi has been trying hard to reduce the tax rate in this respect in Zhuang Ge’s suggestion and influence, due to the overall depression of Italy’s economic environment in recent years, most lawmakers disagree with this case. In their view, if this most important fiscal revenue is cut, it will inevitably have a negative impact on the government’s future budget.
Vieri, they will be quite impressed by this bonuswho let the government collect taxes too hard and the landlord has no surplus food!
What impressed them most was that the Italian Football Association and a group of football bosses strongly suggested that the Italian government finally listened to their opinions with an open mind and announced that it would not levy personal income tax on the players’ bonuses!
After the news came out, all the players who were about to take part in the Star Games could not help cheering, which probably greatly stimulated their desire for victory. Because the winner could get more bonuses according to the regulations, the players were dissatisfied with the occupation of the Christmas holiday, and their attitude towards the Star Games took a 100degree turn.
That’s why vieri is so tempted by this bonus. You know, a bonus of hundreds of thousands of dollars without paying taxes is enough for them to have a wonderful Christmas holiday!
Obviously, the fans don’t know about these psychological activities of the players, and they don’t know that not long ago, the players were dissatisfied with the fact that Star Games occupied their precious holiday. For them, it is a wonderful Christmas gift to see a feast belonging to the stars before Christmas!
In this way, at 1 o’clock on the afternoon of December 24, the day before Christmas, the first Serie A Star Tournament will be played in Rome Olympic Stadium in an hour!
I have to say that the Italian Football Association still has a little conscience. It didn’t arrange the game on Christmas Day like the NBA, nor did it put it on Christmas Eve, which is the most important thing for westerners. Now, although they attach importance to the image of the league and commercial promotion, they are still very disciplined and have not finished falling into the money.
品茶论坛Although there is still a full hour before the game, the Rome Olympic Stadium can accommodate 10 thousand spectators, and the fans have long been eager to see the catalogue performance.
Seeing the fans waving all kinds of flags and slogans enthusiastically in the stands and cheering in their ears, the players could not help but be dyed by this atmosphere and ran out of the players’ tunnel to wave to the fans in the stands without waiting for the referee to say anything, which triggered even greater cheers in the stands.
Watching these unruly players take on the referee Corina couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t run out to ruin the atmosphere because of this trivial matter, because he knew that this game was different from those formal games where he went to law enforcement, and many rules were not necessary to be strictly observed.
To create a festival for Serie A fans, and to promote the name of Serie A to the world, so that more people can know and like Serie A, which is the significance of Serie A Star Games.
Now let’s introduce the starting lineup of one or two teams. First of all, the goalkeeper position of the Italian star team naturally belongs to the world’s number one god, and toldo, who is equally powerful, is squeezed into the bench. In the defense line, Paolo Maldini and Gianluca Zambrotta respectively pointed out that the combination of left and right defenders is Stesta and Cannavaro; In midfield, Ambrosini and tommasi were in charge of defensive hardness and sweeping in front of the restricted area, while Pirlo took on the responsibility of controlling the rhythm of the game and combing the team’s initiative to hand over the organization and attack of the tandem frontcourt to Roberto Baggio, which attracted the attention of fans. Obviously, Pirlo paid tribute to this elder in this way.
The striker needs to say more. vieri and Inzaghi have locked in these two places early, and Totti can sit on the bench with Tony Cassano in frustration.
In fact, Totti is unlucky enough. If it weren’t for Roberto Baggio, a popular superstar striker, and vieri and Inzaghi, the top players or handsome guys, he would definitely get a star starting qualification. Unlike now, he can wait for the three players in the frontcourt to be physically exhausted, and at the same time, he has to wait for the opportunity to attend the game through Capello.
I must start the Star Game every year, thought Baggio and Totti with envy.
Fortunately, Baggio will retire after this season, and he will never have a chance to participate in the Star Tournament again. Otherwise, Totti will not be able to qualify as a star starter.
Chapter 1227 Serie A star (a)
Let’s put aside Totti who is depressed because he didn’t qualify for the starting lineup, and let’s look at the movements of other Italian players.
Ha ha ha ha ….. Cassano smiled smugly and dodged with the help of his seat and terrain. Stupid fool Grandoni has developed limbs and simple mind Grandoni ~
Cassano! You little bastard, don’t run away if you have the guts! At the same time, Grandoni has an angry look. Just looking at his expression gives people the feeling that he must be trying to tear Cassano apart. You’re killing yourself by sprinkling Chili powder into my drink when I’m not looking!
It turned out that Grandoni, who was sitting on the bench after the players from both sides entered the stadium, picked up Gatorade and took a sip, but he didn’t want Cassano to have tampered with it and spilled a lot of Chili powder in it, so he was wary of Grandoni and became Cassano’s sacrifice in this bad drama.
Yeah, you let me live and I will live? Then how embarrassing I am ~ Cassano moved a few steps to the right and escaped Grandoni’s pounce again. At the same time, he smiled contemptuously. I’m here. Why don’t you come and hit me?
Ah, ah, ah, you son of a bitch are always fighting with you! Grandoni felt that a string in his brain suddenly broke and roared and jumped in Cassano’s direction.
Hey, hey, both of you, stop it now. Don’t forget that there are so many fans watching us at the Star Game. I found that Grandoni and Cassano were on the scene to watch the excitement. vieri and Materazzi were shocked and rushed over to separate them from each other in full view, causing irreparable consequences.
After stopping Grandoni, who was furious, vieri turned his head and said to Cassano, who was winking at him, Cassano, give me a break, even if it’s a bad play, you haven’t gone too far this time.
hmm? Ah, I know ~ I found that it was vieri who spoke and Capello was not far away watching Cassano, so he nodded and agreed to come. Now he is just a boy in his early twenties, and he is full of aura on the court. He is regarded as an Italian hope star, but he has not developed into the later locker room cancer, so he still knows some priorities. Fool, I won’t care about you this time for Christian (vieri). Let’s shake hands and make peace.
If I don’t beat this little bastard flat today, I’ll … When Grandoni heard that Cassano didn’t mean to admit his mistake at all, he immediately flew into a rage and wanted to rush to punch Cassano hard, but vieri clung to him intensely. Obviously, he could not compete with the former in strength, and he could stare at Cassano with a face of indifference.
However, before Grandoni let things develop in a more serious direction again (at this time, the fans also told Grandoni and Cassano that they were just fighting on the sidelines), Maldini appeared beside him and grabbed him. Calm down! What’s going on if you want to go crazy and wait until the game is over to find a gym to do strength training and show off here?
At this time, Maldini was quite angry. He planned to finish the game in a harmonious and warm atmosphere and give his old friend Roberto Baggio a retirement gift. However, Maldini did not expect that there was chaos on the sidelines before Grandoni and Cassano played the game.
Seeing that his plan will be destroyed by these two ignorant bastards, can Maldini not be angry?
… I’m sorry, captain. I promise you that I will never make trouble in this game! Grandoni felt a sudden anger when he saw Maldini’s fierce eyes, and he couldn’t help dissipating a lot. After all, Maldini played in AC Milan for more than ten years, and his prestige and influence in the Rossoneri were far from that of Grandoni. Therefore, when he saw signs of Maldini’s anger, Grandoni decisively discouraged himself and ran to the other end of the bench with his captain watching.
On the other hand, Cassano also persuaded Capello and Baggio to return to their seats and sit with Grandoni at both ends of the bench to reduce the possibility of conflict between them later.
It stands to reason that Cassano’s personality, even if Capello and Totti go out in person, may not be able to get him done so soon, but who makes Baggio a childhood idol of Cassano? The idols have spoken in front of them, and Cassano will naturally not miss this face.
Are you so happy on weekdays? Looking at Cassano is surrounded by Baggio with a face of worship and asking this question, Nasta quietly asks his close friend Totti with a teasing face.
Alas, he has always been like this, showing no signs of maturity. Even I have been tricked. Totti didn’t hide anything about Starr’s question and replied truthfully, It’s as small as growing up, and you don’t know what trivial things will provoke him, resulting in a lot of things.

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