It is not difficult for the original owner of a cave to open up a stable and small place. There is not such an unexpected place in the whole cave. It is a bit special to place the building in it, and the core of the cave is also very mysterious. It is not a surprise to have an ingenious and small place.

Jun crazy step directly into the small.
White light just dispersed green’ descended on you crazy nai pulled the corners of the mouth to catch her over her and looked around.
A vast grassland, Taoist Qingyun and others are talking and laughing.
When the "Lord" saw the madness of the monarch, he took the lead and bowed down.
Chapter one hundred and ten Gathered together
"You must be polite" Jun Kuang nodded slightly. "I didn’t expect that there were so many mysteries hidden at the top of this five-story tower." He looked up at the sky, which was very obvious, and it seemed to be very frequent that it alternated day and night outside, just like a visual map.
Although it’s not as impressive as Qian Shan University, it’s still quite something. Besides, even if it can accommodate 10,000 people, it can not only make so many people visualize at the same time, but even the original owner of the cave has made a lot of efforts.
"It seems that all of you have made progress." Jun’s crazy eyes swept across everyone’s faces. "But I expected it."
Huan-erh blushed quietly. From time to time, she glanced at Jun Kuang-yi from the corner of her eye. "It’s really scary for you to get a compliment from you."
"Huan-erh is a bit empty, isn’t it?" Jin Shuanger smiled at Huan-erh.
"Who is it that keeps saying that he must repay you for your kindness and reconstruction?" Shi Yaner also smiled at her.
"You will know how to make fun of me and not say that you are also thinking about the master elder brother." Huan-erh was simply run by two people and couldn’t wait to find a rift drill to enter this time, and she didn’t forget to fight back.
Jun Kuang smiled at this. "You three are getting cuter and cuter."
"What about me?" Qing Lin stubbornly held your crazy arm and squeezed your crazy from time to time.
"You’re cute, too." What’s this all about?
It is not said that heroes have saved beauty and handsome bodies through the ages, and ugliness will be reported in the afterlife.
Reading in sections 361
for interrogatives and adverbs/used to show confuse
He thinks that he is not a handsome boy. These girls are so highly of people that they don’t pick them at all. He turned his attention to Taoist Qingyun and looked at Tailai and blazing tigon around Taoist Qingyun.
Well, it’s true that Uncle Qingyun looks old and loves to take care of people, even though he has been regarded as michel platini by three girls. Tailai is tall and strong. He is not handsome. Tailai is full, that is, he looks pleasing to the eye. After all, the physical foundation of hell is big and the average girl probably doesn’t like it. The blazing tigon is delicate in appearance, shiny in back wings and fur, which should attract girls’ attention, but the goods refuse to take shape anyway.
Man and beast are not interested even in Shi Yaner.
Try to dispel the unfashionable comparison in your mind and look at Tailai in a blink of an eye. "You have made rapid progress in repairing your body."
"But since I have seen the physical strength of the Lord, I feel that I am too complacent before taxing, and the physical strength is not even true and ashamed after taxing." Tailai doesn’t like opening people so much. I haven’t seen how he opens his mouth since Jun Kuang brought him out from Yushao Forest and made him successfully taxiing.
Now it’s a long time to say so many things in one breath. I haven’t seen Jun Kuang for a long time. I have long wanted to show off my progress with him, but I can say such superficial self-deprecating pleasantries when I have too much to say.
You don’t want to look at each other with white light, and you look nervous. It’s roughly white. "I’m not stiff in front of me or I liked you better when you were in hell."
"It’s better to be respectful than obedient." Tailai patted his chest and said, "I’d like to ask you to allow me to go out and have some experience after I repair it."
"Of course you are." Seeing the blazing tigon winking all the time, Jun looked down at it and saw Jin Shuang occasionally look at Tai Lai when he was a child and lost a threatening look.
These two people definitely have a chance.
"Green’ for me to test a Thai they fix Qingyun come with me." Your crazy mind moved and pulled Taoist Qingyun away.
"What does the Lord want to ask?" Road flyover Qingyun is definitely unable to let people listen to the topic, so they immediately erected a sound insulation ban around them.
"Nothing is just asking casually." Jun crazy blinked at him. "Do you think there is something fishy about Tailai and Shuang’er?"
"It’s nothing. Tai Lai seems to be too attentive to her and she doesn’t dislike it." Speaking of Jin Shuanger’s Qingyun Road flyover, it’s like saying his daughter.
You crazy especially some don’t believe "this is true"
"Does the Lord want to test it?" Road flyover Qingyun also had some fun.
"I don’t want to talk like this." Jun gouged out his one eye. "Tai Lai looks simple and honest. If you are interested in setting me up to support you."
"I’ll do it."
夜网论坛"Come on, you don’t have a Taoist couple today, but you don’t have any illusions about the three of them as daughters. Look at the son-in-law. That’s why you have to look at it yourself." You are crazy, so mysterious elbow poked and poked. "I said, if you really don’t want to give up, then don’t worry about it."
Road flyover Qingyun has a wry smile on his face. "I didn’t want to but didn’t dare." He paused and said, "At the beginning, three of their women, including Qing Lin, secretly promised your heart. Don’t say I made it up."
"I admit it, but that’s not why you keep them as your daughters, is it?" said Jun Kuang.
"I just think that you will accept the order according to the order. Dean Kuang Shi also said that it is like forcing the harem nobles to cultivate them. How dare I move any thoughts?" Road flyover Qingyun sighed naively. "But these three girls are really clever and have never complained. I always see them silently looking at your yard. The longer they get along with each other, the more they have no illusions."
Junkuang took a sympathetic look at him, suddenly felt that the long-held notes in his arms lit up and said to Taoist Qingyun, "I have to leave in advance and see you later."
Taoist Qingyun, the "Lord", has been confused about the whole thing, but in his heart he lamented that you have walked so smartly that I am afraid I will be besieged by anger.
You crazy mind move straight back to one stone arms notes lit up two.

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