There must be uniform clothes when you get to the queue, but there are also many complaints from parents at present. It is impossible to customize the clothes for the sports meeting. Simply let the boys find white shirts and black pants, and the girls will wear the same color shirts and black skirts. This should be regarded as a musthave at home in this era, but it is too simple. Finally, let the monitor take the class and buy more than a dozen fake flowers and balloons.

After hearing some words from Shinohara these nights, I really don’t know how the team looks. I don’t know if she will arrange for herself …
Quietly facing the night, Shinohara is also thinking about it, but she also knows how much about the family background of Shinohara. For the rich, they naturally have higher requirements for beauty. No, she will arrange to dress herself beautifully, so she will not be wordy. You can make your own decisions about the problem of dressing at night, and the teacher is very confident in your aesthetics. Look at this statement, it is really satisfactory.
Sitting in the seat at night, Lanxiang looked at them and raised her hand interactively. Teacher, it’s so ordinary in our class team. If Nobuyoshi dresses up in fashion, isn’t it too inappropriate? It’s better to make it dead
Jing frowned and didn’t like what the child said. She wanted to be so mean. She didn’t dare to ask her parents to pay for it. I know all about this, but I have to pick it out!
Section 22
I discussed it with his class teacher, and it’s not good for us to make it too conspicuous, which is contrary to unity. Sit down. Say that finish and wave.
It’s bad luck that the night Lan Xiang’s face turned red and he could have shown it, but he caught the horseshoe. But who is this person? I’m going to die. I’m going to suffer. Lord What’s more, she still has money in her pocket …
☆ Chapter 55 A whim
Night Lanxiang looked at Jing and began to talk about exercise books. She got busy Teacher!
Static raised his eyelids a little impatient anything else?
Teacher, I can buy a dress for everyone in the class team so that our class won’t lose face when we wear it. After that, everyone looked at Lanxiang at night, but the quiet face was half black
She was a little angry. She threw her exercise book at the podium and watched it at night. Lan Xiang could have more than ten seconds and finally said slowly, You mean I arranged to embarrass our class? And you did this to save our face?
That’s what you mean when you blink at night, but why is Jing’s face so ugly She’s kind, and she’s the one who spends money out of her pocket
You talk!
II want everyone to watch it better, said Ye Lanxiang crustily skin of head.
品茶论坛Ok, you come with me to the faculty room! You did all these exercises for a while, and I came back to check. Say that finish, there was some anger and walked out of the classroom at night. Lan Xiang looked around. Hu Dandan pinched her hand and it was not too white. What exactly offended Jing? But she could.
Night Shinohara looked at the night Lan Xiang’s departure and shook her head gently. She dared and had the idea to talk about it in private. She also said in front of dozens of people that it made these students go home and learn from their parents. What a stupid thing it was!
However, she is sad and happy with people like her, and it is a standard lesson. If it can really change for the better, it will be very helpful for her in the future.
Sure enough, half an hour later, the two of them came back in tandem. Night Lan Xiang lowered his head and his eyes were red. At first glance, he cried. His face was not very good, but he was much better than before. Hu Dandan and Yu Hui all had a tacit understanding and secretly gave her a note. When night Lan Xiang sneaked a peek at her behavior, she was immediately impolite. His rabbit eyes gouged out her teeth. Night Xiao Yu Xi Shan touched his nose and scolded a sentence in his heart.
Night Shinohara and Xiao just walked out of the school gate when she heard Mu Li shout.
Xixi Xiaoer this way! Wave as he speaks.
Night Lan Xiang was depressed and walked behind to watch night Shinohara and Xiao Zhengda get into Jin Dongsheng’s car. She chopped a few feet severely. She said that night Shinohara was in puppy love, but no one believed hum that man looked like that. Maybe one day Shinohara would have to go home with a big belly and watch the night harvest. Cursing in my heart, I walked towards home step by step.
Jin Dongsheng saw the night in the rearview mirror, and it was so dense that his eyebrows were wrinkled and wrinkled that he hated this girl. That’s right, that person doesn’t look like a chastened one.
What’s the matter? Night shinohara sit copilot position slightly toward he asked 1.
It’s all right Jin Dongsheng said and rubbed his nose. It’s not that he doesn’t know anything about boys, but he was surprised that he didn’t think about that kind of thing once when he went to Kyoto for so long. But every time he came back, he just asked about the smell of Xiao Yu Xi at night, just like a cat who was going to have sex.
Secretly moved his legs and continued to drive without changing color, but he told Xiao behind him that he was quite happy and provoked Xiao Yuxi to be slightly sour all night. Maybe he hasn’t seen him for months and has no freshness for himself?
Mu Li is a bold and careless person who talks about things in the class. Of course, the sports meeting is an important topic for her to talk about. At night, Shinohara can play class cards and make her envy. No, Jin Dongsheng later stopped talking. He listened attentively to those things in Mu Li’s mouth and secretly looked at the beautiful side face of Shinohara at night.
When Jin Dongsheng comes back, he must get together with a group of old friends to meet Xiao and Xiao Yuxi at night. He specially called Ye Fengnian and dared not make any mistakes. When they parked the car, they watched Cheng Shijie meet them from the gate, and Jin Dongsheng hammered his chest.
You’re too young to come back!
How can? I’m reluctant to go here. Say that finish, my eyes also deliberately turned twice at night, which provoked several familiar people around me to be bored.
Mr Bush, you haven’t been here for a long time, but you can be merciful for a while. Cheng Shijie quipped with a smile that a few people came in to the balcony while talking. Cheng Shuangzhao, the youngest son, all of them were nervegrowold, and this array was also suppressed. Several people got together and began to get crazy.
Night Shinohara was dragged to the table of Jin Dongsheng, Cheng Shijie and Mei. The atmosphere was enough for four people. So many people also let go of the fight. Today, Cheng Shijie was in a good state and sat for several times in a row.
hope don’t let this he his ya have money Jin Dongsheng said small.
Damn you, let me win once, ok? TongFu.kabu came over the day before yesterday, and I just had a massive hemorrhage, okay? spat Cheng Shijie.
Yes, which one of you wins? Let him win. Mei smiled and rubbed her fingers, and finally turned over a piece of candy from her pocket and stuffed it into her mouth.
Mei, you are a big smoker. Women are too old to quit smoking! Cheng Shijie looked at Mei and advised 1.
There’s nothing wrong with it. TongFu.kabu also said that I look particularly good when I smoke. Hehehe … Mei smiled a little lonely and provoked Xiao Yuxi to quietly look at her at night.
When I didn’t know it, I didn’t eat my hair in the past. I was born late and came to the door. They didn’t pay so much attention to pushing cards. It ended at dinner. At night, Shinohara sat beside Mei and looked at this woman who was five or six years older than herself. I don’t know why. From the first moment I saw Mei, she liked this person from the heart. Although she was a master of alcohol and tobacco or a lover in TongFu.kabu, these didn’t affect her affection. Maybe everyone was so wonderful.
Mei tilted her head to the night, and she grinned. Little girl, you’ve been watching me for a long time this night. If I weren’t a woman, I guess Dongsheng could have rushed to eat me.
Ha ha ha … Mei Jie, you are so funny.
You are still too young to study hard, you know? If I study hard at your age … Then Mei didn’t say anything, but that may be why she came to this day.
Looking at the fashionable dress, a flash of light suddenly flashed in Mei Ye’s mind. She pulled the chair and entered again. Sister Mei, can you sew?
Sewing? Do you make clothes? Mei was surprised. How did she know she knew this? But she never told anyone.
Curious how do I know? Night Shinohara smiled mysteriously, and her eyes hooked up with human beings in minutes. Although she was young, the slightly green apple was irresistible.
☆, Chapter 56 Transform a good woman
Mei is particularly curious about Yexiao Xixi’s guessing that she can sew. In her eyes, Yexiao Xixi is simply a girl with a golden spoon in her Jiao Jiao family, and there are Xiao among her friends. Mu Li took care of Jin Dongsheng, and even hated this person. I heard that the school is also an excellent student, and the popularity is also very good. This is how many people can’t dream of it. But it happened that these Mei didn’t pay much attention to her curiosity. It was said that she was young and sometimes she was different from ordinary people, but with them, no one regarded her as a little sister. On the contrary, she felt that her words and deeds were worth emulating, and she was very comfortable to get along with. Especially Mei, as everyone knows her identity, she was doomed not to be compared with Ye Xiaoxi and was doomed not to be married by TongFu.kabu.

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