Lu Wenbin also set a new Bundesliga single-season total goal record and locked in the European Golden Boot before the season.

The Bundesliga season is not over yet, and Lu Wenbin still has a chance to continue to be high.
Four Bundesliga goals in the season, Lu Wenbin played 27 games, 47 goals in the next season, and Lu Wenbin played 2 games.
Lu Wenbin’s goal efficiency is higher than last season.
Four days later, Hoffenheim played Dortmund in the 31st round of Bundesliga.
This game attracted the attention of many media and fans in Germany and Europe.
After the Bundesliga in Cologne, Hoffenheim has already led the second Bayern Munich by 1 point.
If Hoffenheim can beat Dortmund at the West fa Lun Stadium in this league, there are still three rounds left in the league. On the results of Bayern Munich, such as Hoffenheim, they will win the first three rounds.
In that case, Hoffenheim will be able to devote all his energy to the Champions League and the German Cup finals and fight for the triple crown.
This kind of psychology will definitely help Hoffenheim win the Champions League and the German Cup.
Therefore, apart from Hildebrand and other injured players, Ralph did his best to win Dortmund away in this game.
Dortmund will naturally not give in easily.
On the one hand, they don’t want Hoffenheim to step on their bodies to defend the Bundesliga title and celebrate it on their stadium.
On the other hand, Dortmund is currently ranked fifth in the league, and is vying for the qualification of the Europa League, and there is still a chance to compete for the top three in the league, that is, the qualification of the Champions League.
Bayern Munich, on the other hand, said that they would not give up, they would play their own game first and then wait for Hoffenheim to make a mistake.
In fact, everyone knows that there is no suspense in winning Hoffenheim’s championship this season.
约茶With so many rounds left, it doesn’t have to be Dortmund if Hoffenheim wins one game at random or Bayern Munich loses one.
Even if Hoffenheim can’t win Bayern Munich in this game, there is little hope of winning the championship. They are just dying and dead ducks are stubborn.
Hoffenheim didn’t comment on Bayern Munich. They arrived in Dortmund two days ago to prepare for this league.
At 14:3 noon on April 14th, the weather was fine, and the referee’s opening whistle and several people were watching. The 31st round of the German first-class league match Dortmund vs Hoffenheim officially started at the Westfalen Stadium.
Now all the teams have known the fact that Lu Wenbin’s dribbling skills have skyrocketed. Therefore, Dortmund did not attack Hoffenheim even though it was a home game, but carefully chose the 541 defensive counterattack formation like Lyon.
The match in Lyon was caught off guard by Lu Wenbin, so he lost a bit miserably.
After Dortmund is ready for everything, although almost no one can stop Lu Wenbin one-on-one, they can keep blocking and intercepting with the advantage of the number of backcourt people, and finally let Lu Wenbin return.
In the 12th minute, after Lu Wenbin broke through two players in a row in the front of the restricted area, he was stopped by the third player and the ball was poked away by the fourth player.
In the 17th minute, Lu Wenbin ran out of a fleeting stall in the restricted area. As a result, Salihovic’s ball was intercepted halfway by Dortmund defender Subotic.
Despite Lu Wenbin’s full physique, speed and dribbling, Dortmund Lu Wenbin was helpless in the face of the accumulation of enough defensive players in the backcourt after adopting extreme defensive counterattack tactics until the third minute.
On one occasion, the direct Italian ball system skill hit the doorframe and was thrown out by Dortmund goalkeeper Weidenler.
However, there is nothing to focus on defending Dortmund. Three minutes before the attack, there were two counter-attacks and one shot at the door frame, and Ozcan also jumped out.
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Chapter 365 Before winning the championship
The two sides were deadlocked until the 32nd minute when Lu Wenbin finally broke through Dortmund’s defense.
After receiving Eduardo’s ball from outside the penalty area, he began to break through, first riding a bicycle and knocking down midfielder barrios, then spiking over schmelzer and entering the penalty area.
The forbidden area is narrow, and Lu Wenbin fried pills from Subotic and Hummels.
Although schmelzer, who had just been broken, had just seen it and chased it back, another midfielder, Shaheen, also came from the side to prepare for the tackle, but Lu Wenbin was faster than them.
After breaking through Subotic and Hummels, Lu Wenbingen didn’t adjust or lift his leg, stumbled and hit a toe and stabbed the ball to the far corner of the goal.
After finishing the shot, Lu Wenbin was also pulled down from the side by Hummels who had just broken through.
Seeing Lu Wenbin suddenly shoot without warning to block the near corner goalkeeper Wei Dengle off guard.
By the time he reacted and fell to the ground in the far direction, the ball had jumped in front of his eyes and got into the far goal.
See Lu Wenbin finally scoring commentary Xi Huofenheim commentator Caster a roar loud crazy explanation said
The ball into the 32nd.
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In minutes, Lu Lian had four people kick the ball into Dortmund’s goal.
Luhofenheim scored the first goal, and Hoffenheim Westfalun Stadium led Dortmund 1.
The champion waved to us.
Long live Hoffenheim
Hoffenheim players and fans are celebrating wildly, but Dortmund players are more depressed than those who have been beaten by four people and lost the ball.

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