"Then why do you always look at him?"

"I’m just curious!"
"curious about what?"
"I wonder what he plays with his tablet every day."
"Oh ~" I see …
"I told you, how can your eyes be so bad! Going for a ride is not handsome at all. It’s a long distance between my father and Nan’s father! "
Wu Meimei silently replied that Doudou is not bad-looking, but she has seen the best-looking little boy. At first sight, she was fascinated by his beautiful appearance. Of course, she was embarrassed to say it!
"Do you know what he plays?"
"What game does he play?" Wu Meimei played a small abacus in her heart.
"I don’t know what kind of game he designed himself!" I’m not interested in this. She’s more interested in dressing, eating and playing!
"He designed it himself?" Wu Meimei holds her arms in worship and her eyes are full of hearts.
"Cut ~ what’s so bad about this? It’s due to my father’s contribution. How can I have that IQ without his powerful genes?"
"Wow, I miss your father very much …"
"Of course! Don’t you look at whose father it is? "
Wu Meimei envied watching and thinking, "I envy thinking, having a beautiful mother, a handsome father and such a good-looking brother!"
"hey ~"
Read your hands and hold the minibus and sigh.
"What are you sighing about?"
"Easy to talk" Now life has become easy to talk about! She doesn’t like this school at all. It’s lifeless and not free.
"Talk? I feel so happy to be able to play and chat with Niannian! "
Read those big eyes of grapes and light up. "Meimei, let’s skip class and go out to play!"
"Skipping class?" Wu Meimei’s eyes are wide open. It’s so exciting!
"Shh-don’t be so big, be careful to be heard by the teacher!"
"oh oh ~"
"But we can’t get out."
"Stupid. Let’s just climb over the wall and go out."
"Over the wall? ? ?”
Section 392
"But the wall is so high. We don’t have a ladder."
"Yes," Nian Nian sighed. "We can’t get out without a ladder, but we really want to go out to play." She was going crazy.
"Me too!"
"It’s a pity that we can’t get out ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ It’s so sad!"
"Blare …"
Wu Meimei stopped. "Didn’t Miss Teacher say that she would take us to the museum in the afternoon?"
"Yes, I did."
"Then we can sneak away and play!"
"Yeah, why didn’t I think of that?" Niannian patted his little forehead. "Wu Meimei, you are getting smarter!"
Chapter 349 Who are you?
The afternoon school bus takes the students to the largest museum in the city.
The children, especially the boys, are very excited to go out to study.
I am particularly interested in these special dry things, and I am eager to go out to play with her and Wu Meimei.
When the teacher wasn’t paying attention, she waved Wu Meimei. "Stop looking and go!"

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