At this time, wearing a fresh red buff, Olaf is like starting the mad dog mode. He directly cooperated with his own road combination and stuck to the other side. Even though he handed over the flash, he still failed to escape the wheel. The mother made a very accurate Q skill, and the revolving blade just triggered the flying blade to go back and forth at the limit distance. All the injuries were taken away in an instant. Obama!

And then after the two men took turns to top the tower and died alive, all their skills were hammered in D, and because of their big moves, Lulu just didn’t get the chance to drop the hammer in the face of Obama’s strong outbreak, and finally succeeded in escaping.
However, when Zhang Hengyi didn’t come when the we Road was in succession, the teammates were happy when they saw each other’s clockwork. At this time, they immediately controlled themselves and forced their body shape to the outside of the line, but they were almost pulled to their side by clockwork in an instant.
The original posture first pretended to make the Q skill make up the back row of the virtual blood soldier, and then he never moved his magic ball position. At the moment when Sindra made up the soldiers, he took advantage of the fact that an had no chance to guard against it. It was a big move to decisively pull the an and almost pulled it to his eyes!
And almost at the same time, I have been quietly squatting in my own middle road. The emperor rushed out instantly, but it turned out to be directly dragged by the big move. Sindra was extremely decisive, that is, an eq even instant stamp!
I lost your nut! Both sides are so full of vision, but you still gank’t prevent you from getting old !”
At this time, Zhang Hengyi really realized what it was like to be confined to squatting, which really made him angry and funny. It was a special thing that he didn’t pay attention to the casting distance of clockwork W and ignored the pulling distance of clockwork, so he directly gave the way and was given a wave by this hanging Mao Emperor!
After all, the winding distance is 41 yards! It’s really hard to hide the ball near the enemy’s line, and who would have thought that winding the ball on the other side is just throwing it away like eating and drinking?
But at this time, it is obviously not considering these times. Zhang Hengyi hurriedly choked back his unhappy eyebrows and locked his eyes. He saw that the emperor released eq two gaps instantly. A qe two company was actually interrupted when the emperor had just reached the middle school!
Although the Emperor eq Erlian was interrupted by Syndra in the middle, after all, at this time, the shadow had already flown a certain distance, so it was just enough to cast a spell with its own big move. So the shadow did not hesitate to yell at Demacia in the mouth, and it was already a big move and jumped into Sindra’s face!
See in the emperor shouted demasia instantaneous sindra whole body directly is then raised into a circular rock prison is Syndra to firmly trapped in the Fiona Fang hundreds of yards!
桑拿会所But you know that Zhang Hengyi’s reaction speed is no joke. In his ears, he just heard the emperor yell Demacia, and it was already directly thrown out of the flash, which actually made the emperor’s big move just hurt and failed to block Syndra’s figure.
Seeing is already forcing Syndra to flash. At this time, it is also a skill exchange and clockwork. It can also be that Nai gave up and continued to kill. It is equivalent to saying that this wave of gank is just forcing an to flash.
But at this time, Zhang Hengyi has safely returned to his own tower, but he doesn’t think so. After all, Huang’s big move only has more than one second of D, but he has more than three seconds of D when he flashes, which is equivalent to saying that he can be bigger than himself three times before he flashes!
But when the time comes, I didn’t flash myself. Once I was framed into a big move by the emperor, the ending was definitely doubtful!
The thought of facing the emperor’s exhaustion of gank and Zhang Hengyi is just a big headache. If you really have to, you can ask your own team to fight Olaf to help you fight back. But wouldn’t it be difficult to snowball quickly if your own other roads have just established their advantages?
If you can’t stay online for a long time, you have to swim with ruo. Otherwise, the opposite emperor is too personal to me. Maybe you will have to give up your life if you are not careful.
w w w
At this time, Zhang Hengyi, while updating his equipment after returning home, secretly pondered the coming situation, and had to bring up the rhythm with the wild as soon as possible, otherwise he really might be targeted to death by the other party!
But at this time, suddenly, a single killing came directly from the road, which made Zhang Hengyi quickly look intently, which really startled him.
Seeing that our single dragon girl has only a little bit of blood left at this time, it is natural to be clear at a glance who will kill alone because of the fat body of pdd crocodile lying across the strawberry foot.
At a time when looking at strawberries with only silk blood left, it is still more shocking than clicking on Zhang Hengyi back to the city.
Holy shit? Strawberries are so slippery? It was a person who directly killed pdd? !
Chapter 36 Sentence you to death!
Because the pilot just put the perspective of the game in the middle, everyone saw the scene of an being killed by Emperor gank and failed to notice the fight between Lu Strawberry and pdd.
Therefore, after the single killing broke out, the pilot broadcasted the pdd lens of the former strawberry single killing.
wow! Strawberries are such a beautiful flash!
At this time, the doll looked at the slowmotion playback of the brain screen and saw that the strawberry was fighting fiercely with pdd in the tower, but it was directly flashed and immediately moved behind the pdd crocodile, and at the same time, it started a big move in seconds, but it directly pushed the pdd crocodile into its own defense tower!
Then, although pdd reacted very quickly, the two sections of E directly escaped from the attack range of the enemy defense tower, but it was because of the damage caused by the tower that the pdd crocodile finally failed to spell the strawberry dragon girl.
Although it’s only a little bit worse than the last one, it’s obvious that strawberries are better in this fight, but they just finished this unexpected and gorgeous single kill!
Don’t lose is our raspberry god! Although it has always been dubbed the king of resistance by the fans for the reasons of we tactics, after all, before strawberries, it was also a famous passerby player in China, so it is really nothing to say about personal exercises!
I have to say that a player like Strawberry, who is both handsome and good at playing games, is really welcomed and loved by the majority of female fans. At this time, even the host Xiaomi has failed to be vulgar, and she is full of praise for Strawberry’s gorgeous single kill.
Yes, this ig has almost put all its energy into how to target the an body. Although it has indeed played a certain role in suppressing the development of an, it has directly led to the excellent development of we strawberries and smiles at this time, and now we are ahead of ig for more than 3,000 minutes without taking a little dragon. Do you believe this?
After all, the doll is also a veteran of explaining professional competitions for many years, so we all know how many minutes to lead the economy. At this time, we directly led ig by more than 3,000 yuan in less than ten minutes, which is really a great economic advantage!
After all, where is the head ratio? we have only died twice in the middle of the road because of the special care of the shadow, but ig has a death record, and every line has been suppressed to ig to make up for the knife. we are ahead of a defensive tower, so it is normal to have such a big economic gap in the early days.
After all, a man’s head is 300 yuan, and a defensive tower is 1000 yuan plus the advantage of mending the knife. Therefore, in the early stage of we, the linechanging tactics achieved miraculous results, but we directly led ig with 3,000 yuan. It can be said that the odds of winning this game are really great.
I didn’t flash for 9 minutes and 25 seconds, and I didn’t dare to go online. Zhang Hengyi just caught them with his own Olaf. Although ig Road was already hiding in his own defense tower quickly, Nai was finally forced to take turns to fight against the tower by the four of us.
At this time, after the shadow was crouched in the middle of the road for a long time, it chose gank strawberry, but Nai had a big move. It was too difficult to catch the shadow. This wave of gank also made the two sides exchange a big move, but it did not cause substantial killing. Instead, it made their own road combination be directly killed by the four of us.
And worst of all, after taking away the combination of ig Road, the four of us not only blew up the tower of ig Road by the way, but also directly took the first small dragon, which actually made we directly widen the economic gap to 5 giants in about ten minutes!
Although clockwork is pushing a tower in the middle of we Road while several people are on the way, Kung Fu is desperately pushing a tower in the middle of we Road, but after all, he is just an ap, and Zhang Hengyi’s rapid defense office makes clockwork only wear away more than half of the blood in a tower in we, but it can’t directly push it off to solve its own backward economic situation.
It’s a bit unexpected. Even if we can win this game, it must be the same as the first one. At least in the early stage, the two sides will be evenly matched, but I didn’t expect that we had already achieved such a great economic advantage just now. It’s very likely that we will just crush and take away ig all the way!
The economic gap of five thousand dollars in ten minutes is already a crushing game. It is no exaggeration to say that if we don’t make any big mistakes, like the dragon ruining our life, then this victory will definitely be assured.

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