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Sword spirit force nodded "couldn’t be better"

"Then I’ll go out and say a few words to you now." Qin Xiao’s eyes motioned for the sword spirit to stay put and wait for Jun Qian to come out, while he went back along the route to tell Jun crazy about them first and then ask something.
It’s not difficult to sacrifice the wind beads, but it’s not as simple as a magic weapon to refine them with extremely high efficiency.
A wind bead just makes him better than the original one. The only drawback is that he needs spar energy pillar, but the consumption is very small.
When Qin Xiao appeared in front of him, his work was near the end.
"Come back"
"Well," the little girl looked at him with a smile. "Jun refined this but quasi-artifact."
"It’s nothing else." Jun crazy smiled and didn’t care. "Your little brother is still there."
Qin Xiao nodded slightly. "Do you know the cave in the face of the bodhi old zu in Dongshan?"
I think it’s necessary for you to meet him after knowing that your little brother opened the sword earlier. You are crazy to hide it. I also know that you came here.
Chapter one thousand and fifty The strong are strong
"How do you know everything like a master outside the party?" Qin Xiao looked at you crazily with some complaints.
I want to say a few words casually to see you crazy, so I don’t want to listen to her.
Jun saw her face bulging and smiled. "Say whatever you want."
"No, I’m just here to tell you that your humble brother wants to make noodles. The bodhi old zu in Dongshan gave me the same gift as before, and now he has entered the small tower of the abode of fairies and immortals with me to test the host’s fate." The little girl glared at you at you at losing, and suddenly opened her face in dismay. "Anyway, I am alone. I have no chance or progress. I have no fighting capacity at all."
Seeing her like this makes you feel very cute and funny. Touching her head is a smooth hair for her.
"Why don’t you talk? You’re too lazy to talk to me, aren’t you?" Qin Xiao ruthlessly stamped his foot and turned to sulk.
"That’s not true." Jun smiled wryly. "It’s not without chances, but I think your chances are still accumulated to a certain extent in terms of contacts, and I believe it will advance rapidly."
Although I still don’t believe it in my heart, this girl seems to have been fooled by your crazy rhetoric. After asking "seriously", she felt that it seemed silly and changed her mind to ask "What are the advantages of connections?" "To say advantages is like saying that whatever good things you can do in the goddess in the mortal world can be safe for your mother, saying that it is the blessing of the Empress, and that the business is booming. Even the sunny Wan Li said that the sunshine is not flattering, but it is unusual for you to say that the influence of the mortal world is remarkable." Jun Crazy slowly explained that it is quite appetizing.
Qin Xiao stared his one eye impatiently. "What about that?"
"It’s better to say that you have enough prestige to enter the emperor’s territory in the future. That is the real empress. How much prestige you have in the minds of people from all walks of life will turn you into strength." Jun said with laughter, "The accumulation of sand makes a tower, and the belief of two people in you may be very small, but the mortal will treat you more and become famous in the six circles of Wan Li, and your followers will not be missing."
Although this sounds grandiose and the imperial realm is not so easy to reach, it sounds comfortable
It’s a relief to see people being appeased so quickly. He’s a net chooser. Naturally, he hasn’t said that most of Qin Xiao’s fame is due to her extremely beautiful appearance. If she rises again, few people can match it and get tired of watching it. So few top people have a fresh look now. That’s not a strange commodity to live in.
At least Qin Xiao has been famous for thousands of years, and she has a lot of great power to make great achievements in this period, so that people’s longing for her appearance can be turned into their yearning for personality, so that the power is truly inexhaustible.
Of course, it’s too early to shake the mind, and it’s not too late to wait until the necessary juncture.
"Jun Jun" Qin Xiao was dissatisfied with this cargo’s fugue. It was a pity that it was too hard to pinch his arm.
"What’s the matter?" You raised your eyebrows wildly.
"What can I do now"
You crazy on second thought, not only he but also Qin Xiao has things to do, but you can’t just be idle.
The sword spirit is not as good as Qin Xiao’s, so he just came here at this time and nodded wildly at you. "Thanks to the mad emperor, I can meet my old master so quickly."
"Need meaning" Jun said crazily, "Brother Dongshan is also true-minded, and even the red tape of learning from the master is saved, so he just helps my younger brother to exercise his body." After a pause, he said, "I’m afraid this time he will be able to break through when he comes out of his portable abode of fairies and immortals."
"The chance really" sword spirit some doubts.
That chance is probably an obsession for Dongshan bodhi old zu, but now it’s too late, but I wish I could break through with this chance. What is this statement?
Seeing that he was also confused, Jun said, "It’s very simple. I believe he didn’t want to be disturbed before he entered the tomb of the king, and it’s not just that the atmosphere is closer to the fire." However, he has accumulated for many years, but he has never made a breakthrough. The lack of an opportunity is that he did not realize that he was just disturbed by obsession. Although the Tao was appraised, the Tao was stagnant, and there was no breakthrough. "
桑拿会所"What is the law from the breakthrough of the peak of the emperor’s territory to the return to the true territory?" Sword spirit has heard that many unsurpassed strong people are the peak of the emperor’s territory. They are very strong, but they put this hurdle and eventually regret it.
"It’s really a change in mood and Tao," Jun said crazily. "There are not many people who have been obsessed with it for many years, but their mood is getting more peaceful. Most of them missed the promotion opportunity because of their obsession in the long years. "
Qin Xiao looked at Jun Kuang in a confused way. "That is to say, it is better to be open-minded enough to cover everything in the world. The stronger the inclusiveness, the easier it is to cross this threshold."
"Well said," Sword Spirit captured the beard with satisfaction. "If the desire is not too exaggerated, I’m afraid no one can do it. If the package is very high, it is reasonable to accept almost everything. "
"People are always good at hiding themselves, and sometimes even they are deceived and don’t realize what is lacking." Jun Kuang slightly reminded the corners of his mouth and touched Qin Xiao’s head at this time. "I want to be a strong one to support her."
Smell speech one sword spirit surprised with different mouth to ask out.
"She" and "I"
"I didn’t deceive you." Jun Kuang didn’t feel blushing at all. "It’s hard to advance after returning to the true state, and now I’m in the middle of returning to the true state." Facts speak louder than words.
Sword spirit was speechless. I didn’t expect you to be crazy, but you didn’t shy away from it at all.
But the little girl made a big blush. "Why are you not ashamed to say anything at all?" She tiptoed and kicked you crazy. "Suddenly it’s sensational."
"I’m telling the truth and I feel proud to have someone who needs my efforts to protect," Jun Kuang said.
"Don’t tell you that you miss me, but there’s no way." She almost shouted when she spoke.
You’re crazy, but you don’t smile.
It’s what it is. There’s no need to hide it
Chapter one thousand and fifty-one Dongshan bodhi old zu breakthrough
It turns out that the strong people in the truth are unexpectedly thicker than the wall, and some shy words can be exported casually. In a few minutes, the sword spirit can be sensational. I have already had a dispute. After Dongshan bodhi old zu comes out, I want to ask him if he wants to sacrifice his old partner again over the years. One or two people will continue to work together to fight for heaven.
Anyway, Jun Qian already has such a good weapon, and it seems that there is nothing that can’t be done. What is even more commendable is that with such a powerful weapon, Jun Qian rarely moves it at all. Although he treats the sword well because he can give two instructions, this good thing always ends.
Nowadays, it is rare to see Gu Jian, the old master, offering sacrifices to the bodhi old zu in Dongshan, but he can have one weapon and needs constant training. Shouldn’t he return to the bodhi old zu in Dongshan?
Sword spirit can think that you have thought of him first, and he has planned to wait for Dongshan bodhi old zu to appear. "I’m going to let you reunite when Dongshan man comes out;" Although we have paid a lot of spiritual materials, we can finally repair the sword bone or Dongshan man. We absolutely dare not take credit for this and Jun Qian has benefited a lot. I believe he will not be so stingy. "
"I feel a little sorry for him. It’s like I’m altruistic, so I buy him off and I work hard." Sword spirit sighed and shook his head.
"Even if he is cheated by you, it’s because he is stupid. He won’t admit it." Jun laughed wildly.
Qin Xiao has been playing in the corner for a long time, and it’s unwise for her to find fault with Jun’s madness when she tries to mend her feet.
"I think it’s almost the same when I look at it." Jun released his hand and absorbed the surrounding gas with the wind beads in his hand, gradually forming a small tornado. The tornado turned into a wind ball, and there was a constant strong wind, and the wind blade was caught in the changing angle, and the speed was very fast.

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