Tang Yuan dialed Zhizhi Hu from the sofa and touched his mobile phone.

After ringing for a long time, the other end hung up Hu, and Tang Yuan made another call. He just got through, and the other side has been connected.
Is Tang Yuan interesting? I’m not your flag artist anymore. Why are you calling me in the middle of the night? Before Tang Yuan could speak, Zhizhi had said a lot of words.
Leng Leng in the late Qing Dynasty didn’t expect the usual indifference to Zhizhi to be so tough.
Chapter one hundred and sixtyfour, the combination of husband and wife
What’s the hurry, baby, you don’t want to know who I’m with? Tang Yuan sounds very magnetic and provocative, which makes it more frivolous and amorous.
I’m not interested in your girlfriends, so don’t talk to me about some messy private lives. I feel sick. Zhizhi said coldly, because the excitement line has also risen a lot, the echo from the other end of Hu is even sharper.
Take it easy, baby. You really don’t want to know who’s with me?
Who said Zhizhi alert.
Tang Yuan raised his eyebrows and looked at the late Qing Dynasty with a crooked head and a mobile phone.
In the late Qing dynasty, I sighed and asked for help. It was really unpleasant.
In the late Qing Dynasty, I just wanted to bend over and say a few words, but I was caught by Gu Cheng. I was puzzled to see Gu Cheng in the late Qing Dynasty, but I saw his face staring at Tang Yuan. I tried to pull it back in the late Qing Dynasty, but I couldn’t help but think about it.
Let go said in a low voice in the late Qing Dynasty, Gu Cheng didn’t help but also helped her.
Attend to city obscure saw Tang Yuan one eye and then let go of the late Qing Dynasty.
Talk, don’t say I hung up. Zhizhi saw that Tang Yuan didn’t talk for a long time, and his temper came, and he felt impatient when he spoke.
It’s me shouted a sentence to Hu in the late Qing Dynasty.
After a long silence, Zhizhi took a deep breath and bathed in the late Qing Dynasty
It’s me
Zhizhi yelled at Hu, Turtle Sun Shang Yuan, you even dare to touch a woman from Gu Cheng. Believe it or not, Gu Cheng stamped you to feed the fish. Zhizhi was so angry that he even trembled when he spoke.
Did the baby give birth to qi? Tang Yuan laughed arrogantly, but it didn’t take long for the painting style to suddenly turn to the cold and said, I told you that no one can betray me. Tang Yuan can still take good care of Zhizhi. What do you think of your connection?
Zhizhi obviously wasn’t frightened. She snorted coldly. I’ve known you for seven years, but I don’t know what your temper is. We can get together and disperse the liquidated damages. You can also accept it and pester it again.
She paused and continued, In the late qing Dynasty, you’d better provoke Gu Cheng to give birth to Qi less, but it’s scary.
Tang Yuan pinched Ba Taohua’s eyes and looked at the late Qing Dynasty Really? Then I’d like to see it.
Then help yourself.
Just then, Gu Cheng opened his mouth and said Zhizhi toward Hu.
Zhizhi Leng Leng asked uncertainly Attend to the city
It’s me
Zhizhi is obviously startled, and I don’t know which one is going too far now, so she just heard the words from Gu Cheng.
What are you doing?
Gu Cheng said in a low voice, I’m going to ask manager Tang to do me a favor, but he doesn’t seem to like you and I are hesitant.
Then why did he call me? Zhizhi asked.
Attend to city staring at the screen slowly said take that thing out
Zhizhi’s voice suddenly became sharp. You are crazy. How can you take that thing out?
Zhizhi continued in a hurry. Maybe I can help you with something.
Gu Cheng smiled coldly and said word by word, That thing is meaningless now. Believe me, it is worthless to us. Tang always likes it.
I don’t know what that thing Gu Cheng and Zhi Zhi said in the late Qing Dynasty. She knows that this thing Tang Yuan is very important, and it is also very important for Zhi Zhi. But it is obvious that Gu Cheng once had a lot of value, but now it seems that I don’t know whether it is because of chicken ribs or to help her. The late Qing Dynasty is always in a strange mood.
Opposite Shang Yuan looked at Gu Cheng with wide eyes. Gu always really understands that my intention is this apology?
Shang Yuan paused and continued, Still want
Attend to city’s face is still so dull. It seems that Tang Yuan’s personality has long been known. Tang Yuan is used to making public in the entertainment circle. No one is allowed to leave his face. Now his company’s sister Zhizhi was taken away by Attending to city. He will take it back if he talks about it.
In the eyes of the late Qing Dynasty, it seems that Tang Yuan is a bit forced. Gu Cheng has put himself in a position, and Tang Yuan is still clinging to it. He has just risen and his goodwill has also dropped.
Huà, Zhizhi fed Gu Cheng a few times and looked at Tang Yuan a few times. Where are you?
I watch the sea road, Zhizhi said.
Attend to city corners of the mouth a hook your apartment just can you come over now with that thing
Zhizhi was silent and seemed to hesitate to promise to attend to the city. After half a ring, Zhizhi said, Then I will believe you once. Don’t cheat me.
Tang Yuan doesn’t know what Zhi Zhi’s hand is. Looking at Gu Cheng and Zhi Zhi’s serious attitude, Tang Yuan feels that it is very important to himself. Let’s take a look at the mentality.
He is lazy and looks cold after leaning back in the armchair, but there is a hidden amorous feelings in the corner of his eyebrows. Do you want a drink?
no need
Tang Yuan raised his eyebrows. Waiting for someone is the most tiring time. If you don’t drink, it will be difficult at this time.
Gu Cheng looked at his watch and grabbed the wrist in the late Qing Dynasty and sneered, It takes ten minutes from Guanhai Road to get here without traffic jams, and don’t you think it’s time for Tang to tell the reporters to come over?
What’s the hurry? Tang Yuan slowly got up and made a detour, but the lip corner smile behind Gu Cheng became sharper and sharper. I have to see if the value of that thing is worth it, so I can risk offending Lao Zheng to get it.
In the late Qing Dynasty, Zhang Er, a monk, was puzzled. Gu Cheng and Zhi Zhi posed a problem, but in the late Qing Dynasty, I didn’t know what was going on with Gu Cheng and Tang Yuan’s grievances. It didn’t look like it started from Zhi Zhi.
You don’t seem to be at odds with Zhizhi. Some things were asked in the heart of the late Qing Dynasty. If you don’t ask at this time, you will never tell what she knows when the iron is hot. How can the late Qing Dynasty not seize this opportunity, hui?
桑拿论坛Sure enough, with a slight quiver, Tang Yuan turned to look at the dark eyes and a wisp of broken hair hanging from his forehead in the late Qing Dynasty. He slowly sat back to the opposite side of the late Qing Dynasty with a sarcastic face. It seems that Gu Cheng didn’t tell you about me and him.
Gu Cheng and I don’t talk about things, even husband and wife don’t have to know each other’s stories. After all, it’s good to keep some mystery, said calmly in the late Qing Dynasty
Well said Shang Yuan couldn’t help applauding, but a clear cooling of the fundus couldn’t hide it.
In the late Qing Dynasty, I realized that she had been changed by Tang Yuan, and now I won’t talk to you if I ask someone again.
Gu Cheng took a nap on the sofa with his hands on his chest, but Tang Yuan came to the fun. He took the late Qing Dynasty to ask questions about the east and the west to eat and drink. Lazarus didn’t fall. He felt that Tang Yuan was a superlarge peach blossom and provoked everyone in the late Qing Dynasty. For this kind of person, the late Qing Dynasty always stayed at a respectful distance from others, but now there is no way to rely on others to handle affairs. In the late Qing Dynasty, he can also perfunctory a few words. When he encounters embarrassing problems, he will avoid talking and stare at Tang Yuan when he is miserable.
Kicking and stepping outside the door and reprimanding the bodyguard sound as cold and cold as the image of Zhizhi people.
Shang Yuan plate face toward the door shouted let her in
The words sound just fell and a beautiful figure came outside. A red dress was bright as fire, and her delicate face was full of cold and frost. Her red lips were painted with flames, which neutralized the cold feeling, but she felt more attractive. She swept away the waves, curled her long hair and stared at Tang Yuan condescendingly for half a ring. Then she threw the brown paper bag of cutting at Tang Yuan’s feet.
Soup is always your thing. Zhizhi disdainfully raised Ba’s beautiful face with complicated feelings and stared at the brown paper bag for half a ring before moving away.
Attend to city has opened his eyes and looked at Zhizhi.
Thank you, said Gu Cheng.
Zhizhi rolled her eyes and buttoned Chlo? dan’s nails. I’ve done my job well. Can I go first?
Don’t go all the way with us asked Gu Cheng. He had something to ask Zhi Zhi Nai. She was so elusive that Gu Cheng also had some nai.
I have a reception. What can I do for you? I’ll go to the general manager’s office and chat again.
I went abroad with the late Qing Dynasty Gu Cheng looked at the late Qing Dynasty to get up and pick up the cowhide bag and tugged at her face.
Cheese cheese expression one leng that cold as frost expression finally some loose without trace saw eye Shang Yuan bit his lip and said honeymoon trip.

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