I tell you that Xuan Xuan will come back tonight, and you haven’t seen him for several years, right? Now he is taller than Shao Qian, and we are still discussing how to hold an engagement ceremony for him when he comes back. What do you think of that girl? That Cece is also beautiful, right? Gu Ge said.

Looking at her Likaiwei nodded his head.
Eyes a burst of fever Gu Ge hurriedly turned his attention to the window direction, holding Li Kaiwei’s hand so tightly so tightly.
For a long time, Li Kaiwei gently called her a little song
Turned to look at his gu song barely squeezed out a smile well, what’s the matter?
I’m sorry that I promised to be kind to you, but I couldn’t keep my promise. Li Kaiwei stammered and turned pale because of his speech.
What did the fool say? I’m sorry. You’re very kind to me. I always knew it. I buried my face in his palm and felt the temperature in his palm. Gu Ge finally shed tears.
Don’t cry Li Kaiwei’s hand moved slightly. I am most afraid of seeing your tears. Every time I see you crying, I feel at a loss. I can’t help you wipe your tears. Stop crying, okay? He said these words slowly and slowly. Every word seemed to be doing his best.
He didn’t say it was okay, but Gu Ge’s tears fell even more fiercely.
Eyes closed, Li Kaiwei took a deep breath, and the other hand slowly lifted and gently touched her hair. His eyes were gentle and tender. Now he is going to leave her forever. At the thought of never seeing her again, he feels stuffy in his heart, just like being crushed by a big stone.
Song is another sigh. Li Kaiwei shook her hand. Go and ask Shao Qian to come in. I have something to say to him.
Looking up at Gu Ge, I just looked at him and wanted to laugh, only to find that it was uglier to laugh than to cry. Finally, she got up and walked to the door without saying anything and called Shao Qian in.
Manager Shao, I really can’t do this time. I’m really tired in recent years. I know you are very kind to Xiao Ge, but I still want to tell you to treat her well after a sentence. Looking at Shao Qian’s face and sticking Shao Qian’s arm in tears, the woman Li Kaiwei has how much love she can’t bear. Now all the reluctance is meaningless.
He will eventually embark on a road of no return. No one knows why he went there and never came back, but he knows that even so, he will not be lonely because passersby with love will never be lonely.
Lips slightly sip Shao Qian just looked at him. Xuan Xuan just called me. He transferred to Jiangcheng and asked you to wait for him. Can you wait?
I’ll try my best. Then Li Kaiwei closed his eyes slowly.
Kaiwei saw Gu Ge jump at once but was stopped by Shao Qian halfway. Don’t worry that he is asleep, let him have a rest.
Xuan Xuan went to the funeral home with the car, Shao Qian said.
Funeral home Gu Ge’s face was too vacant for a long time to remember something, like tears filling her eyes and then dripping down the corner of her eyes.
Don’t cry, it’s a good ending for him, and he’s finally freed from his illness, isn’t it? Didn’t you say that you feel bad every time you see him like that? Shao Qian said softly, holding her hand.
Li closed her eyes and Gu Ge didn’t speak again but sat up. Husband, I want to see him.
God, are you too tired today? You must have a good rest, Shao Qian said.
Gu Ge slowly shook his head. I don’t think you should know today. Actually, he is the most timid person. Now he must be scared to death to go to such a strange place alone. I want to spend time with him. I promise I will eat and sleep well. I just want to spend time with him.
Looking at her, Shao Qian didn’t say anything more about bringing her clothes to wear and putting shoes on her, and finally bent down and picked her up and went out.
There is a gloomy smell everywhere in the funeral home at night. In this farewell hall, Li Kaiwei just lay there quietly. He was surrounded by white chrysanthemums and lay among the flowers. It looked so calm as if he were asleep.
桑拿会所Mom and Dad saw them coming. Shao Huaxuan hurriedly walked over. Why are you here?
Are you all ready? Shao Qian asked.
Well, everything is ready, Shao Huaxuan said, and then helped Gu Ge. Mom, you are in poor health and go back to rest.
I’m fine. I’ll never have a chance after I come and play with your godfather, said Gu Ge, sitting aside and slowly burning paper money in the brazier. The look was unusually calm
Mom and Dad, is she okay? Shao Huaxuan asked with a face of worry.
It’s okay to let her go, Shao Qian said.
Three days later, Shao Huaxuan personally held Li Kaiwei’s ashes to the cemetery.
After the people who came to see me off dispersed one after another, Gu Ge saw a tree in the distance, Baiyun Wan, which was the first time she saw Baiyun Wan many years later. Unexpectedly, it was Li Kaiwei’s funeral.
Back to the beginning, if Baiyun Wan hadn’t intervened in those years, would they live a completely different life now? Unfortunately, life doesn’t. If something is missed, it will be a lifetime.
Many years later, when Shao Huaxuan finally got married and looked at Yi, who was still single, he couldn’t help but ask him, Won’t Uncle Yi feel tired if he stays like this?
He remembered that Yi answered him like this.
When a person’s heart is not free, then everyone is not free. On the contrary, when a person’s heart is happy because of another person, then everyone will feel happy. Some love is love instead of possession. Many times, success and letting go are more love.
Finally, it’s over. Thank you, babies, for your support all the way. Goodbye, new article.
You don’t break the law.

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