At this time, lk is in a sensitive period. I am afraid that some industrial chains will be greatly affected once the Premier League results are not out.

And this is something lk definitely doesn’t want to see.
Lk didn’t get happy after winning the game, but he has already put himself into a training session. Even though he won ag this time, the ability of royalty and S is incomparable to ag.
What lk needs now is to constantly strengthen its own strength. Only in this way can it stand firm and take a higher position in lpl League.
Who are our opponents in a game?
Two macros asked Chen Yi while running. Now two macros have been able to catch up with Chen Yi.
Well, it should be S
Hearing this, Zhang Hao couldn’t help but think of Cai Liangyan and Xiao Kai. They were once in the S S team. They were S people, but later they left the team and went to different positions.
But Zhang Hao is also white. If Cai Liangyan and Xiao Kai hadn’t left Wang Dongdong and Zhou Qiang, they wouldn’t have entered lk. Many things are clear.
I see.
Er Hong heard that he didn’t speak. After all, S is very powerful now, which is far from lk’s competition. However, it is not lk’s style to admit defeat easily. lk is ready for the battle.
Chen Yi has naturally prepared tactics for lk, but the experience of playing against strong teams is not that Chen Yi helped lk.
桑拿论坛  title=The second game will be as attractive as lk against S. Whether lk continues to write odd or Sshaped advantage in this game is everyone’s curiosity.
Welcome to watch the second round of the second day of the game. This is lk versus S. I don’t know how the schedule will develop today. I am very curious.
I am also looking forward to the performance of the two teams.
The three commentators looked at the two teams and were full of expectations.
s is the blue side and lk is the purple side. Let’s expect the two teams to play a wonderful game.
First of all, sban lost the fairy witch, Nall and Titan Yu lk, and none of them had a ban.
At this time, it seems that lk is also playing a routine. Indeed, this is the Chen Yi tactic. lk has also played this way. This time, it is not a ban tactic again.
This gives S a difficult problem. After all, S can choose a single one. In this case, S finally chooses Thain, who is good at it.
Thain, the undead warrior, was a perfect way to stop domineering in the middle and late period. It seems that S also has his own ideas
Lk, on the other hand, quickly took the crab and the pig sister, which are both very strong at present, and when both of them are fighting in groups, it is almost visible to cut them face to face.
Soon, S chose the single vampire and the wild snowman, depending on the development, while lk took the blade and the team. I have to say that now League of Legends is moving towards the tank alliance again.
It is best for S to choose Jinks ad, and hammer stone auxiliary lk is the one who won the phoenix girl at the end.
After the selection of the two sides’ battlefields, the next thing to do is to wait for the game. Both sides are already ready for the game and are already waiting for the battle between the two sides.
Chapter 633 Powerful [SMR]
I feel so fierce across the street.
directly kill
Zhang Hao and Erhong are joking. It is true that the strength of the S team is good, but lk is definitely not bad.
That’s for sure.
Erhong has made up his mind. This is the first game from lk to the Premier League. After all, a challenging game is very meaningful to lk.
Chen Yi is also paying attention to lk’s performance at the moment. This performance will determine what height lk will reach in this league trip.
Bureau lk is back, and the secondary advantage is too great.
Wang Dongdong knew that this time it was run, and sure enough, the hammer stone had hung up and ignited the damage, but it was enough for Wang Dongdong Nai to hand over the flashing crab blood, which had reached a very dangerous level.
But Jin Kesi didn’t let go. A flash chased the crab and a bomb flew out of the last shell to send the crab home.
At the moment, it was only 2 minutes and 55 seconds when I looked at it. It was also embarrassing for Wang Dongdong to hand over a blood.
I’m stuck.
Wang Dongdong knows this is his own problem. If Jin Kesi walks out of the game, he can’t shirk his responsibility.
Don’t worry, just keep it steady. The crab is still stronger than Jinks. This advantage can’t suppress the crab.
Zhang Hao gave Wang Dongdong reassurance to relieve the pressure all the way. It was a huge psychological blow to bleed out so early.
got it
Wang Dongdong is also adjusting its own state to try to make up for the gap as soon as possible
Now the pig sister is in the blue buff to get the blue, but the snowman’s movement is a bit wonderful.
It’s interesting to look at the map and see the snowman move from the middle road and come straight to the road.
The hammer stone has also arrived at the blue buff. It seems that I guessed that the pig sister had a good grasp when she took the blue.
Lk people saw the appearance of the hammer stone and quickly marked Zhang Hao. Zhang Hao didn’t miss the blue buff. He retreated for the first time because he had seen the knight who came to the snowman.
The hammer stone flew to the pig girl with a hook, but the snowman didn’t go. It just meant to punish buff and retreat. After all, it was not a good choice to die in lk wild area.
The snowman withdrew and the hammer stone flew to the pig sister’s side. It’s a little embarrassing not to communicate well, but it doesn’t affect the S situation. It’s more hurt for the pig sister to develop without blue buff.
Yes, S also knows that this place is also very caring for pig sister.
Adzuki looked at the screen a little bit, but it didn’t look so good for her to be targeted. Without blue buff, it was bound to have an impact, which was a fact that could not be ignored.
The situation is not good.
The commentary has seen that the lk situation has been suppressed, and the whole road is a bit rigid, saying that the strength of S is very strong, which makes lk difficult to fight, but it is suppressed by S.

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