That’s still 50 points higher than two months ago.

Section 24
Xia Miao smiled and stretched out his hand and patted her consolingly. It’s okay. Xiaoyu still has four months to go. You still have progress.
But fortunately, you chose the art test. I remember that the score of art students in Jiaocheng last year was 35. You just need to work hard for 30 points.
Shen Xinyu corners of the mouth sobbed …
But I’m poor. Summer sighed. Her grades are not high or low. It is estimated that she can take a junior college or an ordinary three.
Shen Xinyu couldn’t help asking, Have you decided which school to enter?
Xia Miao looked at her and said, I really want to go to Beijing North, but my grades are not good, and you also stay in Jiaocheng. I have made up my mind that if you are admitted to the drama school, I will go to Jiaoda to be close to you.
Shen Xinyu laughed at her and didn’t want to be reborn separately from her. Such a friend, though careless, did teach her a lot.
By the way, Xiao Yu, is your art test result coming out soon?
It should be soon. Shen Xinyu looked at the date and clicked on the mobile phone by the way. There was a new song pushed by the music network.
There will be no classes in the classroom at this moment, and all the universities will sit together to discuss the problem of correcting the papers and correcting the mistakes. What are the two girls doing?
Xiaoyu, you can also register an account and send some songs. You can write words and play songs. It’s good to listen, and it will definitely be popular.
It’s not that easy. I can write songs with readymade music, but I can’t write lyrics properly. After several times with that studio, Shen Xinyu found that she was not enough to write lyrics before, and she hasn’t changed it yet.
She is still a senior three student, and it is not realistic to rush into the original circle without formal study.
Xia Miao doesn’t understand it, but it makes sense to listen to what she said. After thinking about it, her eyes lit up and said, If the original is not good, then cover it. Now that you are familiar with Poria, you can go in and out of the workshop. If you have such good resources, cover their songs or sing a song with a great god. That popularity is also swish.
What a pity it is to miss this opportunity to hug your thighs. Xia Miao has always felt that Shen Xinyu has idol potential. Now I have an idea in my mind, and I am struggling to encourage Xiaoyu to try it. It can not only spend money but also gain popularity. Where are those little pinks on the Internet that are not hundreds of thousands of fans? Besides, it is good to sing without showing up and taking a stage name, even if Mr. Tang or Tang family know it?
How did you know that someone would listen to me sing? Shen Xinyu was pushed and persuaded by her to laugh.
Girls have a pair of amber eyes that are particularly clear, especially when they laugh. The fluffy eyelashes at the end of the eyes can automatically emit light and make people unable to open their eyes.
It is beautiful when she really smiles or inadvertently reveals her true self.
Women will be attracted to beauty.
You have a good singing voice. Xia Miao said dryly only after being flashed.
In fact, she always thought that was her true voice confidence without disguise.
Then I’ll give it a try. When I go to the workshop, Shen Xinyu asked her. She didn’t hate singing, but she didn’t like it much. What impressed her most was Xia Mimiao’s expectant eyes. She said that she would spend money.
Tang Shiyan arrived at the entrance of No.5 Middle School on time at noon. As soon as the girl sat down, she was pulled into a strong embrace. The man held her head in his big hand and gave her a good afternoon kiss from shallow to deep
Shen Xinyu felt that her chest was squeezed out of breath and leaned back to feel the man’s long eyelashes rubbing her nose one by one, itching from her face to her heart.
Seeing things getting out of control, the man adjusted his breathing, and finally the girl let go of her with a soft lip.
Shen Xinyu took a deep breath in the back seat and looked at the man in front of him with shame and dryness in his eyes. This is the school gate.
At this time, Tang Shiyan didn’t feel so good. He was checked out of the fire and suppressed his voice and smiled. What’s the matter?
They are in the car, not outside.
The girl’s eyes turned around the window and saw that no one was looking over, so she was relieved.
Afraid of being seen? Tang Shiyan sat in the gentle breath and didn’t rush to speak.
夜网论坛Shen Xinyu looked at him and said seriously, I think it’s a bad influence.
A man can’t say how to spoil him because of her funny eyes.
What would you like to eat? Shall we go to eat first?
When Tang Shiyan finished talking about Shen Xinyu, he shook his head for a few seconds and said, Let’s go to see grandma first and then come out for dinner.
Good Tang Shiyan sat up and prepared to drive.
The girl looked at him quietly and always felt that there had been some changes in Tang Shiyan recently, and his expression was much more easygoing and his manners were much more than before.
Including the frequency of doing that kind of thing, sometimes eager to eat her …
I don’t know if it’s good or bad.
Tang Shiyan didn’t know that this little girl was full of thoughts and activities in the hospital, and the two of them entered the ward in tandem.
The old lady in the house is still lying in bed with a ventilator, and a doctor seems to record data before holding the instrument.
Liao Jingjing also walked side by side with the doctor to see two people come in and look up at them. She just said hello to Shen Xinyu, Xiaoyu is out of school.
Shen Xinyu responded with a smile and was dragged away by Tang Shiyan. He sat the person in the chair on the other side of the hospital bed, observed the old lady for a while and then asked the doctor, When will grandma wake up?
It’s hard to say, the doctor said to Tang Shiyan by marking the data and putting the pen in his pocket. Generally, the patient will wake up after two or three days out of danger, but there are also special circumstances, and it is not impossible for a week, a month and a few months, especially for elderly people like Mrs. Tang.
Tang Shiyan frowned slightly.
The doctor finished talking, so he lifted his feet and went out.
The second uncle and the third uncle went out to eat for a while and came back. There were three people left in the house, Liao Jingjing explained to them.
Shen Xinyu looked at her and asked, Did Dr. Liao eat?
Liao Jingjing smiled and picked up a towel from the bedside, and Mrs. Tang wiped her hands. Grandma can’t do this without waiting for them to come back.
It’s noon. We’re here to watch you go to dinner first. Shen Xinyu didn’t mean anything at this time. Just look at Liao Jingjing, who is more haggard than yesterday. I think there should be no rest.
Section 25
No, they should be back soon.
Said Liao Jingjing began to wipe the hands and feet of the old lady Tang. It was the same as yesterday. Shen Xinyu didn’t dare to stretch out his hand and frowned slightly this time. I was embarrassed to sit around.

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