Many people have seen that UEFA is unwilling and depressed.

They really want Real Madrid to beat Lazio.
If Lazio is a little bit hacked in this game, UEFA will not be polite.
However, Lazio played a very good tactic in that game to suppress the performance of Real Madrid players, and it was natural to win in the end.
This performance makes UEFA unable to find an excuse even if it wants to black Lazio.
I can praise Lazio’s performance with a bitter face. After all, this is a game that Europe pays attention to. If UEFA doesn’t say anything after this game, it will be abnormal, which will give more evidence to those who come to black UEFA to deliberately target Lazio.
So they hold their noses and do things that make them unhappy.
Against Dortmund, UEFA is hopeless now.
Lazio is a crazy team. Playing a strong team is like beating chicken blood, but playing a weak team is fluctuating. If you don’t know what death group to assign them to, you will be assigned to the weakest group. Maybe Lazio’s qualifying process can be tortuous …
Before the game against Lazio, Dortmund coach Lannick took the lead in psychological warfare.
Although it is an away game, there is nothing to be afraid of at Lazio’s home. It is just an ordinary game.
If this is a constant victory in the first two seasons, it is estimated that this level of psychological warfare will be dismissed.
But this time, he responded, Yes, this is just an ordinary Champions League game. It doesn’t mean anything. Even if you want to fire us and Dortmund, there is nothing to fire us. We don’t play them many times because most of the time we are in the Champions League.
At the beginning, everyone was always winning. It was normal to talk and it was no different from nonsense. But when listening to the last sentence, everyone realized that it was still black Dortmund!
Doesn’t that mean that Dortmund’s poor performance in the past can’t guarantee to participate in the Champions League every year, so Lazio has little chance to play against Dortmund?
Indeed as expected, winning this sentence made Dortmund media angry enough.
How can Dortmund be so miserable as Chang Sheng said?
In the past ten years, Dortmund has also participated in the Champions League for six seasons, and once reached the semifinals. However, Dortmund’s performance has slipped in recent seasons, and it has not reached the Champions League for three consecutive seasons, which is why they were assigned to the thirdclass team.
When Dortmund participated in the Champions League, most of them were coached by klopp, which was the golden age of Dortmund.
Later, with the departure of the players, the team fell apart, and klopp was no longer able to choose to leave Dortmund and fell into a trough for a while.
Well, this time they reached the Champions League again, which made Dortmund fans look forward to the future of the team. They hoped that this would be another brilliant start for Dortmund.
A winning remark is to sprinkle salt on Dortmund’s wound.
People hate digging up old scores.
The media were angry enough, but Dortmund coach Lannick said nothing.
It’s not his forte to slobber. He’s thinking about boosting his team’s morale. After all, it’s an away game and an oldfashioned strong team. Lazio just beat Real Madrid 2 away.
However, he found that he was far from winning the war of words.
It’s better to spend all your time doing what you are good at with peace of mind.
So he shut up.
Changsheng is too lazy to chase down Lannick. He is not the kind of person who is good at spitting. Even if he wins by a big score, he will have no sense of accomplishment. He will never feel the pleasure of completely abusing a powerful opponent.
Dortmund’s home game against Nottingham Forest in the first round of the group stage ended in a draw with Nottingham Forest, which is considered a minor upset.
Dortmund would have died if Lazio had not easily defeated Real Madrid 2 away at the same time.
The defensive counterattack in Nottingham Forest made Dortmund feel uncomfortable.
In the face of the failure of the fourthgrade team to win Dortmund, they are under even greater pressure to qualify.
So Dortmund must win this game.
That’s why Lannick wants to cheer the team up by fighting with the winning team before the game.
But the effect doesn’t seem to be very good
After the game started, Lazio launched a fierce attack on Dortmund’s goal at home.
This is Lazio’s home court, but Lazio won’t play any defensive counterattacks or shrink back.
桑拿论坛No matter what opponents you face.
Lazio is so confident.
Dortmund didn’t expect Lazio to maintain such offensive strength from the beginning of the game, which made them feel a little at a loss.

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