Anchen pinched her face and praised "Yan Yan is really good"

Yan Yan looked at Yun Qianxue and asked, "Mommy and Grandma said that Dad took you to rest. Did you have a good rest during this period?"
Yun Qianxue couldn’t help but look at Anchen’s face when she heard Yan Yan’s words. Actually, she didn’t have a good rest. How can she have a good rest with a hungry wolf every day?
Yan Yan looked at Yun Qianxue doubtfully. "Hey, Mommy, your face is so red. Do you have a fever?"
Yun Qianxue hurriedly shook his head. "No, I didn’t have a fever. My face turned red just after being basked in the sun."
Yan Yan is staring blankly in the sun? Didn’t the sun set long ago? Can the sun still burn her mommy like this?
Anchen is pinched Yan Yan face light say with smile "Yan Yan your mommy hasn’t had enough rest, so you must be good and don’t let your mommy get tired or she will get thinner"
It’s not good for her to rest. He’s not Yan Yan Yun Qian Xue. He secretly condescends.
Yan Yan nodded. "Daddy, when I found out, I wouldn’t let Mommy get tired. I also told Siyang that he wouldn’t get tired of Mommy."
"Yan Yan is really a great sister," said Anchen and kissed her daughter again.
Yan Yan giggled happily and the family of four walked happily towards the house. Their laughter spilled all the way.
☆, Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Exposure
It is already a vibrant scene in full of green to settle down in winter and come to settle down in spring, which means that Lin Shuwan’s family has spent another year in G City.
After a year, the wedding of Angie and Fang Jinwen was finally scheduled. After consultation between men and women, Fang Jinwen and Angie were finally scheduled for February 20 of the lunar calendar.
The news of the marriage between the two families in Angola has already occupied the headlines of G city daily since the wedding date was set. G city daily reported on the marriage between Anjia and Fangjia for a week in a row, and even the wedding was held in the sea. Almost a month ago, people in G city knew that Fangjia’s head was going to marry Miss Anjia.
Although there are ten days left before the wedding, Angie didn’t apply for a holiday from the company. An Hao also asked her personally if she needed to give her a holiday before, but she rejected it.
She still goes to work on time every day. She doesn’t look happy with the new bride, but acts as usual. She doesn’t know that she is going to be a bride. It’s not her but a girl who has settled down.
Fang Jinwen, on the other hand, has been very busy since the wedding date was set, and the number of times he came to settle down is also less. He has made great efforts to give Angie a wedding.
On this day, Yun Qianxue was carrying toys in the children’s yard and found Fang Jinwen unexpectedly coming. When Fang Jinwen approached Yun Qianxue, Yun Qianxue couldn’t help but quip, "How come you, the groom-to-be, are here today?"
Section 319
Fang Jinwen smiled. "Things are almost busy. I’m just waiting to be the groom."
Yun Qianxue nodded clearly. "You have worked hard for this wedding."
"Well, marriage is a life event, and it is also necessary to work hard." Fang Jinwen looked at the white clouds on the horizon and evoked a smile.
Yun Qianxue followed his eyes and looked up at the sky. She said faintly, "Sister Jinwen wishes you a happy generation."
Fang Jinwen twist a head quietly watched cloud thousand snow light way "elder sister thank you"
Yun Qian Xue smiled and didn’t answer the words. Fang Jinwen looked at her and asked, "Brother-in-law should be home from class at this time, right? Why hasn’t he come back today? "
"Well, he is also very busy recently," replied Yun Qianxue lightly.
"Are you busy annexing Gu?" Fang Jinwen asked with a smile
Yun Qianxue shrugged. "Maybe. I don’t care about other things. But your grandparents’ family Anchen wants to annex Gu. Don’t you help?"
Fang Jinwen’s hands are spread out. "I don’t think I can compete with my brother-in-law and brother-in-law."
Yun Qianxue shook her head and said, "By the way, you should be looking for Angie. Angie hasn’t come home yet. Why don’t you go directly to the company to find her?"
"I haven’t seen these two little babies for a long time. I want to drop in and see them." Fang Jinwen said and walked towards Xiao Si Yang.
Xiao Si Yang saw Fang Jinwen lisping and shouting "Doudou (Uncle) Doudou …"
Fang Jinwen was teased by Xiao Si Yang. He pinched his cute little face and smiled gently. "Siyang is so great that he will call uncle."
Xiao Si Yang grinned at Fang Jinwen’s words. Yan Yan came over and shouted crisply, "Uncle, come and play hide-and-seek with me."
Fang Jinwen couldn’t help but have a black line on his face when he heard Yan Yan’s words. "Uncle is so grown up and still playing hide and seek?"
"No matter what, my uncle will play hide-and-seek with Yan Yan." Yan Yan shook Fang Jinwen’s arm hard, and she wouldn’t give up until she played with her.
Yun Qianxue came over and she took Yan Yan’s hand and laughed. "Uncle Yan Yan came to see her aunt for a date. Oh, he hasn’t seen her for a long time. He must miss her very much. Don’t affect her date, okay?"
Yan Yan pie pie a face of disappointment "ok, uncle, you go on a date"
Fang Jinwen couldn’t help shaking his head at Yan Yan’s words and thinking that Yun Qianxue was really Yan Yan, so a child knows what to date or not.
Yun Qian Xue looked at Yan Yan’s disappointed little face and couldn’t bear to let her down, so she pinched her face and smiled. "Well, Yan Yan isn’t going to play hide and seek? Mommy plays with you and you hide. Mommy takes her brother to you, okay? "
Yan Yan clapped her hands happily. "Yeah, play hide-and-seek and play hide-and-seek."
"Mommy closes her eyes and Yan Yan wants to hide."
"Good Mommy, close your eyes"
Fang Jinwen saw that Yun Qianxue was busy playing with the children and ignored him, so he found a place to sit. Soon Angie’s class came back, and Angie’s car just pulled into the hospital and Jinwen greeted him.
Cloud thousand snow looked at Fang Jinwen figure low sighed.
Time passed quickly and unconsciously ushered in the wedding day of Fang Jinwen and Angie, and a luxury cruise ship was held.
The whole wedding process is like this. Earlier, the groom came to settle down with the reception team to take the bride and groom back to Fang’s home for a simple ceremony, then arrived at the seaside by car and then arrived at the wedding site by the groom’s exclusive New Year cruise ship.
品茶论坛The VIPs attending the wedding need to arrive at the seaside on time, and there will be a special yacht to take them to the wedding site. It can be said that attending Fang Jinwen and Angie’s wedding is equivalent to a sea trip.
The wedding was very grand, and almost all the giants in G city received invitations. It was the first time for G city to hold such a grand wedding. According to informed sources, it cost nearly 200 million yuan to hold this wedding.
Wedding protagonist Today, the bride Angie got up early to dress up and put on a white wedding dress. The bride is as beautiful as an angel.
The wedding procession is huge, and the long procession is almost endless. The bride’s car Fang Jinwen raised her hand and gently wiped away Angie’s tears because she left home. The tunnel is affectionate. "Kiki, don’t cry, I will be good to you and I will make you the happiest woman in the world."
Angie’s tears flowed more fiercely. She could hardly speak, but she nodded. Fang Jinwen looked at her and cried red, pulling her into her arms.
At 16: 16, the groom and the bride boarded their exclusive cruise ship, and they will arrive at the wedding scene on this cruise ship.
Relatives of both men and women will also take their exclusive yacht to follow the bride and groom’s yacht.
When his guests arrive at the seaside, they will take out their wedding invitations and someone will pick them up.
An Fengnian appeared at the seaside in a custom-made Tang suit. He was followed by dozens of people, big and small. At this moment, everyone was here except An Hui.
An Fengnian took the lead in boarding the Fangjia, and they were ready to take a cruise. He was full of children and grandchildren and followed him. An Chen held her son in one hand and pulled Yun Qianxue in the other, silently following An Fengnian.
Fang Jinwen and Angie’s yacht first arrived at the wedding scene. When Angie boarded the luxury cruise ship, she couldn’t help but be shocked by the luxury of the wedding scene. She stared at everything in front of her and felt like a dream.
Fang Jinwen looked at her and looked at her blankly. "What’s wrong with Kiki? Don’t you like me to decorate the wedding scene? "
"No, I like such a luxurious grand wedding very much. How could I not like it? I know you attended the wedding but did your best. "Angie looked at him and pulled out a smile."

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