Zhang Tianyang’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled. Obviously, he also thought of this possibility. You know, there is not one magic weapon unearthed before the Millennium War, and there are many magic weapons with very good quality. If according to Dong Yinzhuo, these powerful people are fighting for it by their own sects, I’m afraid his sects can’t even drink soup!

See Zhang Tianyang expression Dong Yinzhuo know this fix true world youngest patriarch tempted light say with smile ? Should Brother Tianyang consider our alliance?
Zhang Tianyang was silent, shook his head and said flatly, Dong Xiong’s mind is very good. I don’t want everything for the time being until the magic weapon is unearthed!
Dong Yinzhuo’s face changed. He didn’t expect Zhang Tianyang to refuse the original plan. Suddenly, he suppressed his stomach and couldn’t help growing up. His mouth looked at him and left the Woods.
Zhang Tianyang quickly walked out of the Woods, and there was no trace of stones and others near Wolong Mountain. The figure suddenly disappeared at the foot of Wolong Mountain.
For Dong Yinzhuo, it can be said that he is still a little tempted. Zi Xuandi’s selfcultivation started late, and he still belongs to the weak. If he can unite with the Red Heaven Sect, he will certainly gain a lot this time!
It is Zhang Tianyang’s heart that he is always uneasy about the Red Heaven Sect. To put it bluntly, he is a magic Sect. Once the two factions unite, it will have an impact on Zixuan. In addition, he is still worried that the Red Heaven Sect will take this opportunity to blackmail Zixuan. After all, now Zixuan is also a good fat, and many sects are eyeing it.
After much consideration, Zhang Tianyang flatly rejected the request of the two. Even for the immortal, he has a fighting power and will collude with others!
The figure flashed continuously and blink of an eye and became famous. Wolong Mountain, the entrance to the valley, couldn’t find all the people. The show was that Zhang Tianyang didn’t hesitate to teleport here.
Brother … eldest brother … When they saw Zhang Tianyang’s figure appear in the valley, they couldn’t help but greet each other with great joy.
Zhang Tianyang smiled and greeted several people, but his eyes kept looking at the blushing Yiyi.
Xian son, come here! See the xian son yiyi behind Zhang Tianyang recruit waved.
Xianer hesitated to go to him only to see Zhang Tianyang’s face suddenly serious and heavy and said, Do you still miss the official inquiry?
Xianer shook her head gently, and the white tiger tooth bit her lips in a very low voice and said, I miss my brother!
When this statement came out, everyone was puzzled. How did this girl say that transsexuality changed?
Zhang Tianyang was also slightly stunned and immediately laughed. Congratulations, you finally broke through evil influence and entered the Du Jie period!
The xian son one leng and then nodded with a smile, two words let stone and others are puzzling have strange eyes looked at the xian son!

Chapter [122] Eve of Indiana
See all a confused sample Zhang Tianyang laughed. This is Xian Er’s doom. She has been practicing with her father since she was a child, and she has never experienced the training of men and women. She has always been fit for hundreds of years! And the official inquiry just appeared at this time, adding my reasons, so Xianer will transfer her affection to the official inquiry body! Now I finally see through haha!
The xian son was blushing and embarrassed, so that everyone could see it. Wu Man’s face was clear and smiling, and his eyes looked at Zhang Tianyang’s xian son.
See a few people still not white Zhang Tianyang shook his head and turned to yiyi without explanation.
Wu Man, on the other hand, secretly envied the boss for being so ordinary that he had to be envied for being so popular with women!
See Zhang Tianyang no longer speak a few people to hide their doubts and file into the wooden house, leaving him and Yiyi a chance to get along alone.
Dead fat did you guess what? Tell us quickly! Just walked into the cabin Hong Jiao grabbed Wu Man’s ear and low drink a way.
Wu Man looked at Lei Yu with a wry smile and said in a low voice, It’s easy to misunderstand whether Lao Lei can manage your wife!
Lei Yu shrugged and said, You tell me what the charade is between Xianer and the boss, and she will let go!
In addition to the stone, everyone else is looking forward to looking at Wu Man, while Xian Er is blushing and bowed his head and said nothing.
Wu Man grinned and looked at Xian Er with a strange smile. I didn’t expect our little Xian Er to like the boss. Haha, everyone was cheated by you!
The xian son Qiao face is going to be buried in the towering chest, blushing and hiding behind Hong Jiao.
Speaking of which, several of him are also white. Zhang Tianyang’s words just now also wonder in their hearts how the boss’s popularity is so strong.
Xie Bo was full of vinegar and said, I really can’t figure out how Xianer likes the boss. Is it because of Yiyi that you will think of empathizing with the official?
The xian son still bowed their heads and said nothing and shook his head gently. Obviously, her heart still has some affection for the officer’s love!
When they saw this appearance, they stopped poking fun at the topic and talked about the various factions who came to compete for the magic weapon.
Did you miss me? Looking at Yiyi’s delicate appearance, Zhang Tianyang suddenly said softly, I miss you so much!
Yiyi was shy and couldn’t help wondering why he was so glib. Before he spoke, he was surprised and secretly pleased and nodded his head.
When Zhang Tianyang saw it, he pulled it into his arms and muttered, Shall we get married after this treasure grab?
Yiyi was really shocked. She opened her mouth wide and looked at the front with disbelief. She stammered and asked, What did you say?
We will get married after this treasure!
Than sure sound came from behind her, a bipolar firm hand clasped her soft body and bit her tongue, and tears of joy suddenly welled up in her eyes!
Waiting for hundreds of years to silently support him is this sentence! Yiyi gently broke away from Zhang Tianyang’s arms and shot all kinds of tenderness in her eyes, and suddenly she burst into tears!
No one can understand her mood at the moment. Yiyi, a childhood playmate, likes this unremarkable brother, likes his body, tastes and everything!
There is no reason why this kind of love can only be white when you are there!
Zhang Tianyang looked at Yiyi with joy and excitement and decided to treat her well!
For those who practice the truth in a hundred years, half a year is a blink of an eye. In the past six months, stone and others have been working hard all day, especially at the peak, trying to make themselves practice a higher level before catching up, so they can grab a magic weapon with more strength!
Xian’ er just entered the early stage of robbery and went fishing and walking with Zhang Tianyang and Yiyi every day to polish her mood!
按摩And Xiaoyao has also led Zixuan to send his brother here because the valley is too small to be stationed at the entrance!
Now that the temperament of Xiaoyao has changed greatly and entered the middle period of distraction, his sense of majesty is getting heavier and heavier, which makes Zhang Tianyang constantly praise him for changing Zhang Tianyang. He is really happy that he wants to fly sooner or later. It is best if Xiaoyao can inherit Zi Xuan after flying!
With the smooth condensation of the peak, the distance from the emergence of the magic weapon is getting closer and closer, and everyone has adjusted their state to the best, looking forward to being able to grab more magic weapons from Zixuan.
Tianyang has just received a notice from the Shushan Sect that the Xiuzhen Alliance has called the heads of all factions to Wolong Mountain to discuss the issue of the unearthed magic weapon! When I learned that Zhang Tianyang was going to get married, Xiaoyao couldn’t help smiling. He really loved this Younger!
Zhang Tianyang nodded slightly and smiled gently. It seems that the Shushan Sect has figured out the specific location of the magic weapon unearthed! So carefree, you and I will go to the stone together, and you will lead your brother to station in the valley until I come back!
Stone and others all nodded and said that Bai Xiaoyao’s face is grateful now. Since this teacher younger brother accepted Purple Xuan, he has hardly managed anything. It can be said that Purple Xuan can now fix the true boundary firmly and make achievements. The more carefree he is, the more uneasy he is. Lord Gao Zhen has not heard of it. Now he is afraid of being accidentally destroyed by this seemingly ordinary but extremely powerful teacher younger brother!
Now seeing Zhang Tianyang say so clearly is to treat himself as a confidant, and I am secretly relieved and grateful to him at the same time!
Seeing Xiaoyao like this, Zhang Tianyang smiled lightly and said, Brother Xiaoyao doesn’t have to mind that Tianyang is not as vicious as you think!
Free and unfettered face a red heart knew that he could not help but smile and stop talking.
Looking at this time, Zhang Tianyang, the 30 elite Zixuan Sect who accompanied Xiaoyao, suddenly shouted, You are all my pillars of Zixuan’s future. It is very dangerous to seize the treasure this time. I hope you can all come back to Zixuan with me safely!

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